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How Property Managers Can Improve Their Business with Touchless Technology

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Apartment building security has evolved drastically over the years. Before intercom technology was launched in the 1970s, property managers relied on front desk staff. The last four decades have seen intercoms advance from speaking tubes to analog and digital IP systems. Modern apartment building security systems are now based on access and surveillance technology, which allows property managers to provide a more secure and convenient solution for their tenants and tenant guests. 

Video Intercom Changing Visitor Management

Security technology has changed to respond to the evolving landscape. Earlier intercom systems were limited to simple two-way communication and usually didn’t support colored video. This made it difficult for apartment owners and managers to automate building security. The system usually needed to be operated by a full time front desk staff to ensure dependability. Newer, robust apartment intercom systems operate efficiently to simplify security management and reduce operation overhead.

One key feature that we are seeing emerge in modern apartment buildings is video intercom systems to manage visitors and guests. Property managers can remotely grant access to maintenance crews, cleaning staff, etc. Moreover, tenants have a secure and efficient way to welcome their visitors as well. 

Expected visitors can pre-register using various modes of identification — be it mobile, email ID, etc. —  to ensure a seamless experience at entry points. Single use pins can be set up to allow controlled access to delivery people, be it packages or food. Security actions are performed via a cloud-based dashboard that is accessible from any device or location in the world. This approach to visitor management has crucial benefits not just for apartment buildings but other businesses as well, such as office buildings and hotels.  

Video Intercom Increasing Apartment Security

Apartment buildings are faced with numerous security concerns such as trespassers, burglary, and theft to name a few. It is no wonder that an apartment’s security can have a profound impact on its reputation and tenancy levels. 

The simple presence of a video intercom system can serve to discourage would-be-intruders. The system works on a 24/7 basis to ensure that only tenants and authorized visitors can access the building. Apartment video intercom can also be used to restrict access to certain areas of the building – such as the storeroom. 

Many modern systems also maintain a real time audit track that can be used to detect abnormal access activity, creating both a preventative and reactive solution in response to security concerns. 

Video Intercom and Modern Tenant Experience

Lock and key systems pose management overheads that can decrease efficiency and increase building management costs. Property managers often have to replace keys that are lost by tenants. Furthermore, locks need to be changed every time a tenant moves out in order to ensure security. Video intercom systems for apartment buildings streamline building management and ensure a seamless, convenient experience for everyone. Owners or managers can reduce overhead cost and free up their time while also enjoying the peace of mind that the system inspires. Guests and visitors can easily gain access from tenant authorization after they have confirmed video ID from their mobile device or browser. Visitors can also be pre-authenticated to ensure that there is no need to wait at the access point. 

Health-Conscious Security Solution 

COVID-19 has changed how we view building safety. Commonly touched surfaces can be a hotspot for the spread of disease and germs. Touchless visitor management technology uses visual ID or mobile unlock to enable tenants and visitors to get in without touching any surface. Pre-registration of tenants helps ensure socially distant access. Furthermore, remote video verification and door unlocking for visitors reduce interactions at entrance points. All this can be instrumental to help maintain a healthier building particularly during the flu seasons in fall and winter. More so, additional innovative features can be integrated into the video intercom to further ensure health safety. A good example is capacity limits that prevent overcrowding in common areas like residential building lobbies. 

Frictionless Intercom Communication 

Video intercom systems ease the exchange of communication between property management staff and tenants. There is no need to knock on doors in order to relay crucial information. Tenants can easily communicate with visitors without having to vacate the comfort of their home. In case of emergency situations, the system can also be used to communicate vital announcements to the right individuals. All this enables a coordinated environment where tenants feel that their welfare is being taken care of. 


Touchless access technology for apartments is easing the burden on property managers by streamlining business operations and easily improving tenant experience. 

In addition to providing higher security, cloud based intercom systems support remote management from any location. This provides convenience and can also be particularly instrumental for property managers who are in charge of multiple buildings. While choosing an apartment intercom, keep in mind that not all systems are the same. Start by creating a list of unique requirements for your building security and then find a system that meets these needs.

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