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Get 5-Star Testimonials from Asking Your Clients These 6 Questions

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Getting feedback from your clients can feel awkward sometimes.

You’ve done them a service, and now you need them to tell you how great you are. Not an easy thing to do, for a lot of different reasons.

It’s hard to know what to ask, and it can feel embarrassing if they don’t respond with a review. When that happens, it’s important for you to remember that it’s not a reflection on you or your work.

A lot of the time it’s just because your client is very busy (which is why they hired you, right?) and they may not know what to even say.

Now you can use these six questions to beat the awkwardness and mine helpful and meaningful answers from your clients.

If you’d like to see a great example of a feedback questionnaire, check out this post on testimonial questions. These questions are invaluable for two important reasons:

  • The feedback is vital for knowing how you can improve your services and processes. Figuring that out will make your business that much better.
  • Testimonials are seen by all your potential clients. Any time someone is debating on who to hire, they always read the reviews. Showcasing positive and thoughtful ones on your site can literally bring in business.

Getting testimonials doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. These strategic questions will draw out the convincing narrative from your client and ultimately lead to more business!

What made us stand out from our competition? What was the one thing that convinced you to hire us?

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, assuming you’ve strategically built your business to stand out. But there’s always the chance that they noticed something you never really considered before.

Getting them to write down what stood out to them can help you highlight that aspect to the rest of the world too. Besides, it’s always nice to get a compliment.

What did you like least about working with us?

Be sure to take the pressure off your client when asking this question. They don’t want to make you feel bad, but at the same time, you’re dying to know how you can fix all the squeaky wheels in your process.

After all, if you’re able to improve anything for next time, you’d want to know!

What did you like the most about working with us?

This answer will tell you all the things you’re doing right. And after they tell you what the best part was, you can tell future clients what the best part will be if they hire you.

What was your experience like before you hired us?

This question is designed to get your client to tell a story. It’s a great way for them to talk about what life was like before you showed up and made everything better!

This is super useful for potential clients who are most likely going through the same issues. If they see that you’ve successfully helped someone else already, they’ll be more likely to trust you to do the same for them.

Where did your search begin for (your services)?

This answer will be pure gold. You’re about to find out exactly where more potential clients are gathering, and how they start searching for companies to hire.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

An open-ended question like this allows your client to speak freely about anything else on their mind. Even though it’s vague, it gives them a chance to say whatever they want, and could give you unique insights into your business that you didn’t expect.

After collecting the client’s responses, it’s time for you to create a testimonial using their own words. Once you’ve written it up, send it back to the client. This allows them to double check that you took their feedback seriously.

Also, you can send along the links to your review pages in Facebook and Google. That way, all they have to do is copy and paste the review you wrote, and voila. You have glowing reviews in minutes, and a client who’s happy because you made their life that much easier.

Don’t forget to add them to your website testimonials page as well! Always make sure it’s okay if you display their name. Showcasing quality testimonials and racking up those 5-star reviews has never been easier!

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