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How Many Advanced Features Do You Know For Sirion

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PT Astra Daihatsu Motor officially introduced one of its flagship cars, the New Daihatsu Sirion, at the IOOF (Indonesia Otomotif Online Festival) 2020. This car comes with a more stylish and sporty appearance with a new aero kit and of course fun to drive as a city car.

This car is also equipped with an abundance of modern features, this hatchback model makes it easier and increases the sensation of pleasant driving. You rarely find the advanced features in other cars.

Daihatsu Sirion Specification

The Daihatsu Sirion is offered a Petrol engine in Indonesia. This amazing car from Daihatsu comes with 4 variants. If we talk about Daihatsu Sirion engine specs, the Petrol engine displacement is 1329 cc. Daihatsu Sirion is available with Automatic and Manual transmission depending on the variant. The Sirion is a 5 Seater Hatchback and has a width of 1735 mm, length of 3895 mm, and a wheelbase of 2500 mm. along with a ground clearance of 150 mm.

For the interior design, the Daihatsu Sirion has a spacious cabin and it will become more comfortable when driving this car. Daihatsu Sirion’s headroom and legroom feel spacious both for passengers in the first row and the second row. This certainly provides comfort and relief to passengers and drivers.

Besides, this Sirion cabin space is supported by flexible seat arrangements, such as the feature of forming a lounge chair to stretch out which is suitable for resting when on long trips by removing the headrest on the driver’s seat and passenger seat in the first row and lying against the back row

What are the Advanced Features of Daihatsu Sirion Facelift 2020

There are many new features that other cars in the same class don’t have. One of these features is the seat charging feature to the integration of applications on smartphones with car screens.

For charging, the Sirion has a USB slot on the left side of the driver’s seat. This USB slot is useful for charging passenger smartphones in the back row. On the driver’s side, Sirion has provided an audio control button on the steering wheel. So, you can easily adjust the volume or search for your favourite song because all the settings are in your hands.

On the passenger side, there is a monitor head unit that can play various formats of songs and videos. The Sirion headlamp already uses LED, provided with follow me home technology, where the lights can turn on after the engine is off to illuminate the area in front of the car, and the headlamp levelling adjusters make it easier to adjust the direction of the car lights. The wipers on the Sirion already use auto speed sensing technology. Very helpful, especially when driving in the rain.

For safety features, there are airbags for driver and passenger. Also, some seats are equipped with Isofix features, including reminders for passengers if they are not wearing seat belts.

The safety features of this car are indeed very complete. In addition to airbags and Isofix features, the Daihatsu Sirion is also equipped with VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), traction control, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) features to maximize manoeuvring and braking performance so that driving becomes even more. safe and comfortable.

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