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10 + 1 Thumbnail Makers to Step Up your Game

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Every day, users all around the world are watching 5 billion videos on YouTube. This number doesn’t seem this crazy if you consider that this platform receives 30 million visitors daily. Nevertheless, it still shows you that your channel can become very successful if you find a way to attract the users’ attention.  

One sure way to increase your videos’ views and get YouTube subscribers is to visit Stormviews. By buying YouTube views, you can enhance the engagement of your channel and approach a wider audience.

However, before you plan this strategy, you need to make sure that your videos can capture the viewers’ eyes. This can only happen with a catchy title and description and a compelling thumbnail. If you follow the best practices for creating the best thumbnails, you will have great results.

In this article, you will find the websites that allow you to create stunning thumbnails, quickly and without any design skills. 

1. Canva

The first website and mobile phone application on the list is none other than Canva. This website has quickly become one of the most popular ones among marketers and influencers. On Canva, you will find a great variety of templates that allow you to personalize your thumbnails and create something close to your brand image. Furthermore, the interface is intuitive and so, you will quickly learn how to use it. 

2. Fotor

Fotor is another popular option for those who are looking to create images for all of their social media. On this website, you can find ready-to-use YouTube thumbnail templates that will save you time. Moreover, you can upload your own images, add graphics and stylish fonts, and create something unique. This is an essential step before buying YouTube views from Stormviews as it guarantees that your videos will not go unnoticed.  

3. FotoJet

FotoJet offers you more or less the same services as the previous websites. To use it, you will need to pick your favorite thumbnail template. Then, you can change the background, write in any of the web-fonts available to you, and add shapes, cliparts, and other graphic elements to create the perfect image. FotoJet requires no installation and no registration, so it’s a free and easy tool to use whenever you need it. 

4. Design Cap

The thumbnail is the most important element of your videos. To create eye-catching images that make users want to click on your videos, you need to use Design Cap. This user-friendly website allows you to create any thumbnail you desire in just a matter of minutes. Like most of these tools, Design Cap offers you a library of templates and stock photos. In addition to this, there are shapes, fonts, GIFs, and other elements that can make your image stand out.

5. PixTeller

PixTeller is a bit different than the other websites on this list. This website is not just an image and thumbnail maker, but also an animation maker. PixTeller offers you thousands of templates, shapes, and stock photos to truly customize your thumbnails. In addition to this, though, you will also find more than 100 animations to create a GIF or a video. For all these services, PixTeller requires a subscription of $7/month.

6. Offeo

Offeo is a simple website with great features. After your registration, you have access to a great number of gripping thumbnail templates. All of these follow the rules for creating the most captivating YouTube thumbnails, so your final image is going to look amazing. This is a great step to complete before buying YouTube views from Stormviews. By doing this, you will gain many viewers that can later become your subscribers. 

7. Pixelixe

Pixelixe is an amazing solution for the professionals that need quick image editing but lack graphic design skills. With this tool, you can create your thumbnails, social media images, and PDF and HTML documents. Furthermore, this tool offers implementation with your API, which leads to personalized images. The free version of Pixlixe permits you to create 6 images and use 10 photo effects. However, you can still use thousands of stock photos and hundreds of stylish fonts.

8. PicMaker

PicMaker is another website that is easy-to-use and offers stunning results. On this website, you can choose any of the many thumbnail templates, or create one from scratch. You can use a stock photo from the website’s library or upload an image relevant to your video. Next, you can easily remove the background, add a new one, and add a sticker effect to make your image stand out more. In a few minutes, you will have an eye-catching thumbnail similar to those that famous YouTubers are using. 

9. Backgrounder

Backgrounder is probably the simplest tool on this list. Yet, it can still generate compelling images for your videos. The great advantage of it is that you can create your thumbnail with just a few clicks. After you complete your image, visit Stormviews to enhance your content by buying YouTube views. 

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is more than a YouTube thumbnail maker. This website is a photo editing tool that allows you maximum customization. Its use is completely for free and you can access it from any browser. Another great advantage of this website is that it can open and handle any type of image file, such as PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG. With Pixlr, you will never have to think if your image is compatible with your maker. 

11. Edit

Edit is a website that understands all the latest graphic design trends. For this reason, its templates are gripping and trendy. In addition to its templates, you can also start your thumbnail from scratch. Edit has a huge library of stock photos to choose from. Then, you can let your creativity free and experiment with different graphic elements and fonts, until you discover the ones you like the best. 

An eye-catching thumbnail is the first step towards YouTube success. However, buying YouTube views from Stormviews can truly guarantee you that your videos will reach a large audience. 

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