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How to Form a Successful Software Development Team for your Startup

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Did you know that 90% of startups failed in 2019? That is not a one-time thing. Over 21% of startups fail right in the first year of inception. There are many different causes, but some of them are common for all entrepreneurs. Not getting the right people to help you grow your business is a top problem. 

Understanding the vital roles you need to hire for your software development team is necessary for your tech startup’s success.

In this post, we will explore four positions you need to fill for a dedicated development team.


Obviously, you will need to hire a developer to build your software, web, or mobile app. This person will be responsible for bringing your product idea to life and updating it further. You should look for a tech expert with the required experience to handle your project. 

Full-stack engineers are great for custom software development projects in the first stages because they can code for different platforms. You can also save money by hiring someone familiar with various programming languages instead of paying several developers in the early stage.

What to look for:

Skills: You will need your developer to be familiar with the platforms and languages you have chosen to work with. Do your research and decide on which technology would be the most beneficial for your project. Then, look for the developer with the required knowledge and skills.

Exposure: Make sure your developer is familiar with your industry. This way, he or she will understand your business needs. As a result, such a developer can build the most relevant software and even help you overcome your competitors with innovative solutions.

Quick learner: Technologies and programming languages change all the time. A developer needs to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly to provide you the best results. Ask your candidates about their experience and analyze if they grow and learn rapidly.

Team skills: You should always look for a good team player who can collaborate with other employees and who has good communication skills. Doing so will help avoid misunderstandings between your team members and result in great collaborative work.

Time management: Your developer should be able to take responsibility and multitask without missing deadlines. It is essential to discuss your timelines at the beginning.

QA Engineer

Quality assurance is a step you can never skip for any IT project. You need a QA engineer to make sure your product is reliable, functional, efficient, and up to the mark in order to meet customer needs. Plus, this person will also be responsible for compliance with standards and regulations.

A QA engineer has to quickly detect bugs and issues throughout your software development process and let the developer fix everything before the project is released. As a result, you save time, money, and reputation because everything is checked before it goes to the end-user.

What to look for:

Out-of-the-box thinking: QAs have to take up problems creatively and solve them. This person has to step in the shoes of the end-users and predict their interaction with your product.

Analyzing skills: QAs need to have strong analyzing skills to get to the bottom of any problem. 

Communication skills: A QA will have to work closely with the rest of your development team and needs to have excellent communication skills since his work consists of explaining all the issues to the developer and suggesting expected resolutions. 


UI/UX designers are essential for developing user-friendly software. Today, customers are not ready to waste time or face a learning curve. They want intuitive products that are easy to navigate and use. It means that your product’s success and your users’ satisfaction greatly depend on the UI/UX design you will have.

UI/UX designers create the visual interface of your app or software and decide how your customers will interact with your product visually. He/she has to develop wireframes, define process flows, and establish sitemaps to help the developers. 

What to look for:

Up-to-date: Designers should be aware of the latest trends in UX research. Only then will he/she be able to understand what your customers expect.

Collaborative: Designers work with developers, product managers, CEOs, and different stakeholders. They should be able to collaborate without difficulty.

Prototyping: Quality designers should be pro’s at prototyping to bring your product ideas to life. They should be familiar with standard wireframing tools.

Basic Coding: Having an idea of basic coding will help them understand things from a technical viewpoint.

Project Manager

A dedicated project manager or PM is necessary for every IT project. They ensure everything goes according to plan and timelines. They can help the team to: 

  • Focus on tasks, resources, budget, and deadlines to achieve your business’s objectives.
  • Work to implement the strategies formulated by your project manager. 
  • Manage all meetings and communication to keep the project on track. 
  • Get the job done and ensure your team has everything it needs. 

A PM will also keep tabs on team performance and track areas of improvement. 

Even a small development team should have a PM responsible for the workflow and to help all team-members work smoothly and in coordination. Usually, business owners avoid hiring a PM initially and try to manage the process by themselves. This is a common problem because they lack the needed experience and skills. As a result, the project’s timeline can be delayed and workflows interrupted.

What to look for:

Experience: Experience is a must to manage any IT project. You should look for someone who has working experience on similar projects and understands your industry’s peculiarities. Moreover, there are many different management methodologies. You can discover which one you like the most and look for a PM with the needed skills.

Management skills: A PM should manage teams, complete tasks, workload, work with reporting, and more. You need a person with good multitasking and management skills.

Attention to detail: Your PM should pay attention to even the smallest details that impact business performance. 

Problem-solving: A PM should solve problems quickly to keep the team and workflows on track.

Where to Find the Right Team 

Entrepreneurs can walk different paths when it comes to recruiting the right talent. Currently, most startups opt for remote workers to save on overhead and reduce hassle. Working with remote tech talent and hiring an offshore development team can save costs and help you enjoy several benefits. Plus, you can access a large pool of talent that is ready to work at competitive rates. 

You can try the following places to search for professionals:

Outsourcing Companies

Several outsourcing companies around the world now offer offshore software development services. You can easily search online, do your research, and choose the right partner for your needs. They have a great benefit in that you can hire a whole tech team which is already coordinated and ready to work on your project.


Try to look for candidates on hiring platforms and marketplaces; it will ease your recruitment process.

A great benefit of searching for an individual tech expert is that you can choose the most suitable one for your project. You are not limited to an outsourcing company’s employees. Just consider the rates and locations that would be the most convenient for you and choose the most suitable and experienced tech talent.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right talent for your startup is vital to ensure business success. You should start with at least a developer, a QA, a designer, and a PM to cover all essential parts of the software development process. Going offshore is a cost-effective solution that can help you access a vast talent pool and find the needed professionals. Just clarify your vision and requirements, consider timelines and budget, and look for tech talent that meets your needs and expectations.

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