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A Personal TokUpgrade Review; How I Grew On TikTok

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When I heard how TikTok was blowing up, I just knew I had to get over there. After all, it’s the world’s fastest growing social media! But once I got there, barely anything I did reached any audience. Stagnation with my loyal 38 followers (half of whom were friends and family, I admit) seemed to be my TikTok destiny. 

Then came TokUpgrade and changed everything. This is my TokUpgrade review and my TikTok story.

TikTok’s all the rage, right? Yes, but trying to get successful up there can also induce quite an amount of rage, which I’ve experienced a lot, believe me. Now I know what went wrong; I stubbornly stuck to something I thought I did best.

Only with TokUpgrade did I see how optimized TikTok can really be. What took me ages the team behind TikTok accomplished in mere days. My audience grew as I sat there and looked, doing nothing except letting the professionals do their job.

But let’s take it step by step, right from the beginning. What’s TokUpgrade and how exactly did it help my TikTok grow?

My Own Account Manager

For the sake of this review: what’s the pitch that got me to reach out to TokUpgrade? The fact that their services do not include bots. The first thing I found out about software growth services and social media is that bots are dangerous. Automated software with high frequency of interaction represents a magnet for social media security. In short, using bots is a one-way ticket out of TikTok, permanently.

TokUpgrade offers services of a live, flesh-and-blood account manager. When I went to their site to obtain TokUpgrade services, I contacted and communicated with a human being and received a highly-skilled dedicated account manager who had all the answers to my online growth issues. More than me being more comfortable with people than machines, a person is worth more than software when it comes to social media management because human intuition, contextual awareness, and, well, being an actual human on humans’ social media, duh.

These guys have loads of experience. The company may be young but the quality of service does more than just compensate for this. In a sense, they expanded their service like they expanded my TikTok–really big, really fast.

Finding a Perfect Audience

One thing that my dedicated account managers fixed immediately was my TikTok’s targeting. I thought that the only job of a TikToker is to express themselves and the world shall become enchanted by their perfect performance, right? Fun fact, no.

As I observed my account managers I’ve noticed that they completely transformed my targeting. Instead of randomly reaching out for followers (as I naively did), they have targeted my competitors, the big names, and top performing profiles in my niche. By establishing candidates among their audience and heavily campaigning in their domain, my TikTok crew tapped into their fanbase and converted many of them to my cause. With TokUpgrade, the followers of my rivals became my followers, and they accomplished this just by smart and proactive targeting. Kudos!

Authentic & Natural Growth

I was a bit skeptical of the quality of my new followers, let me be honest with you. You know what reputation growth services have. Bloated numbers, no-good fake accounts, inactive “followers”. What I received was nothing like it.

To my amazement, my followers engaged with my content more than my friends and family did! TokUpgrade managed to bring real people with real intention at the doorstep of my account. My growth was authentic, just like my followers.

Although I was not always there to see it, my account managers interacted with relevant profiles for maximum exposure. The first step, targeting, was followed by the second step, which was engaging with the audience and, with that, boosting my growth. And if you could see that communication! Nothing artificial, nothing automated, just a TikToker communicating with fans, and they responding positively. TokUpgrade promised organic growth and delivered, and this review of mine wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention it. 

Thousands Like Me

You see, I felt like a special snowflake, seeing my TikTok being handled like that. But then I looked up reviews of TokUpgrade online and saw that pretty much everyone had similar experiences. Apparently, more than 11,000 people across various agencies, influencer networks, and ordinary TikTok users have nothing but words of praise for TokUpgrade.

Well, yeah. As it reads in this review, I’m not special. But this is good news for everyone else: TokUpgrade’s devotion makes everyone feel special. 

Cooperative, Safe and Reliable

Let me tell you something else: I know I’ll keep using TokUpgrade, but it’s not just because of the quality of service. It’s because TokUpgrade is reliable and makes me feel safe.

Firstly, TokUpgrade is reliable. In fact, to show just how much confidence they exert in their software, they have an any time-cancel policy. For me, this means that TokUpgrade as a service does not try to imprison me in a year-long contract that I can’t escape from in case I find the service unsatisfactory. This is a first step towards a mutually-beneficial agreement.

Secondly, TokUpgrade is safe. Remember the bot story? TokUpgrade is not a bot, and by using the services of an actual person, you do not violate any terms of agreement with TikTok. TokUpgrade is perfectly legal and perfectly safe. Your private data is never collected, your information never jeopardized. I never had issues and neither will you.

In the (extremely rare) cases I felt something was wrong or not working properly, I was greeted by a friendly and cooperative support service. Fast response, complete service, and an altogether amiable approach mark the cornerstones of TokUpgrade customer support service.

Review Conclusion

As I write these last words of my review a thought crosses my mind: you don’t even need to know all this, and that is why TokUpgrade is so special. No one asks you to learn about how it works, there are no requirements or investments of time. 

You can quite literally contact TokUpgrade, get a dedicated manager, answer a couple of questions related to campaign personalization and you’re done.

You can move on with your business, leisure, life in general. You can immediately forget about TikTok and TokUpgrade. The results will be there, regularly, quickly, visibly. The best of automation, without the negative parts.

That is why this service won me over. You have my thanks, TokUpgrade!

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