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Traveling to China for Business? These 3 Tips Will Help You

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Do you intend to travel to China for business purposes? What do you know about doing business in China? It’s always a good idea to be prepared in every way. You want to make a good impression. And the same time, you also want to enjoy yourself even though you will be there on business.

So, how should you prepare?

Here are some useful tips that you should know if you intend to visit China for business:

1. You Must Get Relevant Public Documents Authenticated

In the course of doing business in China, you may need to produce some relevant public documents. These may include your birth certificate, power of attorney documents, etc. But using these documents in China is not as straight forward as you think.

The Apostille Treaty governs the use of such documents in signatory countries. It allows you to have your documents authenticated in one country then used in the member countries without the need for further authentication. However, China is not a member of this convention. And that means it has its way of doing things concerning public documents.

For this reason, it would be wise for you to visit your local Chinese consulate or embassy and inquire about what you need to do. You will need to verify all your public documents. The Chinese authorities will then help you authenticate them so that you can use them for business purposes in China. There are also document authentication service providers who can help you with this process.

Remember, if your documents are not authenticated, you may not be able to close crucial deals when doing business with Chinese or China-based businesses.

2. Prepare to do Business at Any Time

Different countries have their way of doing things. Asians are generally known for their work ethic. And China is no different.

When you arrive in China and get settled in, you need to prepare for a different way of doing business. Any day can be a workday. And that includes Saturdays and Sundays. 

Some manufacturing plants even work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet global orders for the products.

You should, therefore, be prepared to work beyond regular working hours. You may have business meetings that go late into the night. Some may even start long after what you consider as the regular work period. 

If your hosts schedule a meeting at 10 pm, that should not surprise you at all. It is part and parcel of doing business in China. And you need to be able to keep up, so rest when you can.

3. Cash Is King, Expect In Restaurants

You are probably used to paying for products and services with credit cards. For that reason, you may assume that you can do the same in China. But the reality may be quite different from what you are used to.

If you intend to move about while doing business in China, carry a decent amount of cash. Or you can have an account that enables you to quickly access cash when you need it. Most people will not accept checks. Cash is king and will get you what you need faster. However, if you have to pay large amounts, then online banking will do.

But when in a restaurant, bear in mind that the tipping culture is not engrained in China. The final price that has been printed on your bill is what you should pay.

Knowledge is power. So, it’s good for you to know what to do or not do before you embark on a journey to China on business. And remember to have the visa that you need in addition to your passport and authenticated documents. If you need help with your China visa, Visa Express is the place to go. 

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