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10 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

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Advancing technology has seen an upsurge in social media networks globally. Today, numerous social media sites are available that can help you attain different business goals. Although the sites were initially meant to connect and socialize with friends, you can use them to promote your business. Many large corporations and small businesses are using these networks for marketing their merchandise online. Leveraging your business on social sites is an efficient approach to reaching many potential customers and interacting with other business owners. 

Since numerous networks exist, how can you know if a particular social media site suits your brand? Do you select randomly and open an account and start marketing your business? You must understand the fundamental aspects and functionalities of different sites by exploiting brand reach and ultimately driving sales.

This article highlights the most appropriate social sites that can assist you to boost your business through marketing.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest site in the world, with over two billion regular users. With its popularity, it also has a vast potential to advertise your business. Today, millions of business owners use Facebook to create brand awareness, have interactive conversations, and get more potential customers as followers. Facebook will help you attain your business goals because you can link with prospective clients no matter your specialization. But you have to pay a standard fee for advertising.

With an advanced Facebook advertising feature, your business page will reach many prospective clients. It helps you to narrow down your advertising to the exact target audience through factors such as gender, age, shopping trends, interests, etc. So when users are busy scrolling their timeline, they will view your business advert and click to view your page. 

2. Facebook Messenger

Another popular platform to boost business interactivity is Facebook Messenger. Although it is an affiliate of Facebook, it is somehow independent with a separate downloadable app. It comprises extra features that help businesses communicate with their clients with ease and convenience without logging in to the main account. Since it is linked to Facebook, you can still access the user database and advertising feature to promote your business. 

Messenger has specific ad campaigns that prompt users to start a conversation after clicking on your advert. From there, you can communicate directly with interested clients with ease. You can also leave an automated message for customers immediately after they contact your Facebook page. 

3. Instagram

With an Instagram business profile, you can enjoy advanced analytics to promote your products. It is an application that entails the sharing of videos and photos. Since Facebook also owns Instagram, it has similar advertising features that help businesses get massive brand reach through active followers. 

Unlike Facebook, however, you don’t have to pay to promote your brand on Instagram. Grow your followers organically and enjoy budget-free marketing at your convenience.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a popular video application, with over 2 billion active users monthly. You can open an account for your channel to upload or watch videos with useful content relating to your business. Many people access YouTube to watch videos and search for helpful resources that might influence their purchasing habits. Hence, if more people subscribe to your channel and share, more potential customers will watch your videos.

Google owns YouTube and offers an appropriate marketing platform that allows you to run YouTube ads between videos. You can also incorporate the right keywords to enhance your brand for online search.

5. Pinterest

Creative brands looking for a suitable social site can use Pinterest. It has over 200 million users per month with a majority of the active users being women. Pinterest has a collection of numerous Do-It-Yourself crafts that are quite interesting. You can explore captivating posts, ranging from food recipes and painting ideas to outfit color schemes and lifestyle inspirations.  Pinterest assists you in getting more client reach through informative content.

6 Twitter

Twitter is suitable for sharing news and other exciting stories happening globally. With more than 300 million consistent users per month, Twitter is quite an Interactive social site. Its unique real-time focus on stories makes it stand out from other sites. 

You can use it to market your company through hashtags to locate potential customers. Each tweet, however, can only have 280 characters which can be quite limiting for most people. 

7. LinkedIn

If you are looking to target customers using their job titles, try LinkedIn. It has more than 300 million active users per month in the corporate business world. B2B business models also benefit immensely from LinkedIn. Since it is more business-oriented, users have accurate profiles that indicate their current employment, emails, and even telephone numbers. 

Although advertising campaigns are less advanced than Facebook, it is advantageous to businesses that target specific individuals holding a particular job title.

8. Snapchat

Another interesting visual application is Snapchat which has millions of regular users. This app enables the sharing of photos and short videos with other app users so that your followers can view them. 

It is a suitable platform for businesses that target young people since it is more popular with the younger generation. You can share your business photos or videos to create awareness of your products.

9. Yelp

Not many people know about Yelp, but it is a useful site with over 100 million visitors looking for recommendations about a particular business or service provider.

Yelp helps your business grow and retain a loyal customer base through positive reviews and responses to negative testimonials. If you want transparency and accountability for your business, try Yelp to build trust with your potential and existing clients.

10. TikTok

Launched in 2018, TikTok is a new entrant in the social media world. You can create short video clips and share them with your followers. With over one billion users globally, it has enjoyed a quickly growing popularity. 

Business owners can take advantage of TikTok by marketing their products or services through influencers. Users with many followers such as musicians, actors, dancers, or models, can provide a massive brand reach with one post. You can check the PrivateWriting service for more information.                                                                    

Don’t neglect the social media component of your marketing strategy. Always research various websites on the market to find those that work well for different companies. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to open an account on all the websites. Ensure that you identify a few networks that you can manage and start marketing your products.

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