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TikTok House 2021 – Where Is It Planned and How to Get There

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For some people, TikTok has become a good way to make money on the Internet, which is why many want to start earning income in a similar way. Nevertheless, the final profitability will depend on many factors, and not everyone will be able to make good money.

What Factors Determine the Income on TikTok

Channel popularity. As in any other service, further earnings will directly depend on the popularity of the channel.

Subject. Videos on topics that are popular and interesting to people will be viewed much better, although the competition in popular topics is much higher.

Audience age. The older the audience viewing the channel, the more offers from advertisers will be received. Children and teen channels are very popular, but advertisers are in no hurry to conclude contracts with them, since children are not the most paying audience.

In What Ways Can You Make Money on TikTok

Sale of advertising. The most common and profitable way to generate income. To draw up a contract with employers, you must have a promoted channel.

Donations (donations) from viewers. A very unstable way to make money. It all depends solely on the generosity of the audience. Some popular channels may not earn a single ruble on donations, while on an unpopular channel, due to the generosity of viewers, a good income may come out.

Participation in affiliate programs. The type of advertising available to the owners of any channels (even the most unpopular ones). Earnings depend on a specific affiliate program, in some it is enough for viewers to click on a link, in others, some action on the site (for example, a subscription or purchase of goods).

How Much Can You Get by Maintaining a Channel on TikTok

The final earnings can vary greatly depending on the channel. Unpopular channels with a thousand views are unlikely to earn more than a few thousands of dollars.

Best of all bloggers, English-speaking channels with millionaires are able to receive income in the amount of several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Advanced young people who spend a lot of time on the Internet probably know, or at least have heard about TikTok Houses. If someone does not know, then this is literally a big house, which brings together many bloggers from TikTok and not only. Now they are at the peak of popularity, which, as it seems to me, cannot be ignored.

This trend has a positive effect on both the participants of these houses and the audience. The former get popularity and earnings, while the latter get good and interesting content. For a better understanding, you need to understand what they have already shown us.

Where TikTok Houses are Held and Plans for 2021

All of these houses are often located in large cities or suburbs. Although some of them try to hide their real location in order to avoid the influx of fans. But there are also those who do not hide anything. All the same Dream Team House recently announced that they are moving to the VKontakte house. In this case, it is worth understanding the purpose of creating such houses, and how the whole process takes place.

In fact, all bloggers spend almost all their time in these houses (in other words, they live there), and are engaged in creativity, namely, they figure out how to create interesting Internet content. Therefore, it is very rare when they leave this territory.

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But I must say if they do it, then for the shooting of the next issue. For example, some videos for famous pop stars have been filmed with the participation of such houses.

Some well-known bloggers from TikTok Houses have appeared on the covers of famous magazines, visited entertainment shows, etc. But there are cases when the stars are already coming to their home, for sure that they will also get a share of the hype and fans.

Despite such great popularity of TikTok houses, there is an opinion that this hype will end soon. They say that the audience has already become boring with this format, and it began to bother them a little. Therefore, the producers of these houses, and the bloggers themselves, think about what to bring new. Several ideas are being considered at once.

The first is just to wait until the strongest remain.

The second option is to create integrations between houses. The third idea is for the same company to leave this or that house and go on travel.

Or, alternatively, create a competitive component between the houses, which will increase interest in yourself. That is, theoretically there are still prospects.

Best TikTok Houses in Russia for 2021

It should be noted right away that the idea of ​​creating something like this first came to American bloggers, who at one time created Hype House in the USA. He immediately gained incredible popularity. Naturally, all countries have taken up this idea, including Russia. At the moment, the most famous TikTok House in the Russian segment is Dream Team House.

There are houses that were created only in 2020, but now they are in the top 5 in popularity. For example, this is the XO Team, which was created at the end of April last year. Among the famous can also be noted:

The Hype House Rus;

Swag Team;

Sweet House;

Super House;


The Angels Home and others.

How to Get to TikTok Houses

On the one hand, this is quite easy, but on the other, it is very difficult. There are two main ways. The first is to become a famous blogger, and then the producers of TikTok houses will start calling you to their place. Perhaps a struggle even breaks out between them. The second option is to offer your own services. But in this case, you need to go with some idea that would interest the producers.

That is, it concerns how and what kind of content you are going to do, how you will attract an audience, etc. If there is a certain interest on both sides, then a contract is signed, which specifies the conditions for potential earnings, waste, conditions for leaving TikTok House, etc. In any case, you just have to rejoice in their presence, since they create a real interactive show only in the Internet format.

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