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What Is The Best CMS For Web Development?

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Your best choice clearly would be custom CMS development. Today, more than half of all sites on the Internet use some form of Content Management System (CMS). However, the term CMS, unfortunately, has not received a clear definition as of yet.

In this case, ECM means a software package that provides workflow, the work of an internal knowledge base and organizes in a general way a set of business processes of an enterprise. As one of the functions, ECM can include working with web content. The Microsoft SharePoint platform is a good example of this type of system.

In turn, WCM began to include a set of tools in some complex that allows you to manage the website and the content on it.

CMS is often also called the “engine” of the site. In the everyday life of developers, the established value implied by CMS is some software system used to create, edit and manage site content and installed on their hosting. In the future, in this article, we will take as a basis exactly this – the last definition, more similar to WCM.

It is worth noting the so-called SaaS solutions (software as a service), which are often included in the number of CMS. In the case of this type of service, companies do not provide a code that you can download, install and customize for yourself on your hosting.

Site Functionality

Despite the specific specialization of each CMS for certain tasks, today for TOP CMS there are a huge number of different extensions (plugins, modules) that significantly increase their functionality and “customization” capabilities. For example, using existing plugins, you can turn a “blogging” engine into an online store, and create a forum on the portal engine.

However, you need to understand that a large number of additional plugins will affect both the performance, and the security, and the internal coherence of the site mechanisms, due to possible conflicts of these extensions.

Demanding Resources

The correct choice of the site theme leads to the need to select the conditional “power” of the engine. “More powerful”, in our case, does not necessarily mean “better”. If you need, for example, a business card site, the installation of the portal engine will be redundant for you. A significant part of the resources of a powerful CMS will remain unused. At the same time, the requirements for hosting such a site will be higher – you will need more RAM, more processor resources, you may need some specific server settings and preinstalled software.

The Ability To Customize The Engine

Many site owners lack the capabilities of a bare CMS. In addition, due to the specifics of each specific business and each specific site, the ability to expand with additional plugins may also be insufficient. You may need individual revision of the engine, themes, or customization of those plugins, the functionality of which is not enough for you.

In this matter, it will be very important for us to understand the following points:

  • The number of developers on the market – specialists in a specific CMS.
  • The quantity and quality of documentation for CMS and plugins.
  • The development of the community of users and developers of a particular CMS.

It is safe to say that the more widespread the engine is, the more specialists are available, the easier it is to make the necessary edits and the cheaper these edits will cost.

It is worth paying attention to the features of SEO optimization of a particular engine. If you want the audience of your site to grow, you will have to comply with a number of rules. It’s regarding the speed of the site on various types of devices. And the external design of the site in general and specific pages in particular. And the internal hierarchy of pages, and the correct setting of indexing.

It is difficult to overestimate the possibility of SEO optimization of your site. The presence of SEO tools already built into the CMS or available high-quality plugins. As well as the ability to refine them for your project nuances by the involved developers, will be very important at the stage of promoting your site.

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