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The Best Parental Control App for Parents

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FamiSafe is the most reliable location tracking parental control app which has features like tracking the live location of the kid and checking the location history of them. The features like location history checking and geofencing settings are also enabled by this app. The kids growing in the digital age must have healthy digital habits. You get an alert message when your kids leave the school secretly and even skip classes without getting permitted by you. This helps parents to protect their kids from going to dangerous places. The location tracker app helps you to get notified whenever possible.

Features Provided by Location Tracking App

• Features like getting notified whenever your kids are in danger make this app the best. When your kids leave the school secretly without getting it into your notice then this app sends you an instant alert message from can we FamiSafe Parental control app.

• You can easily have access to the current location of your child. This app provides and lets you track the kid’s current location and even you have easy access to the location history timeline of your child.

• You can hear by using the feature of creating a safe zone for tracking your kids and you can get easy alerts when Your child goes out of the area decided by you.

• This app has features like location tracking and GPS phone tracking in the application which helps the parents to get the exact location of the child.

How to track the live location of your kid by using the parental control app and location tracker?

1. The first step you have to do is to install the application family safe on your phone and then you have to supervise the account of your child.

2. The second step involves the registration of the parental control app account which includes the setting of the identity as a mother, father, or child.

3. The third step is off starting the screen time and parental control app which allows you to use every feature of the application and getting live location easily.

Outstanding Features of the Application of FamiSafe Location Control App

• This app can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Kindle devices, personal computers, and even on simple Android phones.

• You can have easy access to 5, 10, or 30 accounts by a yearly, monthly, or quarterly subscription to the premium plans set by the application. The parents can monitor up to 30 devices or tablets by using a single account.

• Wondershare is a global leader in maintaining this application. This application could be used for a free trial of 3 days.

What Is the Geofence Set by the Parents?

Do you friends is basically a smart technology that helps the user to track the location of the child or the spouse. This feature in the app helps the parents to get notified whenever their kids enter the areas which are non-permissible by their parents. Since parents are busy nowadays is doing many activities for their livelihood this app helps them to get quick equip on the location of the kid by using the parental control app.

Premium Plans at the FamiSafe Parental Control App

  • This provides a free trial of 3 days having all access to the features so that you can experience what you will be experiencing after getting the premium plans.
  • The best value plan is off the annual plan which costs $59.99 per year. This is about $4.99 per month but easy access to protect up to 30 devices with all the features in them.
  • The next plant is buying a monthly plan which is given by the parental control app of $9.99 per month which would be costing $9.99 per month which gives you the right to protect up to 5 devices connected with it and their features.
  • The basic value plan consists of the quarterly plan which costs about $19.99 per quarter which could be $6.66 per month and easy access to protect the 10 devices with all the features in them.



This app is launched by wondershare and has become the most reliable and most trusted app by parents. This app gives a good job with simple web filtering and giving live location. The main feature of the app consists of the Geolocation setting and tracking the location of the device. So, if it is once installed there is no need to be concerned about the kid’s whereabouts and especially when they are using their smartphones regularly.

With all the features of the parental control software you will be on top of the things that are really helpful in the parents for monitoring the kids and what is going on with the kids visited location. It also allows you to set the areas not to be crossed by your child.

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