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Top Software Development Companies in Vietnam – Shortlisted by The Vietnam Software Industry Insights

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The appearance and influence of software products is undeniable in the modern life of most mankind today. However, with the increasing demand of businesses and organizations in digital transformation, the number of highly skilled personnel enough to meet these technical requirements is not really uniform at different locations, regions / countries. Therefore, clients tend to turn their attention to service providers in ‘technology-hub’ countries, which have seasoned human resources and, most importantly, at reasonable service prices.

With all the elements of talented human resources – competitive service prices – high end product quality, it is impossible not to mention Vietnam. As a small country in the big Asia, Vietnam is not inferior to China and India, and has shown its best to assert its position and ability to develop software in the international marketplace. Forbes sees Vietnam as a ‘small but mighty’ country thanks to these bright technological potentials.

So when coming to Vietnam to look for a software outsourcing company for your software development project, which team should you choose? The following article from The Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights will give you the most overview of the top software development companies in Vietnam.

Software Development – Familiar and Vital

Perhaps not too unfamiliar with business owners in the present moment of the technology revolution 4.0, Software Development has played a vital role in everyday life as well as in production and business activities, military, transportation, scientific research … The application of software development is most clearly shown in everyone’s life from applications on mobile phones used for work, entertainment, communication … or and even monitoring your heart rate, eating and nutrient intake. From there, we can easily see that types of software development span from web development, mobile development, data science, application development to cloud computing and so many more.

Recognizing the growing popularity of software development, many experts around the world have many different perspectives. Along with supportive and supportive comments for this development, there are also a few conflicting opinions expressing concern and disagreeing with its extremely rapid outreach rate. However, no matter what the surrounding opinions are, software technology does not stop developing!

Top 9 Software Development Companies in Vietnam

Owning an office located in Hanoi – Vietnam, VINASA is an organization established with the aim of creating a new industry of the country – the software industry. Following the constant flow of innovation and creativity of developed countries all over the world, VINASA was established and developed to bring into play the breakthrough ability in the field of information technology – software of domestic engineers, with the aspiration of making Vietnam become the world’s software valley, contributing to the success of members and the prosperity of the country.

The following are 9 top software development companies in Vietnam:

1. Saigon Technology

The 100% Vietnam-based top software development company established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City with 3 engineers, and grew to 200 engineers in 2020, Saigon Technology has focused on services .NET Core/MVC, Java, PHP, NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, iOS, Android applications development, whereas providing the technology market with professional and high-quality software outsourcing, software development services for clients from the US, Europe, Australia, Singapore.
Saigon Technology is the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam and has attracted more than 200 well-trained engineers. Besides, Saigon Technology has been providing clients with software web, mobile applications development and offshore software outsourcing services worldwide.

For many consecutive years, Saigon Technology has been awarded the Excellence award for the Top Software Outsourcing Company at Sao Khue celebration. In the past 2020, Saigon Technology Solutions was recognized by VINASA for being in the top list of 10 best leading software outsourcing companies in 2019 and 2020 consecutively. Whereas, Saigon Technology Solutions is also a Gold Partner of Microsoft in application development.

2. FPT Software

Firstly came to Vietnam in 1999, during its operation, FPT Software has continuously produced many high-quality products with explosive creativity. In other words, the success that FPT Software has today is really thanks to a team of highly specialized and enthusiastic software engineers not only in Vietnam but also from countries with high educational potential.

As a typical name towards the Sao Khue award in particular and in the Vietnamese software industry in general, FPT Software constantly strives to become a professional team with a far-reaching influence around the world. The company’s range of services includes Analytics, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Embedded systems, Q&A testing, Legacy Migration, Package Exhibition, Application Service, SaaS development and BPO.

Services: Offshore Software Development, Custom Application Development, Cloud Migration, Mobile app development, Software Product Development, Offshore Testing Services, DevOps.

3. KMS Technology

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and owning many worldwide office locations such as California and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, KMS Technology Vietnam is a well-known name in the software engineering industry in Asia as a whole and Vietnam in particular.

During the years of operation, KMS Technology has followed the direction “not only hiring the best people in the internal area, but also always looking for talent in many different parts of the world”. Therefore, it has a wide range of services and is also diverse. These services include product development specializing in Application Transformation, Cloud migration, Mobile software development, Software product development, Quality Assurance, DevOps…

4. Netsolutions

Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Netsolutions offers customers a range of trendy services at extremely competitive prices. The most prominent is the services such as Consulting – Designing – Building website, consulting online marketing solutions, operating & administering website … Netsolutions, with the strength in favor of website and attached services, are many customers Domestic and international believe to choose because the output quality and service price are extremely competitive.

5. TMA

Also awarded by VINASA for outstanding achievements and contributions to the activities of the Association and to the development of the software and information technology services industry in Vietnam, TMA Solutions was established in 1997, is leading software company in Vietnam. With the sustainable development of human resources, at present, TMA has built a team of 26.00 young, enthusiastic engineers who always receive trust and appreciation from customers.

6. Nashtech

Proud to be one of the leading reputable companies in Vietnam in providing smart solutions, helping to solve business problems and challenges to push businesses along the flow of today’s software technology. Our award-winning teams apply their deep expertise and passion to deliver complex IT projects globally, and one of the key awards in the Vietnam IT industry is its Bonuses from VINASA through Sao Khue Celebration are held annually.

Based in development centers in Vietnam, Nashtech has recruited thousands of IT professionals with extensive knowledge and competence in all fields of technology and BPS for large enterprises.

7. Harvey Nash

Over the past 10 years, Harvey Nash Vietnam has been proud to assist clients in attracting top talent for their businesses with our Operator Selection & Search service. Under its NashTech brand, Harvey Nash has continuously helped clients by improving the efficiency of their business processes in which the Harvey Nash team provides technology solutions.

With changes in the Vietnamese and international markets, from 2020, Harvey Nash’s focus is on delivering customer success through Business Process and Process Solutions. Therefore, to achieve this, their strategy is to focus on resources and investment to develop the Technology Business and Outsourcing Services segment under the NashTech brand in Vietnam.

8. Luxoft

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Luxoft is a leading company in this country in providing and consulting technology solutions for customers around the globe. Luxoft has set a target, vision and focus in software services in a handful of specialized areas: banking / finance, automotive, telecommunications, and travel / aviation.

Thanks to this resource-focused strategy, Luxoft is able to deeply understand clients’ problems and needs, thereby providing truly effective software systems and solutions, helping clients get benefits from using Luxoft’s services.

9. Axon Active

Founded from the parent company – Swiss-based, in 2008, Axon Active brought to Vietnam a high-performance software distribution infrastructure, offering outsourced organizations providing the perfect combination of management, talent management, Agile and Scrum practice, technology skills and industry knowledge.

Axon Active builds strong partnerships with its customers by bringing together the right development teams to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions at very competitive prices. The company has more than 500 experts in software engineering, working in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho (Vietnam) and some other locations.

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