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Importance of Mobile Apps in Education

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“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society” – Noam Chomsky

Our educational system is facing one of the greatest evolutions of our times. With the advent of technology, it has made it easier for students to explore, understand and nurture their curiosities anytime and anywhere. All thanks to the increased presence of mobile phones in our lives.

There are over 500,000 educational apps in various app stores. These apps are revolutionizing the way learning is perceived. From the age old method of student-teacher interactive learning inside the four walls of a classroom, mobile phones and the millions of applications in them have taken pedagogy to a whole new level, one that does not require the presence of a teacher or strict timing. Educational mobile apps have helped to make learning a fun and stimulating experience.

The Next Generation

Gen Z was born into a world where technology was impacting every single aspect of their lives. Millennials and Gen Z constitute the major chunk of the internet population today. They are much better connected and are digital savvy and consider smartphones and other gadgets as inevitable parts of their day to day lives.

With the recent changes in the world and the resulting uncertainties surrounding the lives of students, it becomes imperative that we go scurrying for new and effective ways of learning and skill-acquiring.

Why Do We Need Educational Apps

With mobile applications entering the realm of educational institutions, students and teachers have achieved new found ways of learning and disseminating information more effectively and efficiently.

Some of the key advantages of using educational apps are:

Novel Learning Techniques

E-learning and mobile applications seem to be scoring high on interaction levels as well as engagement. These two are primary factors that help to improve the quality of learning. In the case of smaller children, various fun learning techniques like puzzles and explanatory videos aid them in understanding various concepts. They often make learning appealing and interactive. A lot of app companies are even integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) into their apps to enhance the digital learning experience.


Students can learn anywhere at their convenience by using the apps on their smartphones. There are no constraints on time and this gives undue advantage to curious minds. Availability of e-learning material is another major bonus. 

Students need not put in any extra effort to run to the library to get material to study. All the essential learning materials are made available to them online, right at their fingertips.

Accelerated Learning

A student’s capability to comprehend information is based on his/her cognitive learning skills. By way of using a mobile application that has a very high quality of content, the learning process can be improved. Skills like problem solving, which are necessary from childhood to adulthood can be developed by using good educational apps. These apps have various virtual rewards and incentives that motivate the users to be persistent in using the apps and ultimately develop their skill sets in the process. A good app with superior content will definitely aid the user to achieve goals faster.


Most of the learning apps these days let you tweak the content to suit your taste and requirements. This ensures that the experience of learning is age appropriate. When we consider apps that are specific to educational institutions, mobile apps help customize their learning modules and teaching goals.

Instructional Design

Most of the popular educational apps in the App Store and the Play Store have features that help you set learning goals and meet user requirements. It helps users set realistic goals based on their potential or requirements. In some cases, when it is an app for kids, the parent can decide whether academic subjects such as math and science need to be improved or whether skills in the areas of creativity, logical-thinking or social-emotional learning need to be honed. There are ways to provide feedback and receive assessment. An educational app with good content challenges the user and encourages them to show persistence.

Reduced Learning Costs

With mobile app developers developing high quality educational apps, it has become easier for anyone irrespective of age to attain a great learning experience. All you need is a smartphone and the inquisitiveness to learn, and the material is available right at your fingertips to explore. It is not necessary to get a degree from premium institutes to achieve a higher quality of education. A good number of apps with superior content provide that.

Sustainable Education

Mobile applications are transforming the education industry by leaps and bounds. They are also promoting sustainable education. They are helping limit the use of resources. As kids get accustomed to using mobile apps and e-books, they are reducing the usage of books and paper, and there is improved certainty in the sustainability of the environment.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Educational apps help to improve communication among students, teachers and parents. Some apps provide methods for tracking your child’s progress. It makes the whole educational system transparent. Mentors and parents can interact anytime with ease, to better answer queries on a ward’s performance.


The future of education is going to be in the hands of technology. Through the use of mobile applications in the field of education, the standards are definitely going to improve and the benefits are going to be multifold for the user. Through the use of personalization techniques, a student’s knowledge level will definitely grow. The use of mobile apps can positively affect the access to information and academic success. Mobile applications in the field of education are also making it more and more clear that quality education is everyone’s right. It is a positive step towards a better learning experience and engagement.

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