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Landing Page Design for Direct Response Marketing

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Your landing page’s design can be the make-it or break-it of whether or not you have a successful direct response marketing campaign.

With a few tips and strategies, you’ll find your landing page performing at its best to get the most conversions possible.

With just 50 milliseconds to make your impression, here are some guidelines to follow to get the most impact.

Ecommerce Landing Page Design Tips

  1. It’s not just about the looks; it’s about what you’re selling and how. Your landing page should pass a blink test, which means that a visitor should know and understand the deal you’re offering in just a split second.

    On the top fold (the part you see without scrolling), you should make sure it shows:
    • A photo of exactly what the customer will get (if it’s five of something, show all five)
    • The exact details of your offer
    • A video, if you have one.
    • Your unique selling point, or features and benefits of your product. What sets you apart?
    • A clear call to action.
  2. Remove extra navigation. In the case of a direct response campaign, you don’t want your website visitors browsing around your website. Remove all extra “noise”, even if it’s just a link to a social media page. The potential customer should have only one obvious next step to complete the conversion.
  3. Focus on your call-to-action. Something about your campaign brought your visitor to your site. They’re already interested in your offer, so now is the time to use this to your benefit. There should always be a pronounced button to click to complete a purchase.
  4. Generate leads. While the ultimate goal is for your visitor to make a purchase, collecting their information first and foremost will turn them into a lead you can later nurture through email workflows.

    Having a small form for your visitor to fill out is a great way to get their information. The form should be straightforward and to the point and not ask too much. It is also best located on the upper right side of the page. And don’t forget to always link to your privacy policy!
  5. Use videos. Video on your landing pages has been shown to boost conversions. Not only does it engage your audience, but it also helps keep them on your site. The videos should always be embedded, as you do not want to steer them away from your page. The videos should be quick and straightforward, with a maximum of 90 seconds. The message should be front-loaded, as not all visitors will watch the video all the way through.
  6. Be speed conscious. If your page takes too long to load, people will leave before they even have a chance to view your page. Studies show that just a 1-second delay in load time can lead to 7% fewer conversions.

    To put that into perspective: If your direct response landing page brings in $10,000 per day, a 1-second lag would cost you $255,500 over a year!
  7. Mobile optimize your site. Using responsive web design is a great way to ensure the user is getting the same experience no matter what device they’re using to access your landing page. Google will even lessen your ranks based on not being mobile optimized.
  8. A/B test your landing page. Change variables on your site to have a different vocabulary, alternate photos, etc. As experienced as you or your team may be, everything is just a guess until you have something out there.

    It’s important to know what message and imagery will resonate best with your audience. Even the wording of the offer can make a huge impact. Is your product $50 with free shipping? Or is it $45 plus $5 shipping? It’s essential to test this to see which offer converts the best.

With these tips for your ecommerce landing page design, you’ll be sure to get the most conversions possible. While there are many other tools and strategies to impact your landing page design, these will give you a good baseline to get started.

Always stay abreast of the trends and keep educated on the best practices for direct response marketing landing pages.

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