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Want to Increase Your ecommerce Store Sales to 3X? Here’s How Digital Marketing Experts Can Help You Out!

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How Digital Marketing experts can help you increase your ecommerce store sales by 3x times?

The stakes have never been so higher for ecommerce businesses with millions of websites mushrooming the digital landscape and with evolving customer needs. This has presented both opportunities and challenges to make an impact on tech-savvy customers and improve business sales. However, remember that you need to be at your outstanding best to beat the competition, survive and thrive with amazing conversions.

Many ecommerce businesses invest a bomb in website design and development but when it comes to marketing, they let the work speak for itself! Of course, website development is crucial but marketing holds equal weightage because that’s how your target audience is going to find out about your incredible ecommerce website.

Finding the right customer on the right marketing channel and at the right moment is tricky and you need expertise in digital marketing strategies and tactics to find that holy grail!

Digital marketing experts have a wide range of expertise in multiple marketing tactics and provide you the best strategy that works for your business for 3x sales.

Let’s get started and see what’s the secret sauce of a successful marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses.

1. Google Shopping Ads


One of the most important strategies that is gaining momentum at present is Google Shopping. You would be astonished to know that Google Shopping ads have resulted in a 200% increase in click-through rates(CTR) as well as conversion rates as you are right there with the hot traffic!

Users these days, directly do a Google search to find the products they have been looking for and when they click on the link, they would be directed to your ecommerce website. This is simply one of the easiest and convenient ways to capture the attention of the right audience at the right moment and redirect them to land on your website.

You may feel that you are narrowing down your audience, but trust me, you would be surprised to see a huge uptick in your conversion rate. You are attracting the top-of-funnel traffic at a reasonable rate and even when there is no immediate purchase, you are actually introducing your brand and building a warm audience to remarket.

2. E-mail Marketing Strategy


Build email lists with quality leads and use email marketing campaigns to stay engaged with them. Most digital marketers suggest you make the best use of email campaigns to create personalized connect with your audience.

It has been one of the evergreen marketing strategies that still work even when there are theories about the death of emails doing rounds on the web. Don’t pay heed to such half-baked narratives.

Too many don’t do it the right way or not patient enough to understand that email is a long-haul play to show results. Irrespective of the changing terms of Google, Facebook, and other channels, email still remains the best way to build customer relationships. You are having quality leads at your helm and capitalize on them to support repeat purchases.

If you want your customers to know about your promotions or specialized discounts, email is the best way to keep them informed as they may or may not visit your website to get to know about them.

You can segment your lists for sending out personalized messages. With proper follow-up sequences, you nurture your leads and retain more customers. There are also many automated tools for setting up email automation funnels, sending custom emails, and maintaining personalized engagement.

Email Marketing also proved to be the most effective bottom-of-funnel marketing strategy. By sending cart abandonment emails, you are going to convert them and also share further upsell opportunities with them.

3. Social Media Marketing


One of the best ways to find new customers, convert them, re-engage with them, and retain them. According to Adweek, the mean ROI from Facebook ads is more than 150%! You can also understand various things from social media marketing by knowing their demographics, likes & preferences and accordingly your marketer can build targeted campaigns that drive sales.

It’s a low-hanging fruit for many marketers to achieve the promised results for the clients. A good marketer sets up your campaigns properly, helps you to properly segment them based on their actions, and create a retargeting campaign to get conversions. An expert digital marketer also gets Facebook pixel set up on your store. One can also build a lookalike audience as the Facebook algorithm provides the ability to do so. So Facebook ads are your powerful assets that can be wielded to the maximum benefit to generate incredible ROI.

4. Build Brand Awareness


A digital marketing expert helps to build brand awareness that impacts customers’ loyalty and drives sales, repeat purchases, and even boosts your SEO. The more people know about your website, the higher the sales! They help in creating high-quality content, build partnerships, invest in social media ads, to take your business right to the target audience.

They can provide a facelift to your SEO strategy as well with great content and high-quality images. They would have expertise on all marketing channels and platforms to drive your prospects to your ecommerce website. Their efforts would build brand affinity and authority.

5. Develop Buyer Persona


Digital Marketing experts have a knack for understanding your buyer persona. They drive efforts to understand customers, create better ads, launch the products they are interested in to win them over consistently. By making customers the cornerstone of your campaign, they leave no stone unturned to do know about customers and grab their attention.

They mine your reviews for any recurring patterns, indulge in meaningful conversations,  and they do this on a regular basis to gain useful insights. They get you customer pain points, areas where they face friction, resolve them, and grow your sales. They invest in strategic measurement to get to know your customers better and mind any gaps.

6. Data Analytics and Testing


“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion” – W. Edwards Deming

With numbers, you can understand who your target customers are and where they are in their marketing journey. A digital marketing expert will effectively measure the efficacy of your campaigns. The data speaks volumes about your audience behavior and helps in deep segmentation to drive more ecommerce sales. You can track all the page visits, products clicked, and even send the retargeting ads based on the activity. This stands as the backbone for segmentation across multiple channels like Google ads, social ads, and more.

You can create personalized marketing campaigns across these channels based on real-time data to drive up sales. You can also boost overall engagement through upselling and cross-selling options. They are experts in making smart decisions based on data and lift the conversion rates incrementally.

Also, the digital marketing experts test relentlessly to optimize the ecommerce website and marketing campaigns. They dig into the analytics to discover the reasons behind the people’s bounce rate. They even A/B test different website versions and campaigns to see how each works.
Another important aspect of testing is to take a hard look at all aspects of your ecommerce website. You can drive all the traffic to your site but if there are issues on your website, it’s all for naught! Remember, there is always room for improvement!


As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you need to shape your own destiny from building a robust website to investing in getting a genius digital marketer on board to boost your sales. Experts help you in this adventure by picking up the right digital transformation strategies that work the best for your business to get you the sales numbers you expected and beyond.

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