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Why Starting a Blog Is Better than Well-Funded Tech Startup

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Thinking of launching a business, and wondering whether to start a blog or jump into a tech startup?

You’re not alone in the mix.

But the fact is, with skyrocketing e-commerce,  a blog is a powerful tool in the business arena.

And to clear the air more, here are some quick statistical facts about blogging that you should know:

  • Blogging companies enjoy 97%  more inbound links as compared to their non-blogging competitors.
  • 77% of internet visitors read blogs
  • 70% of consumers prefer learning about a company through articles than ads.
  • Blogging companies produce about 67% more leads than non-blogging companies.
  • 86% of content marketers use blog posts as their marketing strategy.
  • Some successful bloggers earn more than $100k per year.

Now, with the above facts in mind, let’s dive deep into why starting a blog is your surefire deal.

In fact, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, then I tell you, you won’t blink about starting a blog today.

Here are the benefits of a blog over a tech startup

1. Promoting Your Products and Services

Do you have unique technical and professional skills? 

If yes, then get to know that content is king. 

Asking, how…?

Once again, refer to the above statistical facts. A blog provides you the best platform to promote your products and services online. 

Besides, with the rise in online presence and with 97% of consumers visiting the internet for business purposes, there is an opportunity for you to reach a massive audience with your products and services.

But before you think about promoting your products and services, the two big questions are; 

  • Who is your audience?
  • Are your products and services going to solve a problem for your audience?

So to avoid cursing yourself later and seeing a blog as a waste of time, you need to choose your blog niche wisely – your blog niche should solve a problem for your audience.

That said, you can now venture into promoting your products and services on your blog, right?

However, to win the souls of your audience, your blog posts must be converting.  For instance, blog posts that provide explanations or procedures like (“How to…”, “X Steps to…”, “X Benefits of…”) make your readers want to engage more with your blog.

2. Grow Your Traffic and Leads Very Fast

In business, the higher the number of consumers visiting your shop, the more likely it is you will sell more. That’s exactly how it is with blogging – more traffic to your blog, more sales opportunities. And what follows? High revenue.

Blogging is capable of increasing traffic to your site very quickly. For instance, according to marketing experts, a business that blogs frequently is likely to attract 55% more traffic than a business that doesn’t blog.

In addition, a study by Hubspot shows that blogs with 50 to 100 Google indexed pages can attract double-digit blog traffic growth.

And the game plan here is, the more blog posts you publish, the more pages you create and get indexed. In turn, you increase traffic to your blog hence making more money. 

But, how can you create these high number of pages?

It’s achievable. First, start a blog, then post regularly – an average of three to four times per week and employ the best marketing strategy to promote your posts.

3. You can Quickly Build Authority

With a blog, you can quickly build authority on your topic.

According to Hubspot, “Being an online authority essentially means you’re not only a thought leader on a specific topic, but that you’ve also taken the time to translate that knowledge in a meaningful way online.”

Like I said earlier, your blog content should provide a solution to a problem your audience is struggling to manage. In this manner, you become an authority – people don’t just read your blog for fun, but to solve their problems.

So, what can you do to realize the goal of authority building?

Write quality content: Be unique. Remember, you also have your competitors who are working hard to maintain their business and remain relevant.  So, create content that doesn’t suck.

Create catchy headlines: Your content headline is like a lamp on a lampstand. Whoever wants to know what’s in the room must see the light first. 

The way you create your headline will determine whether your audience spends time to read your blog or not. Catchy headlines make your readers more enthusiastic about continuing to read your content.

Write relevant blog posts: Your audience has a lot of confidence in you. Whenever they see your post, they know help has come. Now imagine posting something irrelevant. They might lose trust in you and ignore your future posts.

4. You’re Capable of Getting Immediate Feedback

Feedback is a powerful indicator of improvement.  The comment section allows your audience to write feedback immediately after they are done reading your content.

On the other hand, businesses without blogs are likely to receive feedback late – and at some point, no feedback at all. Remember, feedback is useful in decision making and formulating a plan of action for improvement.

In Summary

If you’re thinking of starting a business or you already run a business, then you need to realize that blogging is your number one online marketing strategy.

Take action to ensure that you venture into a surefire a business that’s reliable and viable – start a blog today.

A blog allows you to showcase your talent, personal and technical skills when you sell your products and brands.

Get started today to change the way you do business.

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Anastasia Belyh

Anastasia Belyh is a 3x serial entrepreneur and blogger since 2009. She loves helping people find their dream job with Cleverism and start a side business with FounderJar. When she’s not working, she loves to travel the world and play the piano.