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5 Awesome Business Ideas for College Students

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Balancing a heavy class schedule and a part-time job is tough. What’s even more demanding is coming up with a business idea. To help, we’ve pulled together 5-awesome business ideas. These can be squeezed into your free time, and they can coexist easily with your course load!

Pet Sitting

If you’re passionate about animals, then pet-sitting might be the right job for you. We love pet sitting because you’re free to set your service area and your schedule. 

Pet-sitting is not just about snuggling with pups and kittens all day long. There are essential steps that you should take before starting a pet-sitting business, and we listed down some of them for you:

  1. Check licensing requirements
  2. Create a business card
  3. Outline your business policy and pricing structure
  4. Obtain a signed contract.
  5. Insurance (Optional)

Earn some Cash from Blogs

Blogging is a popular choice among college students because it offers countless opportunities! 

Starting a blog is hard work, and there can be a lot of pitfalls along the way. Plus, getting paid for this line of work is also very tough. You should have appealing content to outrank your blog competitors. 

To start blogging – pick a blog name, choose a blog topic that interests you, and then build up an audience. You don’t need to be an expert at a topic you’re blogging about, and you also don’t have to be a professional writer. Keep your writing simple. People love reading conversational and informal blogs.

Start a Youtube Channel

Ryan Kaji, a 9-year old is dominating Youtube right now! He holds the TOP spot bringing in some 29.5 million dollars with a total of 41.7 million subscribers last 2020! How crazy is that?! If a 9-year-old kid can earn that much just by unboxing a couple of toys, why can’t you? 

You can get paid while traveling the world by getting sponsorships from various travel agencies. Or do a review of the latest Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics Collection. There are so many things you can do on YouTube! BUT remember that just like blogging, competition in YouTube is tough.

Work as an online ESL-teacher

You’ve probably heard someone sing praises working as an online ESL teacher. When you’re an ESL teacher, your schedule can be whatever you make it! It’s a flexible job with reasonable pay.

There are various easy-to-use systems such as Native Camp and Teachaway to kickstart your ESL part-time job. Before considering working as an ESL teacher, make sure you know how it works, you are patient, and make sure you’re committed. These qualities are essential because you’ll handle kids who are beginning to learn the English language. 

Become a Photographer

Did you know that a full-time commercial photographer earns 17,000- 60,000 dollars annually? Yup, you heard it right! You’ll most likely earn less than that since you can only work limited hours but it’s more than enough! 

Alright, before you splurge into some high-end photography gears make sure you’re aware that taking photos is a skill. So…. if you don’t have what it takes, please say, ‘pass’ before you ruin someone else’s wedding photo.

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