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Top 10 Online Survey Tools for Your Business

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Wondering how to create a survey without any problems? These online survey platforms can come to your rescue to help you make excellent surveys.

You will find loads of websites and applications that will help you to build good surveys, but the best of them will give your surveys a lot more than that. The features that make up the best online survey tools are:

• Advanced security solutions to protect participant data and contact information. 

• Question branching ability to give relevant follow up questions. 

• Customization for building the preferable survey theme for the business. 

• Integrations to export or view data in other software.

• Accessibility in various devices.

Apart from these, various other features can make your work even easier.

1. Fynzo Survey

Jump logic in Fynzo helps users to branch questions. Participants get questions on the basis of the response they provide in previous questions.

• The Fynzo feedback system lets participants rate and review business products or services. 

• Offline data collection ability lets you save data while the device is offline. The data gets uploaded once the device is online again.

• There is no limitation to the number of questions you can add or number of surveys you can take.

• Subscription price starts from $17 per month.

2. Alchemer Survey

Customize your survey to match the theme of the brand. You can edit the language, instructions and pages to a specific theme.

• Apart from device accessibility, Alchemer surveys can adapt to each device like Android surveys, iPad surveys and more.

• Alchemer itself arranges files used in surveys. 

• The guide can help you operate and navigate the software to your advantage. 

• For each feature it costs $49 per month.

3. Survey Monkey

Control multiple small accounts from the parent account through the Survey Monkey dashboard to keep track of all actions.

• The customer satisfaction review system can give you accurate reviews from  customers.

• You can try the service for free before committing to a subscription.

• Choose from the carefully crafted plans that are suitable for each and every type of business be it small, medium or large.

• There are categories under personal and business plans starting from $25 a month.

4. Google forms 

This is a widely used online survey platform. People are mostly acquainted with it, making it easy to operate.

• Drag questions and drop them in the right order that you would prefer.

• Since it is a Google application, you can easily store files and survey data in Google Drive in the same Google account.

• There is a feature where the form can automatically complete a user’s answers based on previous responses.

• It comes free with a Google account. Making a Google account is also free of cost.

5. Survey Planet

You can share the same survey repetitively to your target audience. This will help you track the changes in customer behaviour with the passage of time.

• Reminders from Survey Planet to complete surveys ensure that you get more responses as participants might forget about survey completion.

• Supports surveys in about 20 languages for better reach.

• In a hurry to make a survey? Use some of the best pre-made surveys for reference or add the questions to your survey.

• No free trial, but is affordable starting from $20 per month.

6. Feedier 

Feedier excels in creating and managing feedback from customers. It caters to all of your feedback collection needs.

• It lets you alert all the small accounts or employees under the parent account when you want to share a report. 

• Integrates well with other useful software like Zapier, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and more.

• Converts data into easy to read mode for analysing it effectively. 

• Slightly on the pricier side starting at $180 per month.

7. Survey Nuts

Insert pictures as options for multiple choice questions in the feedback form. 

• Gives you the ability to use messages and images or videos apart from the questions as a way of interacting with the participants.

• It gives you the complete liberty to make any kind of changes and correction after you finish creating the survey.

• The basic plan costs $17 per month.

8. Qualaroo

The best part about using Qualaroo is that you can avoid using the survey maker’s logo to completely make it about your brand.

• Send out feedback forms as a form of messages to the people who use your application in Android or Ios.

• Use different types of questions like matrix, NPS, binary questions, checkboxes, texts and more.

• Sends you email alerts according to how you set it. It can be for every response or daily alerts, etc.

• Exciting features available for $50 per month with a 14 day trial.

9. Survey Legend

A well defined dashboard with designated places for tools and other activities makes it easy to use. 

• The Fields area consists of tools that let you make the structure of the survey with page breaks, an introduction page and a conclusion page.

• Participants get to rate and rank images in the feedback as well.

• The Pro plan costs $15 per month, making it quite affordable. 

10. Snap Surveys

Apart from online responses, you can scan and acquire replies on paper as well.

• Instant reports can quickly summarize your feedback findings if you want a quick overview. 

• Experts from Snap surveys can help you with any application problems. Video guides are also helpful.

• It has a free trial.


The above online survey tools are the best for assisting you in creating surveys. These have all the features that are necessary for building a survey. If you have others to mention, please share in the comments.

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