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Real-Life Case Studies of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

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Offshore development is a popular and pocket-friendly business model that is designed to deliver and manage IT and clerical services in a remote manner. Today, more and more companies are changing their work model to improve the company’s development processes.

To check out how an offshore development center has worked out for businesses all around the world, let us take a quick look at these real-life case studies.

Mobile Team Manager – Case Study-I

Saigon Technology’s Mobile Team Manager Application is a cloud-based design that facilitates the business owners to easily coordinate the fast-tracked pool of operators, supervisors, equipment, paperwork, and sites that requires field operations.

This particular application handles the scheduling requirements in a jiffy while storing the complete information required for the company’s daily operational activities. Using this app, a company’s field agent can easily access the information, regardless of the location and time. Moreover, the on-site & office employees will receive crucial messages within seconds. These features come in conjunction with management, reporting, as well as other functionalities provided by the offshore development center.

Client’s Requirements

The client required Team Saigon to develop a field management system with the online operation brought together via systematic offshore development. Further, it was required for Saigon ODC to help save up on the manual struggles of creating a remotely functional solution for different field management services inclusive of smart scheduling.

Saigon Technology also had to develop solutions that would help sell the entire MTM system to be used as a service by other companies with similar businesses.

Saigon Technology’s Approach

With the right information and documents provided by the client, Team Saigon’s very first approach for project development would traverse in 3 different initial phases. After completing the 3-initial phases, the offshore development team proposed the use of The Agile/Scrum methodology to allow complete focus on the improvement and maintenance segment given the complexity & flexible requirements brought in by the client.

Steps Taken by the Team:

  • Saigon brought in long-term developers to resolve any urgent business problems
  • Jira software infrastructure was set-up by the offshore development center to support maintenance & improvement for planning, feature prioritization, continuous-release, and more

Reporting Procedure by Team to the Client:

  • Team Saigon confirmed that internal daily report, standup, and weekly meetings were required to be discussed with the client
  • All discussions, blocking issues, and solutions were reported to the client to help review the priority, timeline, and the approval process

How did the company benefit from these solutions?

After the proper implementation of the solutions devised by Saigon Technology, here are some benefits acquired by the client’s company:

  • Systematic testing procedure by the offshore development center ensured the fact that the system operated smoothly. Further, the company benefited from low latency with hefty data loads like load test, trend test, latency test, and playback test.
  • Fast response & quick enhancement for agile troubleshooting for the offshore development enabled the clients to swiftly enhance the technical competencies.

Merit Logistics ODC – Case Study-II

Saigon’s Merit Logistics has been a leader in the supply-chain solution development based on the planning of strategies to enhance the productivity of the partner companies. The technology also supports operations to help achieve the highest degree of efficiency.

After 100+ years of being operational in the field, Merit Logistics solutions had created a strong team for its logistics requirements with several achievements that proved them real experts in the field.

Client’s Requirements

The client wanted to opt for regular maintenance as well as development & rebuilding of a rather outdated and cumbersome ERP system with a source code that was developed through several vendors for more than 6-years. In general, the ERP systems pack in features such as:

  • Salary management
  • Customer management
  • Development of online field management
  • Work & allocation management
  • Invoice/bill management
  • Booking management
  • Timesheet management

Saigon Technology’s Approach

As per the ODC model, this particular project was segmented into 3-prime phases. The initial phase was the complete study of the recent system & documents pertaining to multiple business rules that could be possible in this project.

The next phase was the maintenance of the existing system & further improvement of critical core operational features by the offshore development center. It involved the creation of a completely fresh system that was rather convenient & easy to use in terms of performance.

In the third and final phase, the team made use of the AI-based Android applications to check the support for the checkout/check-in process for the Merit employees. This app was seen working with both the new as well as old systems while allowing the incorporation of the face or Pin lock to check-in and check out.

Technologies used by Saigon

To implement this solution-based approach, Saigon Technologies made use of:

  • Kotlin
  • Auto Update APK
  • NET Core
  • Java for Android
  • React Js
  • Angular JS
  • .NET Full
  • Grafana Monitor Server
  • Consul and Fabio: Load Balancing + Service Discovery
  • API Gateway: Initiated with Ocelot, then build by the team from scratch

Steps taken by the team

  • Saigon ODC brought together a team to ensure effective client communication with tasks assigned on a priority. Further, the team was meant to supervise all the critical segments of the work while guaranteeing quality.
  • The use of Skype was implemented to ensure an effective presentation and communication of ideas to the client.

Reporting Procedure by the Team for the Client

  • Daily internal standup meetings conducted at 11 PM VN (US time 9 AM)
  • Weekly organized summary reports via email & detailed report for each task by every member of the offshore development team

How did the company benefit from these solutions?

Here are some benefits experienced by the clients via the services provided by Saigon’s offshore development center:

  • Significant improvement on the client-end in terms of work efficiency
  • Guaranteed cost-effectiveness with a mature abstract model
  • Agile response to troubleshooting & quick technical competence for the client
  • Systematic testing ensured with an enhanced system that easily copes with a heavy load of data


These case studies explain how functional and ideal offshore development procedures are in today’s world. The benefits brought in by the delegation of tasks ensure that the company can save up in terms of investment, opt for reduced risks, and ensure faster business growth.

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