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10 Content Marketing Tactics That Boost Landing Page Conversions

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If you’re planning to establish a profitable business, it is no longer enough to build a website, drive traffic, and get it ranked high on search engines. You’ll probably want your visitors to look through your products, subscribe to your company’s news, fill out the contact form, and buy your products. Thus, you strive to boost your conversion rates by bringing new clients and generating profit. 

However, the contemporary market is swamped with companies that struggle to attract  audience attention and stand out in a saturated digital landscape. Thus, to cut through this noise, you need to be equipped with relevant knowledge of conversion optimization techniques and align them with your customers’ needs and wants. 

To help you boost conversions, we shortlisted a set of 10 content marketing tactics that will give your business a nudge!

Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics That Drive Actions

1. Start with a Straightforward Call-to-action

If you want your website visitors to undertake some action, whether it is a blog subscription or a purchase, you’ll have to ask them to do so and be persuasive enough in your request. 

An encouraging and clear call-to-action is one of the best ways to boost conversions. CTAs help engage your target audience, improve interaction with a platform, and remind users of why they actually accessed your website. 

The best tip for writing effective CTAs is to clearly state what you want your visitors to do. For instance, it might not be enough for your prospects to hear “Reach out to us for more information.” Alternatively, you might ask them ”fill out the contact form to get daily updates” or “click the purchase button to get the product of your dreams.” 

2. Optimize Content for Sales Keywords

To bring relevant users to your website that can be converted into leads, you should optimize your content for informational and sales keywords. 

Content is undoubtedly the king of digital marketing. Having updated and relevant content on your website is key to boosting sales and generating more profit. 

However, even the greatest blog articles and landing pages will fade if your customers don’t have a chance to find it in search requests. Make sure all your content is optimized for sales keywords to bring relevant traffic that has the potential to be converted into customers. 

3. Focus on Lead Generating Content

Your traffic is growing, but you’re still struggling to get more leads or increase sales? Then it is time to revise your content plan and align it to drive conversions. 

Rather than writing informational content or common-sense articles, you can come up with a set of lead generating ideas to convince your website visitors to buy your products. 

For instance, you might want to offer whitepapers or ebooks with valuable information for your target audience. Thus, you’ll be able to show your expertise and encourage your visitors to leave their contact details that can be used in the future marketing campaigns. 

4. Publish Customer Success Stories

Storytelling is the new black in the world of digital marketing. Instead of just pinpointing raw facts about your company and brand, you have an excellent opportunity to enrich your content with a constellation of elements and details and make it more emotionally colored. Thus, you build a sincere connection between your brand and your target audience, which increases revenues. 

One of the best ways to use storytelling and boost conversions is to publish customer success stories on your landing page. While engaging your clients into content creation, you have a chance to get their feedback, and, in case it is positive, share it with your visitors and prospects. Such content builds trust and adds to a company’s credibility. 

5. Complement Your Content With Emotional Visuals

For b2c marketing strategy, emotional visuals are something you cannot skip. Studies say more than 95% of our purchasing decisions are subconscious, which means most of them are triggered by emotions rather than our logic. 

To encourage your website visitors to buy your products, you should establish a stable emotional connection with them. 

How can you do that? There are content marketing tactics you can use. For example:

  • Create heroes that resonate with your customers. Your visitors will identify with your visuals and experience the same emotions and feelings as your characters;
  • Use these heroes to tell brand stories and share insights. You can bring your characters alive to convey the information to your target audience. 

6. Add a FAQ Section to Your Landing Page

If you want to grow your business fast, don’t wait until your visitors contact your representative to ask questions. Instead, you can answer them even before your potential clients fill out the contact form and reach out to you for more information!

A FAQ section is important as it provides your users with all the necessary data they might need to choose your company over your competitors. To make this section as useful as you can, study the user journey, and make a list of questions your website visitors might have after browsing your website. You might also involve sales representatives in this process to gain the best results. 

7. Use Question-based Titles

Your titles are the first thing website visitors see when scrolling through social networks and searching for relevant information in Google. Studies show that most visitors tend to formulate their searches in the form of questions, meaning they are more prone to click on the titles that correspond to their search requests. 

Question-based titles drive traffic to your website and increase your chances of being ranked as a featured snippet. With 41% of questions having a featured snippet, your content can be ranked higher by search engines.

8. Improve Customer Segmentation

You cannot boost conversions if you don’t understand your target audience. Improving your customer segmentation is the first step to building an effective digital marketing strategy. 

While some of your visitors come to your website ready to buy your product, others will just browse it to get an idea of what you offer. However, if you manage to meet their request and impress them with your content, they will likely be converted into leads or customers. 

So, before implementing any changes, we’d advise you to work on your customer profile, define their needs at every stage of the conversion path, and create content that will meet their needs. 

9. Create Explainer Videos for Your Brand

Have you seen a great product on an Instagram video and searched for it on the net? Or vice versa, you’ve noticed an excellent product in an e-store and decided to watch video reviews? 

Most customers are better at processing visual information since it is easier to comprehend and looks appealing. By adding a set of video explainers to your website, you’ll simplify the user journey for your visitors and make it easier for them to understand how you work and what you sell. 

10.  Create Valuable Content

There is no sense in duplicating or rewriting the content your competitors already have on their websites. Rather than making the same mistakes, it is wise to listen to your customers and start a blog which covers things they want to learn about. 

In this way, you can create real value for your users which they will definitely appreciate and which will increase the likelihood that they become returning customers. What’s more,  valuable content will help you get higher SEO results by attracting natural backlinks. 

Start with evaluating your content and decide whether it matches your clients’ requests. Then ask your customers what they want to see on your website and discover what information is lacking. This step will provide you with a big picture and enable you to get a new perspective on your business. 

Bottom Line

Creating conversion-friendly content is challenging, but it is worth all the hassle. When you understand your customers, you know what might persuade them to buy your products or services. 

The content marketing tactics mentioned above should help you boost sales and generate more leads. But the best way to discover what works for your business is to experiment, evaluate the results, and focus on the techniques that bring more conversions in your particular case.

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