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10 Best Tips to Promote your Website for Free

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There are at least 5.27 billion web pages in 2021, and every day, the number is growing. With that many pages to compete with, how will you get people to notice and read through your website? 

Don’t sulk, we got your back. Here are 10 ways to promote a website free of charge that you can try!

1. Start Blogging

Start posting interesting topics on your blog site to drive traffic to your website. When you provide an eye-catching article, the viewer will keep looking through your website. 

High-quality blog content also helps build your reputation. People who like what they see on your website will remember your name and recommend it to their friends. 

2. Use SEO Keywords

Did you know that WordPress alone produces 70 million new posts each month? With this large number of posts, how will you get people to view your website? 

Promote your website for free by using Google searches to drive traffic to your website. Your goal is to get the keyword searches of your website to appear on the upper part of the search result pages. To do so, you can hire top-notch services to help with SEO. 

What is SEO 

Search Engine Optimization strategy helps increase a website’s visibility in result pages. Without SEO, your website will likely get lost among the thousands of websites. How can SEO help to promote a website free of cost? 

When you create blog content, key phrases that people usually search for must be present. This will help increase the number of linkbacks. 

In turn, this will increase your website’s popularity. With increased popularity, your website will likely appear at the top of search result pages. 

3. Guest Blogging

Promote a website free of cost by partnering with another blogger. Let another writer write content on your website or become a guest blogger yourself. This may result in spreading awareness of your brand to another blogger’s audience. 

4. Facebook 

Facebook added 299 million more active users in 2020 and the number is increasing. This means that if you use Facebook, you will reach a greater audience. 

Drive inbound traffic to your website by advertising your website on Facebook. Not only do you reach a wider audience but you get to promote the website free of cost. 

Don’t forget to use Facebook stories by posting interesting content. Include a “swipe up” on your posts linking them to your website. This will help drive inbound traffic to your site. 

You can also use Instagram to promote your website. Other social media platforms that you can use to promote a website free of cost include: 

  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • YouTube

Consider creating an account on these platforms to reach a wider range of audiences. 

5. Join Forum Discussions

People refer to online forums to gather information. They may ask about a product’s review or recommendation from the forum’s members. 

Interact with audiences by answering their questions. Promote your website by adding soft advertisement phrases. For instance, you can write “If you’re looking for more detail on the subject, try visiting” 

Online forums to consider include: 


Reddit is an online community that discusses a variety of niches. Join in on the discussion that relates to your specialty and give insights. 


You can use Quora to provide information about a certain product or service. Give insights while promoting your website for free. 

6. Promote a Website Free on Pinterest

Did you know that every month, 478 million people use Pinterest to find ideas? Around 60% of users are women. This means that if your target customers are women, Pinterest can help promote your website. 

Pinterest can also help increase inbound traffic on your website. Pinterest allows you to post quality photos related to your product or services. What’s great about it is that you can now link the website to the photo.

When a user sees the picture, he or she can click on an item in the picture which will link them to your website. Not only does inbound traffic increase, but you also get to promote your website and product for free. 

7. Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile allows your e-commerce business to appear in Google Maps results. Information like your website will also show in your profile. It also allows you to post on your Google listing which you can use to promote your website to your audience. 

8. Use Free Press Releases

Did you know that there are plenty of agencies that offer free press releases as a trail to potential customers? Take advantage of this and get them to promote your website free of charge. 

Write a high-quality press release and send them to PR agencies that offer a free trial service. Send it to as many PR agencies as you find to reach a greater audience. In this manner, you get to promote your website for free boosting your e-commerce business. 

9. Email Marketing

There are 3.9 billion global e-mail users. This means that if you’re looking to reach a wider audience to promote your website, e-mail marketing is the way. Email marketing is a great strategy if you’re aiming to target consumers who constantly check their e-mails.

Email marketing can help increase inbound traffic to your website. With the use of effective communication skills, you can get the receiver to check out your website. 

With the right content, email marketing can help boost your website’s popularity. A small friendly reminder about a promo or sale on your product or service can get receivers to click on your website link. 

If satisfied, you will likely get regular customers who can potentially recommend your website to their friends. This not only brings inbound traffic but also promotes your website for free. 

10. Online Business Directories

Online directories allow you to post advertisements at no cost. Directories display your business name and website. This can help boost your SEO.

All you have to do is submit the URL of your website along with a description of your organization or business. Your site information is then stored in the data bank of the directory. This ensures that your website link will appear when a user searches content relevant to your business category. 

Get Professional Help

If you want to promote a website free of cost, you have to invest a lot of time and effort. Thus, we recommend you get professional help from those who specialize in marketing. 

Don’t know where to find a competent marketing company for your website? BlueTuskr is here for your marketing needs! Contact us and let us know how we can help you and your website.

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