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5 High-Tech Ways to Keep Your Home Safer

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In the past, only the rich and famous could afford things like a security guard, perimeter fence, surveillance cams, and other high-tech security gadgets to guard their homes. But today, the technological boom has made it much more affordable for ordinary families like yours to optimize high-tech gadgets to protect your precious property. With devices being produced more efficiently at cheaper prices, you now have the option of leveraging technology to protect your home, family, and belongings. 

Why You Need Home Security 

Beefing up your home security protection with high-tech devices is the smarter choice because thieves have become more daring and violent in these modern times. Contrary to popular belief that burglaries happen at night, studies show that they happen more in the day time when you are not around. Statistics also show more burglaries occur in the summer when you hie off to your vacation. With this risk, you don’t want your safe haven to be violated.

Focusing on home security means you will protect your family. Professional robbers who don’t want to get caught avoid entering homes that have safeguards in place. When they see alarm signs and security cameras, they think twice about entering your home. As such, you and your family can feel more secure. Optimizing technology to defend your home also means you are taking an additional step to shield the valuable belongings that you worked hard to acquire. 

The Most Common Ways Burglars Enter the Home  

Thieves gain access to your home a lot faster than you think. Most of them actually like to enter using your front and back door. It is very easy to break the standard house doorknob. Apart from that, they also love patio sliding doors, as they can shatter the glass and unlock the latch instantly. 

Other favorite areas are ground floor or basement windows. Thieves love empty houses, which is why more burglaries occur in the summer. They spot check to see if your mail is piling up or if your house is noticeably dark without any movements. Additionally, they break into houses that are poorly lit with many dark areas that are perfect for hiding. 

High-Tech Security Options 

If you are looking to spruce up your home security with high-tech gadgets, then you’ve come to the right place. Consider the following must-have tech gadgets that most security experts suggest every homeowner must invest on:

Install Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

There is simply no excuse not to have a security camera in your perimeter fence and inside your house. High-tech cams are so inexpensive nowadays that you can install multiple ones all over your property. Prioritize the perimeter so you can see who is approaching your house. This will serve as a red flag if a stranger is approaching. Having one at the main door will also help you evaluate your visitors. If someone has bad intentions and manages to step inside, you can also catch them in the act with your indoor cameras. 

Invest in a State-of-the-Art Alarm System

These alarm systems are not a new invention, but the newer ones are smarter. Today, the fancier models can accurately detect threats with laser, infrared, and motion sensors. The authorities can even be dispatched when a particular alarm setting is tripped. Alarms turn-off thieves because you make it difficult for them to steal your stuff.

Rely on Smart Locks 

Your door locks are the number one security measure in your home! Using cheap, ordinary locks is doing your family a disservice. A simple master key can readily breach these. A smart lock that needs a fingerprint or a passcode through a keypad is more secure. This way, you don’t have to give your family members a spare key, which they could potentially lose. Smart locks are very convenient because you can give your family members or friends temporary codes to access your house when you’re out on vacation. Some locks can also be monitored using an app on your mobile phone. You can be alerted in case someone tries to breach your property. 

Use Smart Illumination

When it comes to deterring thieves, smart lights can help you get the job done. When you orchestrate a smart lights plan that means these lights will automatically turn on even when you’re not actually in your house. Whether you’re in the office, out shopping, or on vacation, lights will randomly light up to make it seem like your home is occupied. 

When you think of the statistics that show most home invasions happen when you are not around, utilizing this smart technology is critical. 

Factor in Smart Speakers 

These days, modern speakers with built-in smart features are specially crafted to make your house more protected. To illustrate, Alexa Guard has collaborated with Amazon Echo. Together, they can monitor suspicious sounds around your home. When an alarm goes off, or there is a sound of glass being broken, you can be readily notified. 

Of course, these high-tech security measures are only effective when you pair them with traditional methods of safeguarding your property. Aside from fortifying your doors, you have to make sure that all your windows have proper locks. Make sure that your valuables are also not visible because these serve as a temptation. Most of all, you must have good habits such as storing jewelry or cash in your safe, checking locks before going to bed, and practicing mindfulness. Don’t be complacent about your home security, but be vigilant instead!

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