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How to Remove a Photo from Google Images

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Negative posts online can quickly hurt someone’s reputation with their followers. Not to mention, it is always going to be hard for people to discern the truth when there is so much out there. Online defamation and copyright infringement are two major implications that can cause problems both right now and in the long run, so do what you can by reading this article. Then, sign up for an online reputation management service if you want to make the whole process a little easier. 

What is Google Images?

If you are not already familiar – Google Images is a spot online where you can find pictures of almost anything or anyone. Even though a lot of the pictures on Google Images are not available for everyone to use due to copyright, they are still visible to anyone who can pull up a webpage. 

Access to images is not necessarily an issue, but openly viewing images posted without permission from the owner is a problem. Even if a normal image from a business website goes up, it could still count as copyright infringement because of people stealing the image and posting it without authorization. 

It is especially problematic if the image that was stolen gets used by a lot of people, who may not even be aware of the copyright. People are too quick to use pictures from Google Images and do not realize that someone has ownership of those pictures. 

What is Online Defamation / Cyber Libel?

Online defamation is a term used to define a certain type of scenario where someone’s reputation gets damaged due to the malicious act of another individual online. If someone posts false statements on a chat forum, creates a lengthy video describing your supposed misdeeds or plasters several images on Google intending to ruin your reputation and business, you can get them in trouble by claiming online defamation.

Spreading false information is just as unacceptable online as it is in person. Unfortunately, when dealing with it on the internet, you usually have to do all the work yourself to get it removed. 

There are many ways in which someone can commit cyber libel against you. But the only method you should use to fix the damage they have caused is by finding a way to remove their posts and repairing your reputation with an online reputation management service. 

Learn more about Online Defamation. 

Why is it Difficult to Remove Content from Google Images?

Removing content from Google Images does not have to be difficult. Unfortunately, the extent of the struggle you have in removing the content will solely depend on the situation, and if you can prove the online defamation. 

It tends to be harder to remove content from Google Images when experiencing online defamation than copyrighted images. Dealing with online defamation usually requires a legal process because not only must you prove the act of online defamation, you must also demonstrate how the internet content posted affected your reputation. You may need a lawyer to have them look at everything before attempting to get a court order for removal. Things can get complicated fast, so be prepared and utilize any resources you can. 

The reason you may need to get a court order is because of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Fair use is another obstacle since that can prevent you from successfully removing copyrighted images on Google. Both protect internet users, but sometimes, they also block the dissipation of unwanted and wrongful content. 

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

The Communications Decency Act, when created, was intended to prevent indecent exposure to minors on the internet. The act has grown over time as we learn more about internet scams and ways that people manipulate policies in their favor. It started in 1996, so a lot has changed since then. 

Section 230 focuses on protecting online publishers and the owners of websites from being penalized for damaging content posted by their users. This section allows you to post whatever you want without it being a consequence to the website, but it can make things hard when trying to remove content.

What is Fair Use?

Fair use is a concept that other people can actually use certain copyrighted materials. Various reasons can be given to argue fair use, but it depends on the use of the content entirely. Someone can try to get content counted as fair use, even if it is your content. If they use it in a creative project, take only a small portion from it, or have no harmful intentions, they are more likely to succeed with claiming fair use.

If someone claims fair use on your content, there is not much else you can do to remove it. However, if that person undoubtedly used your content without permission, and claimed it as their own, it will not count as fair use. Typically, cases like this are solved within the day and never even see a courtroom. 

How to Use DMCA to Remove Copyright Content from Google Images

You can use a DMCA notice to remove pictures from Google Images if they infringe your copyright. You will have to submit a copyright removal request and follow Google’s process to get the request accepted. Not all are approved, so be patient and work with a lawyer if you must. 

Thankfully, it does not always require a lawyer to get a DMCA request approved. You can fill out Google’s web form for submission. Make sure to provide everything they need regarding your personal information and details regarding the copyrighted material. They may remove the content as soon as 6 hours after submitting the request, depending on the situation. 

When you submit a DMCA notice, and it gets accepted, the content must come down, and it does not count as fair use. 

How to Remove a Post on Google Images

To remove a post on Google Images, you can use a DMCA notice. However, it may not work for all circumstances. 

The entire problem with trying to remove content from any website – this applies not just to Google Images – is that the website owner is entirely in control of the content and does not have to take anything down if they do not see fit. The exception is a court order, which is the only way to overcome that in some cases. However, Google is good about working with people to eliminate copyright infringement and other problems with defamation on its pages. 

For removing a post, you could use an online reputation management service. Most of these types of services help with all aspects of getting rid of the vicious posts that are hurting your business’s reputation and even help to build it back up to a positive standpoint. Reputation Rhino is a leading online reputation management company based in New York City. 

Whether you are an individual that needs help removing a defamatory post or a business that needs help recovering from an online smear campaign, a service like Reputation Rhino can help remove a photo or video from Google Images. There is no need to meet in-person with an expensive lawyer when you can contact the reputation management experts you need straight from your laptop or phone.

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