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Logo Design that Leaves a Lasting Impression

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Your logo is the face of your brand; its identity. When getting a logo made, make sure you choose one that leaves a lasting impression so you can keep building your brand worth around your appealing logo design. This way you won’t have to go through the hassle of rebranding your business and then communicating it to your audience all over again. 

In this era of digital media, screens have majorly taken over the place of billboards. This has brought about a drastic change in ways a logo can be made more effective. As you follow these 5 essential tips to get your logo designed, you’ll get a single logo that is suitable for different spaces and you won’t have to get it changed for a long time.

The simpler, the better

Even though quite underrated, a good thing about a simple idea or design is that a larger number of people are able to retain it. Never overcomplicate your story as you tell it. Too many unnecessary details, excessive use of colors and images sometimes become a major turn off when it comes to logo design. Work on removing unnecessary and extra elements as you get closer to finalizing your brand’s logo. This way you’ll be able to come up with a simple yet refined design which communicates your brand story just the way you’d like to tell it.  

In a fast paced life, it’s easier for people to remember simpler designs. Brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike; what makes it easier for you to picture them as their name pops up? It is definitely their simple logos that are so versatile: they are usable in various sizes without any complication. 

Come up with something memorable

Many times, it’s not the logo that we love, but the brand itself takes its place in our hearts. Your logo is not your brand. While your logo identifies your brand, it’s the customer’s experience that makes or breaks your brand. However, every brand does need a visual identity which has to be strong and powerful. 

Your logo is something that helps people remember your brand and their experience with it. Logos that are more or less similar in color and design can be confusing. Therefore, it is essential to choose a design that sticks in memory. 

While keeping a simple logo is essential, so is choosing a logo that is unique. This is a killer combination when it comes to memorability. 

And versatile…

An effective logo is one that works equally well across various mediums no matter if they are big or small, print or digital. When we say a logo that leaves a lasting impression, scalability is what matters the most. 

Make sure your logo is equally visible with all its detail understandable when seen on billboards from a distance, as well as on smaller screens like mobile phones. When you refine your idea, focusing on achieving a simple yet versatile logo design, one single designs works everywhere. This is not only cost effective, but also ensures your brand’s identity that builds steadily around one visually captivating logo that fits well wherever needed. 

Stay away from following the trend

While following the trend sounds cool, it turns out to be just the opposite in no time. When you follow a certain trend in designing your logo, it will not last long. Whereas, if you avoid following the current trend, your brand is more likely to remain memorable for decades to come. 

Here’s an example: Coca-Cola’s logo, a world known brand, was designed in the early 1900s. On the other hand, their major competitor, Pepsi, has been through roughly 10 brand refreshes since then. 

So what do you think is the one thing that made the Coca-Cola logo stand the test of time? It’s the relevance which Pepsi has failed to achieve. The unique word-mark which was never in trend became their identity which is still alive, popular and functioning on all mediums despite the change in technology and with so much competition growing with every passing day. 

So choose a logo design that has the potential to outclass the competition. While you can surely opt for refreshes and refinements when needed, the overall impression should remain the same so your brand gains and maintains its recognition. 

Keep your target audience in mind

When getting a logo designed, make sure you have your target audience in mind. Do your research beforehand so the logo stands out from rest of your competitors, the audience is easily able to identify your brand and it’s is also relevant to the field. 

This doesn’t mean that if you have a fruit-selling business your logo must be an apple or a banana, but it certainly doesn’t mean it should be a baby or a building. Logos for day cares or nursing homes should be able to show an element of care and compassion. So keep your industry in mind when getting a logo design so it is unique yet relevant to your brand or the services that you offer. While this may not be true for a few brands like Apple, the tip definitely works for most brands. 

Keeping these tips in mind during the logo design process can help you come up with a logo that leaves a lasting impression. A simple, unique, versatile, memorable and relevant logo is all that you need to build your brand around. 

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