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Online Marketing Tips For Manufacturing Companies

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Like most industries, manufacturing companies get a majority of business by maintaining their loyal customers. However, partnerships and word-of-mouth have proven to be just as important for manufacturers. While traditional and more “old-school” marketing techniques have been the crux of the industrial sector, ruling out online marketing as a part of your business strategy should be avoided.

More manufacturing companies are stepping into the digital realm because it is currently the most effective way to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients. Here are the top five techniques manufacturers should do to up their digital marketing game.

Establish Your Credibility as a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is incredibly important for expanding your brand through digital channels, but this is more so important for companies in the manufacturing industry. Visitors need to see that you are a trusted source in the industry and that you are bringing new and innovative ideas to the table.

To enhance your thought leadership online, you should create a company blog (which will benefit your SEO!), host webinars, publish white papers, and attend online industry and trade show events.

Regional-Based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

“Leveraging keywords on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Amazon is crucial to your digital marketing strategy. A well-planned and thought-out campaign will include a strategy that focuses on SEO and PPC,” said a spokesperson for a powered trailer dolly company.

Manufacturers largely benefit from highly specific locations searches. These regions tend to be where the company has its distributors or warehouses.

Take advantage of your location, as you can create a webpage for a specific regions. For instance, if someone were to search “trailer and dumpster mover manufacturer in Minnesota” they would find your company.

Create Content

Content marketing is very effective for not only building your credibility but also benefiting your SEO. A frequent stream of content will enhance your company’s position in the search engine. This will also turn your website into a fantastic resource for anyone who stumbles upon the blog.

When you create content for your website, aim to show that you offer solutions to your customer’s problems. It should be authoritative yet informative. You understand their needs, and you have the resources to show that you can address them.

You should also get creative with the content you create. Of course, over time, writing about the same topic will get dry. Branch out and flex your creative writing skills. You should also experiment with visual content by showcasing your products, how-it-works videos, or do a virtual tour of your warehouse!

Don’t Forget About Your Existing Customers

While the goal is to always get new prospects, utilizing online marketing is a great way to retain customers. When your customers trust your brand as a thought leader, they will look forward to the content you put out there. The best way to keep your existing customers engaged is to create email campaigns that provide weekly content and resources. You should offer special discounts or gifts as well.

Humanize Your Brand

This last tip is often overlooked by manufacturers, because how are you supposed to humanize a manufacturing brand? Humanizing is a powerful tool to beat out the competition, because far too many companies have a very corporate appeal to their website.

Showcase the human side to your brand! Do a “meet the team” page, behind the scenes video, or showcase their lives outside of work. Showing that your team and brand are both passionate about manufacturing and human will set you above the competitors.

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Tiffany H

Tiffany H is a marketing spokesperson for a Minnesota-based flooring company and a SEO/PPC expert in the manufacturing niche.