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Ultimate List of Plugins to Make and Scale a Fully Functional WooCommerce Store

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Whether you are scaling your WooCommerce store or starting a new one, you will have to add additional features for improving its functionality. If you are skilled at coding, it won’t be a big deal, but if not, your best bet is to add the relevant plugins.

How do you find the right plugins for your store given there are thousands of them? 

This listicle will help you choose the right plugins for building and scaling your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is a freemium plugin that helps you with integrating the Stripe payment gateway with your WooCommerce store. It allows you to accept payment via credit card, and Alipay in your store. 

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to payment gateways. The plugin is SCA-READY and offers 3D security thus ensuring customers’ payment information is protected. The Stripe review page is a major feature of the plugin where you can review transactions and carry out any payment related actions. 

With the plugin, you can enable the feature that lets you capture payments later. It can also be configured to allow full & partial refunds. Customization of checkout elements and the option to restrict cards are also available with this plugin. Apple pay and Google pay are supported in the premium version of the plugin. 

Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin

SEO is an important factor for your business if you wish to be discovered by your potential customers. Yoast is one of the best plugins to help you optimize your site’s content for better SEO. 

By adding this plugin to your WooCommerce site you will be able to optimize your products for social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and to generate clicks and traffic for them. 

It makes sure that more people are clicking on your products via search engines by letting you configure the manufacturer and brand. There is also the option to add unique GTIN/ISBN/MPN information to your products. In addition, you can set up a cleaner sitemap and breadcrumb navigation easily on your website.

Monster Insights – Google Analytics Plugin

Monster Insights is one of the popular Google Analytics plugins and gives you a great deal of information on how your website is performing in Google search results and its related data. This data will help you in finding your website’s weak and strong points and for developing marketing strategies accordingly. 

This freemium plugin gives you real-time stats right inside your WordPress dashboard to see who is online, what they are doing, and more. Along with advanced eCommerce tracking, you can also enable page-level analytics, affiliate link & ad tracking, etc. Setting up custom tracking is another major feature of the plugin.

All in all, Monster Insights is very helpful for store owners in reducing cart abandonment, improving conversion rate, identifying new referral partners, and ultimately increasing your overall sales. 

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual is a free plugin that helps you with scaling your WooCommerce store to support multiple languages. The plugin comes with a bundle of features that make it easy for you to provide a great customer experience at your store regardless of customer language. 

This plugin allows you to translate all WooCommerce products whether they belong to simple, variable, group, or external product types. It offers easy translation management for product categories and attributes as well. 

With the help of this plugin, you can keep the same language throughout the checkout process and send emails to clients in their languages. Apart from language support, it also allows multiple currencies and payment gateways based on a customer’s location.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a free plugin with over 1 million active installations. It boosts your store performance by reducing load time using the latest technologies. The plugin claims to improve your site performance by 10x, verified by popular speed test tools such as WebPagetest, Google Page Speed, etc.

Transparent content delivery management is a huge plus of this plugin. Apart from that, it offers AMP and SSL support as well. As its name suggests, it caches every element of your website including pages, posts, CSS, Javascript, feeds, search result pages, database objects, etc.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels

This WooCommerce invoice plugin is a great option to automatically generate and print invoices and other shipping related documents for your WooCommerce store. The freemium plugin is an all-in-one solution to take care of all your invoice and shipping related requirements. 

Using the plugin you can print packing slips, delivery notes, shipping label/address labels in addition to Invoices. It also supports attaching a PDF version of invoices to order emails sent to customers. The plugin comes with easy customization options (company name, logo, etc.,) which you can generate documents that reflect your brand. 

The premium version of the plugin offers support documents such as Performa Invoice, Picklists, Credit notes, etc. 

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer reviews/testimonials are essential for the growth of your WooCommerce store. They boost your store’s credibility and subsequently its sales. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is the best plugin you can add to your store for letting your customers post reviews on your website. 

The plugin comes with a powerful review reminder feature that sends automated email invitations to recent buying customers for reviews. You can restrict emails to particular categories of products, customers with particular user roles, etc., or send emails manually for chosen orders.

This customer review plugin supports user-generated content such as photos and videos which can be uploaded by your customers along with reviews. For better search results you can also enable rich snippets and structured data for reviews.

Additional features offered are SPAM prevention by enabling reCAPTCHA, an option to show a reviews summary bar on product pages, enabling visitors to vote on reviews left by customers, lazyload of reviews, etc.

Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Decorator is an easy to use, free WooCommerce email customizer plugin. It allows you to quickly customize your WooCommerce order emails to meet your business requirements. By making use of its customization options you can design emails that reflect your brand.

With the help of the plugin, you can customize the header to footer sections of your WooCommerce emails. A real-time preview option is also available to help you make customizations effortlessly. The plugin even helps you schedule the date and time for the changes to go live on your WooCommerce emails. 

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite is a freemium plugin that helps you recover your lost sales with just a single click. It allows you to identify the abandoned orders information, including the products that were abandoned. The data helps develop preventive measures against cart abandonment. 

The plugin enables you to easily track abandoned orders vs recovered order value. You can also make sure that the admin is notified when an order is recovered. In addition to providing you with a default email template, you can create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set after a cart is abandoned.

The premium version comes with extra features such as the Add to cart popup, multiple default email templates, cart abandonment offers, tracking of emails sent, emails opened, links clicked, etc. 

Related Products

Related products for WooCommerce is an advanced version of the built-in related product feature in WooCommerce. This free plugin allows you to disable the default feature and add custom related products of your choice to your store. 

Using the plugin you can add related products in two different ways – by product category or as individual items. 

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is a popular freemium plugin that lets you enable product variation swatches in your WooCommerce store. Using this plugin you can turn the product variation select options fields from the default drop-down to radio images, colors, and labels.

In addition to enabling variation swatches for attributes, it also displays them in quick view for your store visitors. You can choose to have variation swatches in either Rounded or Circle shape as well. Plus you can enable Tooltips on variation swatch hover and add CSS to personalize the appearance of product variation swatches. 

Image and text tooltip in product catalog pages, dual-color variation swatches, variation link, product based swatch customization, etc., are supported in the premium version of the plugin. 

YITH WooCommerce Compare

Displaying a well-structured product comparison table in your WooCommerce store makes shopping quick and easy for your customers. YITH WooCommerce allows you to easily set up comparisons for products in your WooCommerce store. 

All products are saved in one complete table where users can view the differences. You are also allowed to customize the comparison table to match your website’s style.


The above list contains a handpicked collection of plugins that help your store’s growth in multiple ways. Do you find the list useful? Are you planning to try any of the plugins after reading it? If so, please do let us know your experience in the comments.

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