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What You Should Be Doing to Generate Referrals

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When it comes to choosing a lawyer, the majority of clients choose based on referrals, and law firms can generate more referrals by focusing their marketing efforts on specific strategies. Specifically, the majority of customers who look for a new lawyer will look for a referral from a family member or friend rather than other sources. By creating incentives that generate new referrals, and giving each client an excellent experience, law firms can capitalize on this organic client growth.

Giving Each Client a Positive Experience

The first step in getting referrals from clients is to ensure every client has a highly positive experience with the law firm. Satisfied clients replicate themselves naturally, without any extra incentive. Law firms can look at their customer service and treatment of existing clients to determine if they have areas to improve.

Using Social Media to Generate Conversations

One way to generate referrals is through social media. Law firms that can start conversations and post shareable information through social media channels will have greater success in generating referrals. When clients share materials or interact with a firm on social media, other potential clients see the actions and take note of it. This can instigate lead generation for the firm.

However, using social media to generate referrals is not the same as using social media to advertise. This is a more organic way to build leads by interacting with people and having conversations, or encouraging existing clients to be part of the conversation. It can take time to learn these skills, but once learned they help law firms generate new client contacts.

Rewarding Clients for Referrals

Law firms can ask their existing clients to refer others to them after successfully completing a claim or case. For example, if a firm has helped a client with applying for disability, and the claim is approved with their help, they can request that the client tell others about their service, and offer an incentive, like a gift card or branded thank-you gift, if they do.

Maintaining Client Communication

After attaining a client, keeping the law firm at the forefront of the client’s mind helps generate referrals. Maintaining communication with existing and past clients is helpful in this. When a friend starts asking about recommendations for lawyers who see rideshare accident victims or help with disability claims, the firm’s name comes to mind.

Email and paper mail can both work to keep clients abreast of changes in the industry, new lawyers brought in through legal recruiting efforts, or services a law firm adds. Regular communication keeps the firm’s name in mind.

Requesting Client Testimonials

Personal stories are powerful lead generators. Request client testimonials that can be used to generate leads. For example, a personal injury lawyer who has a big success story can interview that client and post the interview online. The personal testimony will ring true with friends and family of the individual, who might choose to call the law firm when they also face a personal injury need.

These steps can help a law firm generate natural referrals. Referrals are effective, making this a valuable marketing option.

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