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Laundry Delivery Services Get a Tech Makeover

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In the era of Uber, DoorDash, and Instacart, on-demand tech has now made friends with laundry delivery services. Seattle-based wash, dry, fold company We Wash 24 is bringing the marketplace model to laundry services and checking one more thing off your to-do list.

The software is providing laundry service providers a new and much-needed way to grow their business and provide a valuable service to the community at a time where many are avoiding in-person laundromats.

Here’s a closer look at what’s tumbling behind the door of We Wash 24 and why it’s a game-changing technology for businesses and customers alike.

Meet We Wash 24: An All-in-One Tech Solution

Seattle’s very own laundry marketplace, We Wash 24 is dry cleaning and laundry made simple.

The app (available on Android and iOS) gives users access to a network of laundry delivery service providers in the Seattle area. Simply select a provider and schedule your pickup, and We Wash 24 handles the fine details on your behalf. The company picks up your items and transports them to the provider you selected, then delivers your laundry or dry cleaning — dry, washed, and folded — to your door within 24 hours.

From a business perspective, We Wash 24 provides a superior solution for laundry delivery services looking to expand operations through increased order quantities and sizes. Integrated with the platform is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Point of Sale (POS) system, coupon management, data-based reports, and more to help them enjoy more control over their business and participation with the platform.

As an all-in-one tech solution for consumers, users can pay for the service directly through the app, manage orders, and even edit your order after you submit it. The company has partnered with the best-in-class laundry services in Seattle and guarantees quality and turnaround time.

Hands down, it’s the next best thing to have a long-sought-after laundry robot doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Why We Wash 24 is Disrupting the Laundry Delivery Service Model

Dry cleaning and laundry services are a $60.9 billion global industry and continue to climb. The demand for these services has skyrocketed in the past year, due in large part to a global pandemic that forced lockdowns in Seattle and encouraged people to limit their public outings. At a time when outsourced services like laundry care have become a necessity rather than a luxury, We Wash 24 is providing a much-needed solution to the Seattle community.

Much like similar on-demand service apps like Uber, Task Rabbit, and Postmates, the We Wash 24 laundry delivery service app puts convenience and control into the hands of every user. The biggest difference, however, is in its execution. Unlike many other service apps that take a large cut of the provider’s fees, We Wash 24 believes in fixed rates and transparent prices so there are no surprises for providers or users. Users can gain access to an array of laundry services, including wash and dry, folding, ironing, dry cleaning, and bulk laundry orders. Drivers will also drop off your laundry order to your home or business to further increase its convenience.

The We Wash 24 app couldn’t have come at a better time. Having launched August 17 in 2020, it’s the type of value-adding service that laundry businesses needed to increase their reach and customers needed to preserve their time and livelihood.

Trends Shaping the On-Demand Laundry Sector

In an industry that was already steadily climbing prior to COVID, the pandemic has further pushed the bounds of consumer demand and showing a promising future. Some of the trends that have transformed laundry delivery services into an on-demand sector include the following:

Consumer Behaviors

Consumers are increasingly interested in companies that offer a full service spectrum and break down the barriers of doing business. In this case, the We Wash 24 app makes it easy to find a laundry service provider, get accurate pricing, and schedule service all from within the app. Taking care of laundry happens in seconds rather than hours, and there are no surprises when it comes to availability, turnaround time, price, and quality.

What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many consumers to rethink the way they operate on a daily basis. For many, this means outsourcing simple tasks they used to handle themselves in an effort to remain socially distant and protect their health. People who are putting in more hours due to companies being short staffed, or people who are working from home and not able to go out to run errands like they used to are finding favor with laundry delivery services in Seattle.

Rapid Scalability

On the business side of the spectrum, many laundry service providers needed new ways to reach customers who were no longer coming into their facilities for self service washing. The platform offers a viable way to maintain business continuity while expanding their reach to new customers who are new to the laundry delivery service concept.

The Marketplace Business Model

Also from a business perspective, laundry service providers who are interested in scaling their services are doing so with marketplaces like We Wash 24. The benefits are clear: a turnkey platform puts them in front of a captive audience without having to invest thousands of dollars in technology and high marketing costs to acquire new customers. It’s a simplified solution that lets service providers focus on what they do best and tap into the heavy lifting already done by We Wash 24.

This closely follows Uber’s “less ownership model” in that there’s less infrastructure owned without the downsizing.

Get Laundry Delivery in Seattle with We Wash 24

One of America’s most hated chores is easily outsourced and tailored to your specifications.

The We Wash 24 app is available to download in Google Play and the App Store. Get laundry delivery service in Seattle today!

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