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9 Sure-fire Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

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While Facebook may not exactly be the flavour of the season among netizens, that opinion hardly seems to have a dent on its ad revenues. According to Business Insider, Facebook’s ad revenue will continue to grow 4.9% this year to $31.43 billion. 93% of marketers continue to use Facebook advertising as one of their mainstays, and there are good reasons why. Despite increasing user frustrations and privacy concerns, Facebook’s gigantic user base that reached nearly 3 billion in 2020 continues to hold it in good stead. According to recent data, more than 350 million photos and 55 million status updates are posted daily on the platform, which also boasts of more than 60 million active business pages. There is good reason for advertisers to stick to the known and the trusted – a worthy adversary of equal clout and weightage (that still serves the same basic user needs that Facebook continues to serve) – is yet to emerge.

9 Facebook Advertising Tips to Get Better Returns on Ad Spend

  • Make ads feel organic – According to recent research, 55% of marketers say that content creation is their most important inbound marketing priority. I will leave it up to you to imagine how many brands are trying to do just that and pushing at least a portion of that content through advertisements and sponsored content. Suffice to say that users are beyond jaded when it comes to advertisements. Before they swear off your feed, use your creative skills to make your ads drive value – promoting your brand is fine, but there is no point to repeating the name unless the ads manage to actually engage – entertain/ inform/ distract in a span of seconds.
  • Use your creative skills in video – There are more than 8 billion video views on Facebook daily. The video format has become the native language of the platform. With the rush of eyeballs, however, it has also become equally difficult to stand out in video. Unless you can pull off a Windows 8 with Lenka’s captivating oddball charms to the tune of Everything At Once, you are best off employing your creative skills in trying to stay authentic to your brand voice and most importantly, staying fresh.
  • Your content must be crisp – Only Facebook videos that have a runtime of less than 21 seconds are likely to be viewed in their entirety. Do we need to say more? Whether it’s ad copy or video script – brevity is king.
  • Maintain, but don’t overthink production quality – Production quality is very important in setting the tone of your brand. Is your brand quirky, rough and tumble or classy? Your production values speak to that inherent quality in your videos and your readers ascertain it intuitively without ever being told. Having said that, however, most brands tend to over do it in the production quality department to the point of compromising on their budget in other areas. This is unnecessary. Your viewers certainly expect a basic standard of quality when it comes to production values. But beyond a jarring switch up or down on that scale, they are simply too pressed for time to focus on it. Your content matters way more.
  • Go with less formal ad copy – Even some of the biggest brands globally are breaking with tradition to favour more and more personalized and less formal ad copy. Users are too jaded to respond otherwise. Make your ad copy real and authentic, bet on an authentic connection with the reader, but keep the language light and fairly informal.
  • Authentic and casual images – Following on from above, there is an over abundance of stock images and videos throughout the Internet. 
    Most of the time, your users would like nothing more than to burn them to cinders, if they had access to Vision’s X-ray eyes. While your budget constraints may limit you to using stock images over and over; try and break out of the pattern by employing local, amateur photographers to deliver some fresh, authentic and maybe completely casual snaps. Let your brand voice breathe freely.
  • Play with emojis and reels – Emojis and reels are super fun and quirky. Even ‘serious’ like playing around with them, not to mention Gen X and Y users who seem to have developed a language based entirely on emojis and millisecond videos. Use them to your advantage, but maintain good judgement based on the content you are sharing and the tone of your brand’s voice. You could also seek help from brand voice experts at your local Facebook ad agency Los Angeles.

  • Use geo-targeting – Most brands tend to overlook the importance of precise geo-targeting. But it will serve you well to remember that your audience in the digital age is always global (even when you may not be selling to them directly). Geo-targeting can be your friend.
  • Use the Facebook Analytics tool – What gets measured, turns to ROI. That’s a phrase that we often use at our ecommerce Marketing Agency. If you are not doing it already, dig deep into Facebook Analytics to accurately measure and optimize the performance of your Facebook ads.
  • Optimize your campaigns to drive better results – While most marketers are obsessed with campaign planning and execution; for brands just starting out on their Facebook ads journey, the process can be brutal. Campaigns, especially low-budget ones, simply take time to gain steam. But you can always optimize your campaigns to experiment and (hopefully) accelerate as well as drive better results. You can do this by simply assigning Daily or Lifetime budgets that are quite a bit higher than your planned budget. Don’t use Accelerated Delivery, as then Facebook will simply deliver ads faster while likely compromising on quality and cost. Once you have crossed a satisfactory threshold (say, around 10,000+ impressions), take the time to evaluate your campaign plan thoroughly to see what’s delivering results and what needs to be modified. After required modifications, lower back to your planned budget or even lower to match your total budget. 

Now that you’ve read our tips, consider reaching out to your local Facebook advertising agency to optimize your ad spends more effectively. 

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