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How Customizable Virtual Reality Platforms can Help

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Virtual reality events have dominated tech headlines for years and have changed the way people interact remotely. While gaming is one of the most well-known VR uses, the potential of the technology doesn’t stop there. According to a recent survey, 87% of marketers think that opportunities generated by virtual events are a success. With customizable VR platforms, you can create real-life settings for your attendees for the best experience. Let’s explore how this technology can impact your events in unique ways. 

5 Ways Customizable VR Platforms Can Help Hosting Online Events! 

Build the Perfect Venue

Traditional webinars and keynote presentations are passive environments that can be monotonous and isolating. Virtual reality events use 3D immersive environments to arrest the user’s attention and create many engagement opportunities. You can design creative 3D environments and active touchpoints that are far more memorable than traditional online events. Whether you want a virtual reality conference on Mars or a product demonstration on a tropical island, with a customizable platform, the opportunities are endless. 

Let’s look at how 3D immersive environments can help you leave a lasting impression: 

  • Audiences can interact with personalized avatars: The best thing about 3D immersive environments is that attendees can collaborate most engagingly. They can choose from personalized avatars and explore many interactive objects for the best experience. 
  • Storytelling: With immersive graphic environments, you are no longer a passive witness. You actively participate in all activities and connect with your attendees through the effective medium of storytelling. 
  • Exclusivity: Anybody can pull off a traditional webinar on a Zoom platform. There is no exclusivity. However, virtual reality events are professionally hosted events that feature customized experiences that are exclusive and elevate your brand. 

Ample Sponsorship Opportunities

Recent studies have shown that 87% of event organizers use virtual platforms that offer sponsorship booths. While planning a virtual reality event, you don’t have to think only about your attendees. Sponsorship is also a critical component of organizing an online event. 

With a customizable platform, you can create valuable sponsorship opportunities to maximize ROI and meet your goals. 

Here’s how a customizable virtual platform can create valuable sponsorship opportunities:

  • Sponsorship Booths: A virtual reality platform offers sponsorship booths that allow sponsors to showcase their product, engage with the audience, and gain valuable insights.  
  • Branding Opportunities: Sponsors can integrate personalized branding messages and banners to make their presence more visible. 
  • Using Essential Metrics: A critical part of virtual event sponsorship is gathering data and applying them to create valuable content for your event. 

Enhance Engagement through Interactive Elements

49% of marketers say that engagement is one of the most critical factors of having a successful online event. This holds even for virtual reality conferences and meetings. Even with stellar content, event planners need interactive features to provide the attendees with ample networking opportunities. 

Here’s how a customizable platform can help you network with your attendees!

  • Virtual Breakout Room: This will add a social element to your meetings and events and ensure that your attendees’ interact in a creative environment. 
  • Content Delivery Option: A customizable platform offers both live and on-demand content delivery options. That way, your attendees can access essential information at their convenience. 
  • Communication Tools and an Engaged Feedback System: With engaging communication tools, you can incorporate various interactive elements, such as live Q&A, polls, real-time feedback, and more for an effective communication loop. 

VR Technology has a Wide Business Scope

You may think that virtual reality platforms are only limited to events. However, they have found wide usage across different business spheres. From corporate training to the retail business, VR technology can accelerate business processes and create a streamlined workflow. Let’s look at the popular ways you can use the technology for your business!

  • Corporate Training: Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, ExxonMobil, and more use customizable immersive platforms to design their corporate programs and train their employees. 3D immersive education can also help the next generation of employees cultivate the essential soft skills needed to be valuable in any organization. 
  • Virtual Reality Meetings: Not only is VR technology highly effective, but it can also help in reducing the cost and logistical hurdles associated with in-person meetings. A study has also shown that employees that go through virtual reality meetings and training can help learners stay more focused
  • VR simulations can help with Employee Evaluation: Data analytics and real-time feedback in customizable virtual reality platforms can help managers evaluate employees’ current skills to help them perform better. 

Product Designing

With the ever-changing digital landscape, companies need to collaborate and find innovative solutions. Besides virtual reality events, companies are also using VR technology for product designing. Whether it is a meeting, product demonstration, or trade show, VR can transform the content delivery process and make it more engaging. 3D immersive environments can help employees explore products more effectively and learn how to put things together. Rather than passive discussions, you have the opportunity to participate actively through visual learning. Companies like Ford, Audi, and NASA are using VR labs to bring their ideas to life. 

Craft Meaningful Experiences With Cutting-Edge VR Platforms!

With in-person meetings and conferences on-hold, you need a customizable platform to collaborate and work on innovative projects. Virtual reality platforms are a valuable tool to design seamless experiences for your employees and attendees. You can work with a reliable company to design a solution that best meets your business needs and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

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