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4 Tips for Crafting Your Personal Brand

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Having a personal brand is important. You don’t want to blend into the background of your professional and social life, and creating a unique brand for yourself will prevent that. Ensure your talents, passions, and personality are clear and interesting when introducing yourself to new people.

If you’re struggling to incorporate this concept into your life, read on for four tips for crafting your personal brand. 

1. Find Your Passions

A personal brand is just that: personal. This means you need to take the time to determine the specific passions, talents, and traits that make your personal brand unique.

If you’re having a hard time nailing down what to include in your personal brand, take time to do some much-needed introspection.

  • What are some past projects you’re proud of?
  • What type of work brings you joy?
  • What talents do you typically list on your resume?

Asking yourself these questions will help determine what aspects of your personality are most strongly connected to the work you want to do in life. Knowing exactly who you are and what you do best is the first step to crafting your personal brand.

2. Network Digitally

The internet is the most common way modern people define their personal brand. When putting yourself out on the web, you want to be careful what you post and how you post it. Solidifying your personal brand on social media can be broken down into three categories:

  • Social Media – Sites like Instagram and Twitter can be used to expand the creative aspects of your personal brand. From art or writing, to professional photographs, these social media networks can be used to your advantage no matter what your brand is.
  • Professional Networking – LinkedIn, and other professional networking sites, are a great way to integrate your personal brand and work life. Connect with colleagues, build your online resume, and find jobs suited to your skill set to monetize your personal brand.
  • Create a Website – Bring the focus directly on you by building your own website. Your personal brand will really shine this way, and having your own website makes networking more direct. Keep business cards with your website’s URL on hand at all times.

3. Have Confidence

While social media is important, it’s not the only place your personal brand exists. Having confidence when meeting people is a great way to bring your personal brand off the screen and into the real world. To ensure you always make a good first impression, keep these factors in mind:

  • Relax – Stress and anxiety will make you appear unsure of yourself. Stay calm, cool, and collected with relaxation methods. CBD is a natural, non-habit-forming stress reliever that can easily be added to any daily routine. CBDfx makes vape juice, gummies, and oil tinctures to find relief with your preferred method.
  • Be Aware of Body Language – Good posture, a beaming smile, and steady eye contact are all key to making a good first impression. Your body is a vehicle for your brand, and appearing closed off or uncomfortable is going to hinder your message.
  • Have Style – Your clothes are another branch of your personal brand. Build a wardrobe with unique clothing that makes you feel stylish and comfortable using sites like ThredUp. When you’re wearing something you feel your best in, you’ll exude confidence.

4. Make a Difference

Having a platform is great, but if you’re not doing anything of value with it, what’s the point? Use your power and branding to make a difference in the world. Some examples of ways you can use your public image for good include:

  • Promoting activism
  • Raising money for charity
  • Creating awareness for social issues
  • Using your platform to lend opportunities to others

Many people are trying to grow their brand, and showing that you care about your colleagues, peers, and followers is a great addition to any professional image. Don’t lose sight of your principles when building a personal brand; they’re actually going to help you succeed. 

Remember You Are Your Personal Brand

At the end of the day, creating your personal brand shouldn’t be an impossible task. Your brand is simply an emphasized version of yourself. Remember to stay authentic, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Stay true to your passions, interests, and morals, and simply make them more visible to those around you.

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