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5 Top-notch Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is nearly as old as emails have been. Who knew something designed for communication would go so far as becoming the most successful method of digital marketing; would you believe if someone told you email marketing happens to be 79% more successful than social media marketing! You better start with email marketing today, if you haven’t started it yet.

Lucky for you we are here with some incredible email marketing secrets you seriously need to know!

This article is going to show you some of the best email marketing hacks and tricks, which every marketer swears by. Don’t fret, it’s nothing too difficult or sophisticated even for amateurs. So, let’s start learning these right now:

1. Don’t purchase your email contacts’ list

It’s rather a fashion these days – Just buy someone’s database and use it to market your products. The longer way of getting emails seems really slow. 

You may even require several years to build your own database with a thousand customers. However, the difference is those names would be YOUR customers. 

Let’s say you pay a thousand dollars and buy a list of emails from some other company. There may be some good leads on that sheet, but how do you ensure those leads are leading somewhere for your business? Even though you may have purchased the data from someone in your own niche, you can never be too sure because every product is different. 

So, you want to do your email marketing the most organic way possible. Start from scratch if you must, but collect only the best leads with the most relevance and the highest probability for your services. 

2. Avoid using “No reply” mails

Useful as email marketing often is, there are some glitches! It’s very formal, so formal that often times the email id you get a reply from starts with a “no-reply@XYZ” domain, which instantly cuts you off despite the fact that you really wanted to speak to someone. 

Emails need to get more human and personalized. Using such unresponsive domains is doing your business a horrible disservice You want to make sure that your brand is approachable. Give people an email they can write back to and get a reply from as well. 

3. The right pixels dimensions

Ever received a newsletter, which had just too much content for you to digest! Maybe the pics didn’t load! Worse, you needed to scroll a little bit too much! All these unsynchronized parts can lead to bounce rates. What good is a good-looking pic if no one sees it? You want to make sure your newsletter is optimized in the right way. 

So, let us settle this debate once and for all. How big does your newsletter need to be? 500 X 650 pixels is the right dimension and resolution for your newsletters.

4. Keep it smart, gripping, and non-formal

How many emails do you get on a regular basis? Perhaps, a 100! How many do you even read? Very few! 

This is also the case with your leads. They just like deleting the mails they see because they know it’s sales, cliché, and uninspiring, and nothing in the mail stands out! 

So, if you want your emails opened, the first thing you need to do is get that subject line right. You want to grab eyeballs. You probably even want to make a bold statement, bold enough to push them into reading the mail. 

Your work is then half done! But now, you must ensure that in as few words as possible you can get your message across. You want to use good design and better words to convey your point. Sounds like a lot of work? Trust an email marketing expert to help you out with this. You can now hire these experts to sort every little detail about your campaign. Start now!

5. Find the right time and frequency

Research indicates the best time to shoot a mail is either the morning hours or the late evening when people are off work. Those mails are least likely to get lost in the chain of work emails and may be opened the most. 

However, that is only half the picture! Mailing once doesn’t cut it. You want to be regular in your emails to ensure maximum conversion. But, you don’t want to push too hard or you may end up getting blocked or worse, moved to spam. The right frequency is 3-4 times a week but do so only if you have engaging content to serve. Pushing the same webinar again and again with every mail or sending that old blog consecutively for 3 days in a row is a sure fire way of losing subscribers. You do not want to play with your receiver’s patience.

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Chris Donald is the Director of InboxGroup, A professional email marketing agency that specializes in providing advanced email marketing solutions from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and marketing automation programs for almost 2 decades. He enjoys sharing his distinctive thoughts and insights into email marketing best practices at his blog.