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5 Must Have Apps for Working Remotely

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To say that Covid-19 has irrevocably changed the way we live could quite possibly be the understatement of the millennium.  However, if there is one positive thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that working remotely is not only a viable option, but one employees have come to embrace. 

Now, even with companies beginning to reopen their offices, many are choosing to still work pretty much anywhere else. With that in mind we’ve put together a helpful list of mobile resources every remote worker should have in their digital war chest.  From storage apps to time management apps, these tools will keep you as productive as ever while on-the-go, no matter where your work day happens to take you.

Cloud Storage

The ability to save files to the cloud from your mobile device is an absolute must for anyone working remotely. Those looking for more than just free cloud storage would be wise to add Dropbox to their repertoire. This simple-to-use app allows you to scan, save, and organize any document directly to one centralized place.  All these features and more are included in their free plan, however, upgrading to premium unlocks a host of other helpful ones, including additional storage space, automatic photo backup, and offline file access.

Creative Design

With social media moving at the speed of life, being able to whip up top quality graphics for posts anywhere is key to any social media manager’s success.  A simple search for these resources yields no shortage of results, but for those willing to pay for a tool that does it all, Adobe Spark is the hands-down champion.  Spark comes with all the prerequisite features, including over 25,000 templates, millions of free images, icons, GIFs, and more.  Add in the ability to create animations, as well as manage multiple brands from the same account, and this app truly checks all the boxes.

Video Conferencing 

There’s really no true replacement for in-person face-to-face interaction, but video conferencing has definitely emerged as a close second.  Not too long ago Skype was the only game in town, a distinction that has since been seized by Zoom.  With robust features being rolled out regularly, including their new Immersive View designed to create more collaborative meetings, you’d be hard pressed to find someone without Zoom on their phone (needless to say, neither should you).

Time Management 

Working hard doesn’t always mean working smart, and staying on top how you’re using your time is crucial for anyone conducting business outside the office.  To keep better track of how much of it you spend on each task, especially for those who bill by the hour, a time management app such as Toggl is an absolute must.  It syncs seamlessly with all your devices, easily generates exportable reports, and even suggests what to track based on your daily habits.  Plus, Toggl even integrates with your phone’s calendar, enabling you to instantly create entries based on your already scheduled events.

Staying Focused

Being away from the team and working in oftentimes semi-isolation can be enough to make anyone go stir crazy.  While there is no shortage of meditation apps to help quiet your mind, Forest provides an interesting motivation to put that phone down and help you focus.  Top ranked in over 135 countries, Forest, incentivizes its users to stay more in the moment by leveraging a unique and fun gaming mechanic.  In short, putting your phone down plants a seed for a virtual tree, and the more you disengage from your device the more it grows.  The more you grow your “forest” the more rewards you earn, including ones that can be used to plant real trees around the world.

Final Thoughts

Even with offices opening once again, clearly working remotely is here to stay.  In fact, a recent study showed that nearly 2 in 5 employees actually favor working from home.  Whether you continue to stay remote or even switch to a hybrid model, now with the right tools you can be as productive as ever, from wherever, and without ever missing a beat. 

Know of any other apps we should all have in our arsenal? 
Make sure to post your suggestions in the comments below! 

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