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How to Use Slideshow Presentations as a Part of Your Social Media Strategy

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Almost everything in today’s modern world happens over the internet. Social media platforms have become the main interaction platforms for businesses. Thus, every entrepreneur is looking for the best ways to incorporate a social media strategy into their business to enhance its growth.

If you’re to succeed online, you need a top-notch strategy that includes using things like slideshow presentations to propel your business. Using slideshow presentations has become one of the best ways to spread the word about your brand and gain online traction.

This article focuses on how you can weave slideshow presentations into your social media strategy. It will help you to create a bigger audience and increase your customer base with slideshow presentations.

Repurpose Quality Content into Slides

The best way to build an online presence and grow an audience is to create catchy content. Your slideshow presentations should contain content that your audience wants to read. You can source the best topic ideas from other parts of your marketing strategy.

You also do not need to create fresh content for your slideshow presentation. Explore various topics on your website and social media platforms, then repurpose the content therein into slides. That way, your content will reach a bigger audience than it would if you depended solely on your website.

Besides, you should research keywords again and use high-ranking ones in the repurposed content. That will make it easier for both the web page and slideshow to appear in SERPs’ top two spaces.

Create and Upload Videos

Visual content is the way to go for businesses, and you should consider creating more of it. YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world, and that shows you how people love visuals. You can also exploit the love that people have for visual content to your business advantage.

If you’re creative enough, you can use slides to share engaging videos online. It is easy to create narration videos for your slides and make them even better for social media sharing. Go with short, enticing videos but not shorter than a minute and a half to ensure you capture the message perfectly.

Many people who’d like to check out your slides may opt for videos as they’re more engaging. Besides, videos convince you better, and your audience will take the desired actions quickly.

Source nice stock images and fonts

Images, unlike textual content, speak for themselves. Besides, research shows that the human brain processes an image quicker than anything written in text. You must include as many images as you can in your slideshow presentation to grab your audience’s attention.

The best thing about using images in your slides is that they’re relatively easy to edit and upload. Images also give you an alternative and easy way to devise your content and present it. Source relevant images and ensure they’re available for third-party use, then optimize them for social media.

Also, remember it’s not just about posting stunning pictures but using them to drive traffic. Therefore, include a tagline in every picture for the best results. There also is no limit to the number of images you can use in one slideshow presentation.

Upload to SlideShare

Slideshow presentations are sales pitches that can boost your business a lot. They can enhance transparency, simplify training, etc. If you’re looking to add more value to the slides, do not forget about them after the presentation, as there’s more you can do.

SlideShare, a social media platform commanding a community of over 80 million professionals, is one of the best places to post them. Posting them on this site will make them more productive as they’ll keep selling your brand to your audience.

The best thing about considering SlideShare is that it is a completely free platform. Keep your presentations short because long presentations can become boring and lethargic. You can use slide templates to create them to save time letting you focus on the content rather than design. Templates will be great for quick presentations when you’re under time pressure.

You can accomplish various things using SlideShare, such as presenting a fresh product or promoting an existing one.

Create an Infographic

Infographics can be challenging to put together, but that shouldn’t deter you from using them in your strategy. Research at the Content Marketing Institute shows that 65% more B2B marketers have started to use infographics in the past four years.

Pages and pages of text can be irritating to your audience. Or, they can make it difficult for them to grab the main message you’re looking to pass with the slides. Infographics, when used well, can deliver the desired results quicker.

It is easy to use PowerPoint to make infographics for social media. But then, take care not to overuse them as too many of them can make your slides look cluttered. Ensure that you also optimize them to the correct size to ensure that they display correctly on the social media platforms you’ll post to.

Save Slides as Image Files

You can also use slides in your social media campaigns by saving them as image files. Many marketers do not realize how slides can impact their campaigns if they use them correctly. There are cases of sharing the wrong slides because it can be difficult to identify them.

The best thing is to save them as images so that you can recognize them from the first to the last. You’ll find an option that allows you to do that on the file menu. To maintain the highest quality, you should scroll down the menu and save them as PNG files.

You can also choose to save them as a whole presentation if that works for you. However, the best way to do it is to save each slide separately because it makes them easily recognizable.

Share Slides on Social Media

Sharing your slides on social media is the best way to include slideshow presentations in your social media strategy. But then, you do not just share them on any social platform out there as the aim is to get the best results. It would be best if you therefore started by identifying the right channel.

The best thing is that this process will take little to no time if you’ve been marketing for a while with different techniques. You can go straight to sharing the slides to social media platforms that host your target audience. But then, make sure you optimize the slides for those platforms. 

You’ll get the desired results quicker if you focus your energies on the correct platforms.

Use as Little Text as Possible

Text can be a great way to communicate, but not all the time. If you’re looking for ways to pass your message efficiently, start by avoiding too much text on your slides. Every slide should communicate a unique idea and use 30 or fewer words to be effective.

If you have a big idea that cannot fit in one slide, do not try to do so forcefully. You can break it up and use several slides to communicate it to ensure that it doesn’t look intimidating. Make them as interesting as you can, and the results will overwhelm you.

Make Them Clear and Simple

Your slides need to be clear and simple to give you the best results. If you’re looking to get more engagements and new visitors through your slides, focus on making them as clear as possible. Ensure that visitors, even those using tiny screens to view the slides, have a great experience.

It would help if you had large fonts that are easy to read on small screens. Also, remember to use clear and properly sized images to catch the reader’s attention. Your typography also needs to be perfect to ensure the message reaches your audience as expected.

Start with Your Strongest Slide

During the presentation, you need to ensure that people get the point straight away. As mentioned earlier, you ought to have top-notch content if your social media strategy is to succeed. Now that you have it, you need to determine which slide comes first and which one comes last in your presentation.

You should put your best forward by starting with the strongest slide. Ensure that it has content that will intrigue readers and evoke emotions. In short, your first slide should give people a reason to keep looking at the rest of the presentation. Be bold and choose wisely to get the best results in the end.


An effective social media strategy is what every business needs to grow today. There’re lots of things that you can do to make your current strategy more effective. As seen above, including slideshow presentations is one of the best things you can do as a business.

You need to ensure that your slides are catchy to influence your audience’s decision-making. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to effectively start using slide shows as part of your social media strategy. The better you can implement these tips, the easier it will be to amass a huge online following.

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