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Why E-Commerce Mobile Apps Need to be Like Amazon

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Currently, the way business owners manage their business is entirely different than how they did before. These days, almost every business company, regardless of its size and scale, uses one or the other form of internet outreach. Business owners create and launch a website, use social media platforms, provide information through blogs, release web-based shopping apps, or a mixture of all these things. Similarly, an e-commerce business needs an e-commerce mobile app more than anything else to sell products.

People use several trending e-commerce applications to buy products online. Now, probably the trendiest and most popular one among them all is the Amazon app. Amazon is the world’s most profitable company and the owner, Jeff Bezos, ended up becoming the richest person in modern history. Now, it isn’t about Jeff’s riches, but it’s about the things that he did to create a business app that changed the sphere of selling products online forever. Today, every entrepreneur who wants to penetrate the world of e-commerce should aim to create an e-commerce app just like Amazon’s.

Due to the never-ending growth of the tech industry, e-commerce became the most attractive area of the app and web development processes. 

Experts believe that a mobile device offers the most effective platform to business companies for engaging, targeting, and retaining customers. In that respect, Amazon is currently the first trillion-dollar company in history. It wouldn’t have been possible for the company to achieve such astounding levels of success without the presence of a multi-vendor mobile app.

According to a report[1], around 46% of Amazon Prime users buy something from Amazon at least once every week through their smartphones. Another report[2] that came out in 2017 claims that Amazon’s multi-vendor e-commerce app is one of the most popular retail apps that the people in the USA use. Even Reuters[3] said that Amazon experienced the highest sales in the 2016 holiday season. They found that 72% of customers purchased from their mobile devices.

It goes without saying that Amazon sales are a goldmine; or rather Jeff Bezos worked hard to make it into a goldmine. His efforts bore fruit and as a result he became the richest man in modern history and his company became the largest e-commerce business in the world. However, this topic isn’t about how much Jeff managed to stash in his locker. It’s about the importance of having a mobile app to run an eCommerce business. Jeff Bezos knows that without Amazon’s app, Amazon would never have become the trillion-dollar business it is today.

Therefore, it should be entirely logical to you that you must have an app for your e-commerce business. Here’s how it will help you.

  1. Easy access to the marketplace: Customers say that using an e-commerce mobile app and Magento web development makes it easier for them to purchase products. A survey conducted revealed that 78% of buyers prefer using a mobile app to buy stuff online. An app makes it easier for them to gain access to an e-commerce store than a website.
  1. Increased average order value: If you have your own eCommerce store, then you can get more vendors to join you on your venture and offer a massive variety of products to your clients and customers. However, even the best online selling business apps won’t be able to make a mark if the final part of the buying process isn’t simple. For that purpose, you need to add different online payment gateways and keep the layout of your business app as straightforward and navigable as possible.
  1. Gaining loyal customers: Experts working with an e-commerce mobile app development business say that mobile e-commerce apps provide a customized shopping experience to customers. You can use this aspect by collating and analyzing the purchase history of your customers, user preferences, geographical locations, and other customer-related information. These things allow you to provide a personalized shopping experience, which in turn lets you gain the loyalty of your customers.

Now that you know why your e-commerce business needs an app like Amazon, you need to find out how to develop such an application. Here are the key features that you must include.

  1. Planning and market research: Just like every other business, you should start by analyzing customer requirements and needs. When you analyze the patterns and behavior of your targeted audience, you will be able to make better decisions. Learn what they need based on their age, interests, likes, and dislikes, and create an online shopping app accordingly.
  1. Competitor analysis: After deciding on the kinds of goods that you want to sell, you need to conduct competitor analysis. Despite being relatively new, the world of e-commerce is now extremely competitive. Competitor analysis will allow you to design the app properly and help you stay one step ahead of your business rivals.
  1. Add essential features: Understanding this step is easy, but implementing it can be difficult. You just need to explore the Amazon shopping app to check the features that you must add. However, you also need to be careful because your choices will determine the future scope of the app. After all, you should try to make your app better than Amazon’s.
  1. Choice of the platform: You can go for an Android app or an iOS app, but it would be better for you to make it available on both platforms.
  1. UX and UI: You have to make the UX and UI designs attractive to lure more customers to your app.
  1. Integrating advanced technology: If you want to launch a scalable online shopping app business, then you should include futuristic technologies. Learn about all the new technological advancements that are available these days and try to implement them into your app.
  1. Keep the registration process simple: Indeed, you must keep the registration procedure as simple as possible, otherwise it will annoy your customers and keep them from using the app altogether.
  1. Multiple payment options: As mentioned earlier, you must include multiple payment online options apart from “pay on delivery.”
  1. Notification options: Don’t forget to include the push-notification option since it’s a key element for customer engagement.
  1. Feedback section: Finally, you need to add a review section so that your customers can use it as a means of contacting you in real-time and express their thoughts regarding a product or their overall impression of your business.

To conclude

With the information provided above, you can create an e-commerce app just like Amazon. If you are meticulous about the development process, then you may even create an app better than Amazon’s.





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