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Top 8 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

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Like any other business across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic considerably affected the real estate business. Due to this, it’s now quite tricky to have an in-person interaction due to the new norm of social distancing, self-quarantine and mask-wearing.

As a result, the realtor industry has endured a new change due to the pandemic and its impacts. As we head into 2021, the future of real estate marketing and how it can adapt to the new norm is undoubtedly worth consideration.

As a realtor specialist, everyone expects you to keep a close touch on the ground regardless of the uncertainties and recognise what is advancing and evolving in the industry. So, keep on reading to find the realtor marketing trends that have genuinely become essential in 2021.

Social Media Marketing

As we head into 2021, social media marketing is indeed set to become part and parcel of real estate marketers. Even the marketers who have been hesitant to join the new wave will feel obliged to switch to digital marketing tools and channels to generate leads and conversions.

The fact that many employees currently work from home means that those looking forward to selling and buying properties will opt to find a realtor marketer on the web. With an extensive decrease of in-person interactions, most people have resorted to the web to contact the ideal specialists for these requirements.

Thus, one way that a realtor marketer can incorporate digital real estate marketing as we advance is to utilise social media channels. People will spend plenty of time on social media because they are confined in their houses.

Content Marketing

The Coronavirus pandemic came with an economic doubt, and in the process, forced many organisations to reduce their expenditure to guarantee survival throughout these trying moments. This way, realtor marketers have been forced to opt for effective and affordable real estate marketing ideas. Basically, it entails a deviation from the traditional direct marketing.

One of the most affordable realtor lead generations you can utilise as a real estate agent is content marketing. In general, it comprises designing and making compelling content for prospective clients through various platforms, such as YouTube videos, blogs or even Zoom webinars. The good thing about content marketing is that it offers insight and valuable info to prospective clients.

Virtual Property Tours

The pandemic makes it somewhat tricky to carry out in-person property tours. Thus, it is recommended to take advantage of virtual property tours to make it easier for customers to conveniently and safely view the properties before committing their funds.

With virtual tours in place, it is easy for buyers to look at the houses from the comfort of their houses without the risk of contracting the Coronavirus. It is a fact that this invention has made it effortless to sell house quickly UK during these times.

The Use of Drones

It is a priority for most prospective house buyers to view the outside neighbourhood and imagine living in the area before seeing the property inside. Several community features come in handy in determining the living experience. The features include amenities, access to schools, infrastructure, medical assistance, markets and much more.

The current pandemic, however, makes it challenging to include in-person community tours by using vehicles. Thus, the use of aerial drones gives a real-time experience of the community by providing videos and photos of the neighbourhood.

Therefore, a real estate marketer can share drone footage highlights to sell the community’s living experience. What’s more, you can publicise these footages on your website or social media channels. As you can see, this trend saves time and lowers the risks of virus transmission.

Charity and Community Services

Evidently, the local communities have encountered considerable losses due to the impacts of the global pandemic. Yes, most organisations have shut their doors, rendering most employees jobless. Therefore, it would be wise for the financially stable real estate specialists to help the needy in these troubled moments.

As a successful real estate agent, consider charitable donations as a way of giving back to the community. When looking out for real estate marketers, it is common for prospective customers to opt for a competent agent who has unique and relevant qualities.

So, if you have previously helped the less fortunate, you have high chances of attracting potential customers. Yes, these bonds well for your brand, besides spreading a positive message. Another thing is that it offers trustworthiness and credibility for your organisations. The charitable events will truly remain an important marketing trend in 2021 for the real estate industry.

Email Marketing

As people adapt to life after COVID-19, real estate marketers can continuously engage their customers through email marketing. An effective email marketing is beneficial in keeping your digital audience engaged in what you are doing. There is no doubt that email campaigns will be a strong real estate marketing trend in 2021.

Video Marketing

Most of you are aware that video marketing is fantastic, and it is here to stay. However, the trick to using it in 2021 is ensuring you leverage it via a hyperlocal targeting. So, consider creating videos of the neighbourhoods you want to sell and cover several benefits regarding entertainment, lifestyle and housing. The best way to reach your audience requires you to include keywords and then run the video ads on YouTube and Facebook. Remember to incorporate strong CTAs (calls to action).

Collaborate with an Influencer

You can effortlessly push your social media engagement by hiring the services of an influencer. Keep in mind that influencers have hundreds of thousands and millions of followers who keep in touch with updates daily. The same way influencers market products, they can market your real estate business to a broad audience.

What do the Experts Say?

It is evident that Coronavirus has made most businesses challenging to run. But as a realtor specialist, you need to lay the foundation for the future impacts of this global pandemic if you want your business to be successful in 2021.

Luckily, with the above-mentioned realtor marketing trends to incorporate in your business in 2021, your company will undoubtedly stand out against the rest. However, you have to ensure you understand the new trends. Also, your organisations need to evolve and adjust to them accordingly.

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