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How Do C-level Executives Stay up to Date with Industry Trends?

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Forward-thinking business leaders all over the world are continually seeking new ways to stay up to date and innovate their strategies. Top C-level executives understand the importance of self-actualisation and peer review, as well as staying on top of the latest tools available to help a business thrive.

While there are several tools available to improve one’s opportunity to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, the internet can often be a confusing place. Hand-picking the most successful game plan for the C-suite to expand its business knowledge in an engaging, fruitful, and constructive way is not an easy task!

For this purpose, we have gathered below the latest trends that C-level executives have been following in 2020:

1. Knowledge-sharing discussions

Knowledge-sharing discussions are becoming increasingly popular among the C-level. Peer-to-peer advisory groups offer infinite opportunities for innovation and development, all the while providing the best environment for brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to common challenges. Even in the uncertainty of the current global health crisis, various networking platforms and agencies have been running knowledge-sharing discussions and roundtables online, and these events have been incredibly successful.

The Ortus Club, for example, is an international knowledge-sharing company that brings together senior executives to share knowledge on specific business topics. With the promise of providing absolute confidentiality and a pitch-free environment, participants can challenge each other’s ideas and acquire knowledge that can then be applied in their daily decision-making processes. The presence of a neutral moderator guarantees a smooth and fruitful exchange that is always fresh and engaging.

2. Access to exclusive content

Gone are the days when readers would refuse to pay for content. Today, quality news and media are very much sought after, especially in digital format. While regular papers and magazines are a great tool to maintain a comprehensive knowledge of market dynamics, exclusive and dedicated business content can provide the C-suite with insights that are specifically relevant to their particular area of expertise. 

Highly rated business magazines can also provide useful product reviews for software and operating system purchase, helping C-level executives make informed and educated decisions. See here for a few options! 

3. Daily podcasts

Equally as effective, podcasts are a fantastic way to stay on top of the latest industry trends. Executives tune into podcasts to absorb crucial industry knowledge without it interfering with their numerous daily commitments. Be it from the office or the comfort of their homes, while driving or even flying to a conference, C-level executives have many opportunities during the day to tune in to their favourite programs.

Successful senior-level executives value podcasts providing actionable advice. Highly rated podcasts are ones that share useful business strategies to implement or exciting expansion ideas, offering concrete and tangible success stories and case studies. There is nothing like first-hand experience, and being presented with the insights that comes from it is a priceless gift. Check out this list for the top-rated business podcasts of 2020.

4. Following business leaders on social media

Social media has revolutionised the way we conduct business. The most successful influencers have a record of gaining early insights into current business trends and strategies. If they were right in the past, chances are they will be right again in the future. Their first-hand experience provides other business leaders with intellectual guidance and inspiration. 

The number of celebrity entrepreneurs who are eager to share their success stories on leading social media platforms is surprisingly high. The content offered through these channels can be both inspiring and engaging.

5. Local and international forums

Online forums and discussion boards are beneficial platforms for the C-suite to ask each other questions, brainstorm solutions to common problems, and build rapport within a niche group. 

They provide an opportunity to find answers to specific questions that are harder to find on the internet. From social media groups to websites or application channels, opportunity abounds for C-level professionals to connect with their peers.

6. Traditional networking

While it is true the times are continually changing, networking is every bit as important today as it was before. Whether it happens live, through virtual conferences or on social media, building relationships with fellow C-level executives can provide access to valuable insights, not to mention a great way of creating the possibility for partnerships and collaborations. While live events are on pause for the time being, in-person interactions are a staple of business destined to stand the test of time.

Business leaders are forced to adapt in this rapidly changing world. While it is challenging to stay relevant, it is also incredibly fulfilling to gain and share knowledge, empower people to learn from others and better understand the way we are by networking with peers. Fortunately, following these six foolproof strategies has enabled C-level decision-makers around the world to meet their desired outcomes in a way that is both effective and entertaining. 

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