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How to Use Content Marketing to increase the Visibility of your Brand

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“What do customers care about the most these days?” This question keeps buzzing in the mind of marketers and business owners around the world!

Today, sellers aren’t only dedicated to selling. They realize that the secret to a flourishing business is in acquiring leads and nurturing them to the extent where they are finally convinced to buy again and again from you. This strategy is called Content Marketing, which is very different from ‘in your face’ advertising that customers find annoying.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 47% of internet users have installed an ad-blocker today. It means that there is less chance of your ads even reaching the prospect. 

On the other hand, PointVisible’s research shows that 60% of B2C marketers are now committed to content marketing. The statistic is enough to persuade business owners to steer their efforts towards tried and tested content strategies. 

However, the road to success with creating valuable content is not an easy one. Marketers face many challenges, some of which are getting engagements, calculating ROI beforehand, and posting consistently.

If you wish to have a clear, workable plan for effective marketing through content, then you are in the right place. We will recommend you some of the best Content Marketing strategies that will tremendously help you with brand visibility and, ultimately, skyrocketing success!

1. SEO Optimized Blog

SEO and content go hand in hand. It’s not possible to succeed with only high quality content if there is no traffic on your website. Neither is it possible to procure leads with traffic alone unless you provide great value to the visitors with your content. An SEO optimized blog on your business website works wonders to drive traffic. 

As we all know, keywords drive traffic from search engines. If you search for the relevant keywords in your niche with the help of tools, you will get a long list of main, LSI, and long-tail keywords. It is not possible to stuff all of them on your home page. However, you can do it quite effectively on your blog by writing keyword-rich blog posts on topics that might interest your target customers.

A properly optimized blog post will help with the ranking of your website, making your brand visible to the target clients. As reported by Ignite Visibility, the top 3 results get half of the clicks on the search engine result page.

2. A Website Optimized For Mobile Conversion

To reach the three billion mobile phone users around the world, your website must reformat itself if someone is browsing it on their mobile. As people today are generally impatient and stressed out, their website experience should be user friendly and fun. This is one of the key elements of an effective marketing strategy. 

If you skip this step, your visitor will feel the friction while browsing your website, which is a potential hindrance to conversion. You can integrate features such as larger buttons, autofill forms, location detection, and the option to checkout as a guest to make your website optimized for devices. 

3. Offer Real Value With Valuable Content

Valuable content will procure leads, bring sales, besides being way more cost-effective than ads. Content Marketing generates 3x the leads, and Demand metric Statistics reveal that it costs 62% less than outbound marketing.

It’s easier said than done to provide such a value to your customer with content that he is convinced to stay is a hard target to achieve. However, we have several examples of brands with a large social media following and heavy traffic on their website. How are they able to nail that? With relevant, engaging content, for sure!

Take the example of Investopedia. Whenever we are confused about a financial term, our search on Google almost always leads us to an Investopedia link. They are doing a fabulous job at simplifying financial terms and educating the general public about financial matters in simple English. They make complicated topics a breeze by giving real-life examples and concise definitions.

4. Guest Posting

Writing guest blogs on other websites is an effective inbound marketing strategy that will undoubtedly bring loads of success for your business. It is a form of content marketing that brings quality backlinks, builds your credibility as a niche expert, generates leads, and gets the desired visibility for your brand. It will also help you build relationships within your niche. 

Besides creating content for your own website, use social media platforms and post blogs on established websites to get some incredible benefits for your brand. 

5. Interact With Potential Customers

Communication with your customers is essential to build trust and loyalty. Your customers should feel that you are very much there to listen and respond to their questions and feedback. 

According to the Go Gulf Report, 93% of marketers agree that interactive content is effective. This year, as many as 88% of marketers will create 10-30% of content that is interactive.

Once, McDonald’s Canada carried out this strategy in a fantastic way and interacted with their customers by answering almost 10,000 questions by customers. Their chief marketing officer Joel Yashinsky revealed that it helped them bring immense trust, and the customers loved the transparency of the brand.

6. Share Your Brand Story Via Video Content

Statistics by Cisco reveal that video will represent 82% of all internet traffic by 2021! Therefore, ignoring video content in your content marketing could be the biggest mistake you ever make.

People love to watch videos. Even more than that, they love to hear and watch stories. Stories of how a brand took shape, how it got successful, how a person gets to the stage where he is today, and what challenges he faces in his day to day life. All this is intriguing for the general public, and they really get major inspiration from these stories.

Entrepreneur and famous internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary vee, is an excellent example of how storytelling via video can make a person famous. He tells his life story, struggles, and business in his videos, which garner millions of views. He is a great inspiration for many out there who want to do well in life.  

7. Audio Content

Podcasts are a trending way to reach your audience and keep them hooked with valuable and exciting content. The power of audio content cannot be underestimated if we view the statistics below.

Famous British Author and former monk, Jay Shetty’s podcast “On Purpose” helped him reach soaring heights. His success is evident from the fact that he has invited famous personalities on his podcast, including Kobe Bryant, Kim Kardashian, and Alicia Keys. 


To scale your content marketing at a fast pace, you need to craft a well-defined strategy with goals in mind. It would be best if you incorporated ways that will be right for your target audience. Don’t risk your reputation by opting for ways that can harm your brand’s image.

You can safely select the ways mentioned above for successful content marketing because they are all backed by recent statistics and adopted by brands that are now immensely successful. With time, you will be able to identify the strategies that are working best for your brand.

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