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These 6 Apps Increase Your Personal Security in the Pandemic or Anytime

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These six iPhone apps increase your personal security in the pandemic or anytime

You can find these six apps by searching the keywords ‘personal security apps’ in the app store.

Bond Personal Security: Free and Paid Versions

The Bond app offers a preventative personal security service. According to Bond personal security for iPhone, you will be able to connect to a command center via chat, video, or call. A trained personal security agent is available 24/7. The free features include location services, alarm without security agent, and 911 dialer. For location services, see where friends and loved ones are anytime. You’ll receive notifications when loved ones arrive and leave their destination. The siren feature without a security agent is offered as well. In an emergency, hold down the siren button for 3 seconds to activate an alarm and flashing lights. Although the app is not a replacement for law enforcement in an emergency, you’re able to push the 911 button to be connected to the police. You can also buy premium services.


According to Ronin, the app is a free preventative safety app. The app can send an emergency signal to a command center. The app will locate a smartphone and send an emergency signal to the command center when the feature is activated. The user will be informed about progress as the operator processes the signal. Moreover, your emergency contacts will be notified when a user requests help via email, text, or phone call. The user can specify the type of help they need. A user can request help with fire, police, or a medical emergency. They can send messages to an operator and tell the operator if it’s safe to receive a phone call. 

An updated location is sent to the operator when a user moves more than 80 feet. However, continued use of GPS can decrease battery life. Moreover, a user can be monitored while walking to their car, etc. The user pushes a button and continues to hold until they feel they have safely arrived at their destination. If they release the button and do not stop an alarm, a signal is sent to the command center. The app also offers a safety timer. The safety timer lets your contacts know when you do not arrive at your destination in a specified time frame. At the beginning of the timer, the command center is notified to keep watch. The command center will take action if the user does not stop the timer with a code. The signal will already be sent if the phone is lost.

We Help

We Help! Is another personal security app. We Help! is free to users. The app allows you to notify the authorities without calling 911. You can send an alert by pushing a button. Helper users nearby will be notified as well as your loved ones. Get immediate help anytime and anywhere in the world. We Help! Offers a geolocation system providing helpers with your exact location in an emergency, even when you’re moving around. There are several communications like voice notes, photos, and videos to share information about your emergency. You’ll want to add your emergency contacts to be alerted with a text with your location when you need help. Additionally, there is a smartwatch feature to send alerts without your phone.

Never Alone

Never Alone is another free app for personal and preventative safety. Never Alone offers geolocation and active support for its users. The security system allows geo-location and specific and personalized plans of action for each report. The app provides added security in your professional and personal life. However, continual GPS use in the background can decrease battery life.


Seflence is a paid personal auto-renewing subscription security app for $2.99 for one month and $29.49 for 12 months. Selflence records a video and shares your real-time location in an emergency. According to Selflence, the app provides alerts when friends and loved ones arrive or leave with geolocation technology. The app allows you to see crime hot spots near your location as well as police stations. Send automated messages to your emergency contacts. Also, there’s an option to capture a photo of your phone’s thief. You can turn off the auto-renew feature by going to iTunes account settings.

So Secure

So Secure is a safety and security app that costs $2.99 a month. Monitored SOS allows you to contact ADT if you’re feeling unsafe or have an emergency. According to So Secure, you can set up emergency contacts known as guardians. Track me provides two security features: activity tracking and live monitoring agent. Activity tracking allows you to set a time for an activity and invite ADT to track you via GPS. When you’ve completed your activity stop the timer. If the timer expires and app employees can’t confirm you’re safe, they notify the authorities, Your emergency contacts track you as well. Track me provides a live monitoring agent in situations where you feel safe. The monitoring agent can communicate with you via text or call. You may want to note, the app is on auto-renew. To end the subscription go to iTunes account settings.

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