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Instagram: The Secret Recipe for Gaining Competitive Advantage

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There is no denial of the importance of the role that social media plays in helping businesses grow. However, to gain a competitive advantage over others, there has to be a special recipe, right? That is precisely what we are generally told as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of us (small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs) often find ourselves confused, discouraged and moving in circles from this point onward. We start searching to get our hands on the ‘the secret recipe,’ which most of us assume it to be the only way through which we can escape a situation. Sadly, there is no ‘secret recipe’!! It is just ‘being smart’ when it comes to using resources.  

What is Being Smart?

Having a contextual and situational awareness relevant to your business requires you to act being smart. Being able to make good decisions at the right time is being smart. Knowing who your real audience is, knowing where and how they can be located is being smart, and, last but not least, how to reach out to your target audience is being smart. Now the question is: what enables us to be wise? If you are thinking ‘information’ or ‘data’ and its practical use, you guessed it right. And you certainly are smart! 

Among the popular social media platforms, Instagram has almost 50 million active users. These users can be reached out to and can easily be our potential customers or change agents. In particular, Instagram has been able to maintain over 1 billion user-base throughout the years consistently. In the USA alone, Instagram adult users rose from 35% to 37% in 2019-20. Thus, the smart use of Instagram and other social media platforms will undoubtedly make a difference. This ‘difference’ is what we need to get that edge over our competitors. The following are some of the essential tips for achieving precisely that.

  1. Taking the initiative: As a first step, taking the initiative without wasting too much time thinking about ‘doing the right things’ is very important. If you already have an Instagram Business Account, you have already taken the first step. Still, if you don’t have an account, then we can get one by simply signing up on Instagram with a business account. Add your company’s information, such as name, logo, vision/mission, quick introduction to the services and/or products that your business offers, contact information, etc. It is important to understand that we don’t have to worry much about the number of followers, likes, and comments at this stage; however, that is our ultimate goal. 
  2. Use of Hashtags: Using hashtags that are trending, especially relevant to the field or sector, are fundamental to get the attention of your target audience. Ideally, between 10 to 20 hashtags; however, the key is the relevance of these hashtags with your product or services.   
  3. Time and Consistency: Once your Instagram account is created, it is now your business or brand’s digital identity. Therefore, it is imperative to be consistent in terms of posting engaging content from time to time. You must be aware of the usage trends of your prospective clients. Use the peak hours to post and make sure you are posting consistently. You may also post some informative posts to keep your audience engaged. All this is important because you need to schedule your online activities when your audience is available. 
  4. Be Responsive to Queries and Comments: Have patience, as there will be less traffic on your account during the initial phase of your business on Instagram. Your focus will be to engage with those who like and comment on your posts. The comments and queries you receive may not be encouraging or relevant, but remember, social media is all about engagement. Therefore, everything you are getting is appropriate for you. Respond to queries, provide information, and be patient. This will gradually develop your strong followers’ base. It would help if you stay connected with your followers, follow them back, comment on their posts, and like their posts to build a relationship with them. 
  5. Make the Best Use of Instagram Ads: The optimum use of Instagram ads provides its users with multiple benefits and features that promote products and services to the desired audience. Resultantly increases engagement, positive image of the brand, following on official page, and visitors’ conversion to sales.  
  6. Buy Instagram Auto likes: Managing any social media platform, especially Instagram, is a tedious job and requires a lot of attention and time. This is where emerging services providers come up with solutions like automating companies’ Instagram accounts. Buy Instagram Auto Likes is vital for boosting your business. You can buy Instagram followers as well, which is critical to gain the confidence of new customers. Instagrammers may not trust you initially; therefore, buying Instagram auto likes will create a positive image.  You need to be very careful while purchasing such service because you do not want bots you need real humans. Likes.Io is the best site when it comes to buying auto likes.

Instagram is an excellent medium for interacting with your existing customers and prospective customers. You can attract more clients by building a strong business profile by engaging and staying active on Instagram. I believe it is essential to emphasize the importance of communication and technical skill-sets. Your consistency and skills to use popular hashtags will generate likes. Likes will turn into followers and later on, you will gain business. I recommend buying Instagram auto like at the initial stage. Then at a later stage, you can get Instagram followers. It will boost your business and save your time. 

Finally, the benefits of Instagram surpass its key feature of socializing online. Instead, this and many other popular social media platforms have become important change agents for businesses today. Similarly, ensuring and managing a business’s online operations on Instagram and other social media platforms gives businesses an essential edge over its competitors. Therefore, social media accounts management in itself has become a specialized job, which is why we see services like automizing likes of photos, hashtags, and liking pictures of users and allowing targeting relevant users and ensuring instant monitoring along-with 24/7 support services. 

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