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How to Get Free Stuff on Black Friday

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Black Friday is not only the day of high discounts. Customers across the United States can get a lot of stuff for free. The types of freebies change from year to year, and a few retailers are already sharing their plans. Looking back at 2019, we can get an idea of what to expect. 

Some retailers have added special Black Friday sections to their websites. For example, Home Depot is asking customers to stay tuned. You do not have to check the website daily, though. Follow Home depot ads on to stay informed. It is more convenient to learn about new deals via online circulars. The same is true for any retailer.

Black Friday in 2020 

2020 has been a challenging year for the retail business. At the beginning of the pandemic, sales were soaring. Consumers were buying equipment for their home offices or bulking up their entertainment centers. Grocery shopping simply ballooned. 

However, the closure of brick-and-mortar outlets caused retailers to incur significant costs. It is possible that we are not going to see discounts as large as last year. Naturally, these complications were not detrimental to giant players like Amazon. It is still reasonable to expect bargains across a wide range of categories. 

Discounts and freebies have always been the key benefits of Black Friday shopping in the US. It is not clear how significant reductions will be, but we can still look at last year’s giveaways to see what may be offered. Here are a few examples.

Macy’s Freebies

In 2019, the chain allowed customers to get 13 different items for free after rebate,  including frying pans and a slow cooker. The offer was valid for in-store purchases on Thanksgiving Day. 

Lowe’s Freebies 

Last year, the retailer presented each of the first 300 customers with a $10 coupon. The reduction was only valid in-store on the same day. Those visitors could also win a gift card worth $500. 

Stage Stores Freebies 

This department store chain often comes up with pleasant giveaways. For instance, last year on November 26, they presented each of the first 50 customers in line at 6 p.m. with a large stuffed bear! At 8.a.m, visitors received a free coupon worth $10 or a $100 gift card. 

On Thanksgiving Day, the first 75 visitors got a giant bear each, with a $10 coupon or a gift card worth $100 or $250. And these were only some of the offers! If the chain follows the tradition this year, the first customers in line may expect to get a tote bag with a gift card or a coupon. 

Walmart Freebies 

Often, the retail giant welcomes customers with free treats on Thanksgiving Day. You are usually able to get free cocoa, coffee, and snacks. This year, we could expect the same.

The chain has already unveiled a portion of its discounts for November 2020. Good Morning America has an overview of the sale. Instead of a single event, there will be three stages, each starting online and continuing in-store. 

Positive Retail News

In recent weeks, retailers have seen positive dynamics. According to NPR, department stores saw an increase in customer flow in September. Monthly retail sales, in general, have bottomed out and surpassed the level observed in January ($549 billion vs. $530 billion). In comparison with August, spending rose by 1.9%. Who knows, maybe we will see great bargains after all.

One More Tip

Sometimes, retailers drop their prices even lower after Black Friday. Remember: if you see deeper discounts for an item you have bought, there are ways to benefit from the decrease. Check the store’s return policy. You may be able to get a full refund and buy the same item for less. This is a possibility, but not every retailer does it. Usually, such offers appear if Black Friday underperforms. Keep track of any weekly ads and other circulars online – you may be able to magnify your savings. To increase the odds of smooth returns, keep the packaging intact. If you are really hell-bent on saving, waiting a few weeks is worth it.

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