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Top JavaScript Developers: 5 Web Agencies To Watch

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In this modern digital age, basic websites are somehow pointless. What businesses need is a website that could help drive conversion.

It’s been a year since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the buying practices of people have surely changed.

It all started with the government enforcing a lockdown. But then it became necessary to open the economy as people have no means of making a living.

Even then, there are still people who are afraid of venturing out to public places. People who have illnesses or comorbidities are at risk and have no choice but to stay at home.

But while they are just staying at home, food and other essentials are still needed. That’s why every business, at least if they want to succeed, should have a functional website where they can do business with customers.

On that note, a JavaScript developer is necessary to create a complicated website that will allow people to just shop online. It is a programming language that is supported on all web browsers and tools.

This language is not something everybody can do. You need an expert for that, hence, the need for top JavaScript developers.

Top JavaScript developers – where to find them?

The top JavaScript developers are also the top web design agencies. You see, JavaScript developer is just one part of the entire web design process.

TMDesign is one of the most important resources if you want to know the best JavaScript developers in the world.

Here is our take of the top JavaScript developers:

1.  Ramotion

This is a digital web design agency that does holistic web design. That means that it covers everything that you need in a website. There is the web design, of course, plus UI and UX designs. These are important aspects in the overall functionality of the website, which is very important.

Ramotion, which is based in San Francisco, is the agency behind Netflix. That’s quite impressive, right? And those who have Netflix know that the design is always improving. Changes aren’t drastic, but the agency always makes sure that people have it easy on the app.

This means that using the app is convenient. That’s a key word for those looking for a web design agency. Choose someone that has ample experience in making a functional website.

2. JustCoded

This is a software development company that specializes in fintech. Startups in the field of financial technology would love to know that there is a specialized agency just for them.

It’s also worth noting that JustCoded has grown up over the years as technology also became more sophisticated. The company was started by three friends in 2007. Back then, technology was much simpler. A decade later, it has become more complex. It’s actually great that JustCoded did a lot of growing up. It basically grew with the times and it hasn’t stopped learning.

So, if you are in the fintech industry, this might just be the right fit for your JavaScript development.

3. 500 Tech

Blockchain applications have been around for quite some time. However, it is yet to become mainstream. If you are a business owner that specializes in that industry, then perhaps you need a partner that is also an expert in that industry. That’s the field that 500 Tech has definitely made a name for itself.

Don’t get this wrong. 500 Tech is a company that does software development and consulting. However, it’s just worth emphasizing that the company can help create a functional blockchain-related website and application. Blockchain is still pretty niche.

4. Urban Insight

Aside from a website, every company should also have a mobile application. This particularly becomes a necessary business component when demand is already pretty high.

Urban Insight makes websites and apps that are backed by data. This is a company that specializes in research so that digital products are only based on what people actually want. The company also prefers collaborating with startups that want to make a difference in the world.

5. Four Kitchens

This company is purposeful when it comes to creating websites. It measures various factors in order to ensure success for its clients. After all, a client’s success is also success for Four Kitchens. The company wants to create user-friendly website designs, which is a must for all digital agencies by the way.

But in order to determine the success of the user experience design, Four Kitchens need to measure, too. It is always monitoring and tracking results to know if it is on the right track. If not, then it should be corrected. If so, then it should be improved every now and then.

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