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How Word Pigeon Can Help You Export Google Docs To WordPress

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Ok, so you wrote this great blog post, right?

You spent tons of time researching your topic, crafting informative but interesting sentences, editing and revising, and now you have this fantastic piece of content, ready to be published.

But now comes the worst part, getting it onto your WordPress blog.

You’re dreading the moment where you hit the “paste” button, and you lose your images and it screws up your formatting, and then you’ll have to spend an annoying amount of time re-organizing the whole thing.

Well, Word Pigeon may be able to help. 

Because with Word Pigeon, you can transfer everything from a Google Doc to WordPress in one single click.

That’s all it takes. One click. No coding, no hacks, illegal software. Just Word Pigeon.

At this point, you may be wondering, “Is this true?” “How does it work?”

Well, it is true, and here is a look at the simple step by step process to show you how it works and just how easy Word Pigeon is to use.

Step 1: Create Your Content

This step you already know how to do.

Just make some awesome content in Google docs like you’ve been doing.

And don’t worry about the formatting getting messed up. Make it look exactly how you want it to once it is published.

Use the different headings options in Google docs, table of contents, images, GIFs, bolding, italics, the whole package.

You can even use the commenting and editing features on Google docs without fear of that messing up the way your content looks on WordPress

Step 2: Go To Word Pigeon

Open up Word Pigeon.

That’s it for step two.

All of your Google documents will already be there looking snazzy.

Step 3: Hit Export

Now, you hit export. From there, you pick whether or not you want this content to be a page, post, published piece, or draft, then it will show up on WordPress.

Yes, that’s all you need to do on Word Pigeon. Now let Word Pigeon do its thing and move onto step 4.

Step 4: Fine-tune

Hop on over to WordPress, where you will find your content already there, looking just as perfect as when you last saw it.

It will all be there, perfectly formatted still and you won’t be missing a single image.

Now just read it over, make sure everything looks good, do some last-minute edits to polish it up, then move on to the last step.

Step 5: Publish

Hit publish.

Now you’re done! You have shared your fantastic piece of work with the world.

And it was so much easier than copy and pasting and reformatting and finding all of your pictures.

Word Pigeon also has other benefits, including:

  • Choosing tags
  • Supports GIFs
  • Choosing categories
  • Choosing authors
  • Retaining image resizing
  • Retaining links
  • Retaining colors for text, highlight and table background
  • Retaining text decoration such as italics, bolding and underlines
  • Exporting tables and embedded charts
  • Retaining text alignment

So if you’re someone who regularly creates content on Google Docs., Word Pigeon can be an invaluable tool, saving you tons of time you can spend on more important things.

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