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5 Technologies that are Affecting Our Lives This Year

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How Technologies Affect Our Lives in 2020

Future technologies of 2020 assist us during these trying times, and many novel solutions will continue to shape the world around us. We’re lucky to live in an age where technology is constantly making our lives more secure and easier. Although most technology trends are based on past innovations, companies have been forced to push the envelope on many emerging automatization systems because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The future seems to have arrived quicker than any of us could’ve expected.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 technologies that will impact our lives in 2020 and beyond. Let’s take a closer look. 

1. Autonomous Future Technologies in World 

Because there’s been a need to deliver goods with the least amount of physical contact,  technologies and electrical devices have moved towards greater autonomy. 

Robots, drones, and even self-driving cars are just some of the machines whose ability to “think” has greatly improved lately. Tesla cars feature the Autopilot mode that isn’t yet  fully automonus, but it’s getting close. Hospitals worldwide are using all sorts of autonomous vehicles to carry food and sterilize rooms. In some Chinese hospitals, self-driving cars can even pick up infected patients to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. It’s a great and safe solution for frontline healthcare workers.

2. Food Like You’ve Never Had It Before: 3D Printed 

Future technologies are not just limited to modes of transport. 3D printers are gaining popularity, and some companies are testing printing food. Yes, that’s right. The printers can do everything from pizza to simple vegetables and delicious cakes. And needless to say, the printers are also used in various industries to produce non-edible machine parts and even replacement joints. The materials keep getting better — lighter but stronger. 

3. Working in Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality devices are getting better every year. And, they’re not only used for gaming. Ever since the harsh lockdown measure, more and more companies are utilizing VR devices in the workplace. You can hold virtual team briefs or even present virtual representations of upcoming products. This is probably how future technology will affect us the most. Many people have enjoyed the work-from-home-experience and wouldn’t mind continuing like that. And, with the help of VR, it’s completely possible.

4. Trains That Go Super-Fast 

Elon Musk is not only building cars and space rockets. He also backs Hyperloop, a company that develops high-speed transportation systems. One underground route is planned for L.A. to San Francisco and another one for New York to Washington, D.C. The aim is to significantly reduce travel time. If the underground ultra-fast train project is a success, we can expect similar routes to run even underwater. Traveling from one country to another would become dramatically faster, bringing big changes to international travel. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

Robot technology is being developed at rapid speed, and the good news is that a lot of it is going to help us with our everyday tasks. Tedious chores around the house, for example, will soon be handled by robots. Robot vacuum cleaners and other smart home devices were introduced years ago. So, what is the next step? Robot butlers and chefs? Why not? We’ve already seen robot dogs and other AI companions. What’s more, existing home items could very well take on new responsibilities. Telehealth has been beneficial in avoiding doctor appointments during the quarantine. And we can probably expect more smart home appliances in the future making assessments about our general wellness. 

Perhaps, we can soon have smart mirrors that report vitamin deficiencies or other health problems just by taking a “look” at us.


No one knows exactly what future technology will be like. But, we can make some pretty accurate predictions based on innovations that are already changing our lives in 2020. Many artificial intelligence solutions that have seen rapid development lately because of the pandemic will keep unburdening us of more tedious chores. We can also expect faster connections between cities and countries. Whether via super-fast trains or something else, humanity is moving towards speedier transportation. And, virtual reality is now changing our workplaces and will also probably continue to have an impact on the way we spend our leisure time.

What do you think future technologies will be after the pandemic? Have you heard of any new invention that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section. 

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