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How to Increase Your Company’s Internet Exposure

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Let’s be honest: being found by potential customers on the internet is hard. It becomes even more difficult if you’re a company that sits in a competitive market or a booming city- like Columbus, Oh.

However, even if you’re a company in Columbus that’s trying to rise above all the noise and be found by your potential consumers, the internet can be a valuable space for you to market yourself,

Get involved in any one of the online marketing strategies below to help your business stand out!

Start an SEO Campaign in Columbus with a Columbus SEO Company

If you offer most of your services in Columbus, then you should have a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in the Columbus area. A SEO campaign will help your website’s pages to organically show up towards the top of a Google page when a potential customer searches for something that pertains to your business. If your customers are based in Columbus, then having a Columbus SEO campaign will make it even easier for you to reach them because Google will identify their proximity to your business! 

If you’re in multiple locations across the United States, then moving forward with a location based SEO campaign would still be an excellent idea to reach new customers. You’d want to make sure that the Columbus SEO company you’re working with sets up other “Location Based” pages for your service offerings. For example, if you also have services in Louisville, then you’d want for the page to have “Louisville” in the title and you’d want your services to be specific to that area. Not only will this help you appear within the Google rankings, but it will also help your customers connect with your site’s verbiage!

Start a Banner Ad Campaign

Did you know that potential customers have to see your brand a minimum of seven times for them to recognize it- let alone buy from you? Banner ads can help to spread your brand across the internet for a relatively cheap price. Most websites subscribe to Google’s Adsense program, so your potential customers could see your ad almost anywhere. This is highly effective if a customer visited your website but didn’t convert (aka buy anything from you or call you). If this happens, you can set your banner ads up to retarget (or follow that person around the internet) for 30 days. 

While this might sound like a slightly creepy way to up your business, your Columbus SEO company could help you get this cheap, yet effective, marketing campaign into place.

Begin an Adwords Campaign

Also know as a Pay-Per-Click campaign, Adwords helps companies reach the top of Google’s search engine without taking the time to optimize their pages for SEO. However, depending on the keywords your company is attempting to appear for, this can be a pricey method. You’ll want to ensure that your ads are only appearing for search phrases that apply directly to your industry.

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