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How to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Campaign: Today’s Tips and Tools

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Why is Insta a must-have and one of the best social marketing platforms to promote your business these days? Because there are over 1 billion MAU on IG today where the age range is 35 and under. If this is your audience and you haven’t actively boosted your brand, you can still make it. For success to really take off, switching from a regular account to business won’t be enough.

How to generate leads, create your ideal target audience, advance your brand, build social trust, manage your account rationally and still be different from the huge number of branded accounts that are already quite successful in their business?

What loopholes & key points you need to know and what IG social marketing platforms to use in order to promote your brand comprehensively.

How to Build Your IG Business Campaign

1. Set Your Goals

In any business, as in life, you need to know the goal in order to successfully reach speedy results.

Why do you need Insta and how can it make your business better? Maybe your main priority is to get more subscribers and increase brand recognition, or to show your portfolios to more people, to sell as much product as possible and as fast as you can or more than one goal at a time?

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Now it’s time to determine your audience: what their age, interest, location, income and more. It is like a benchmark, which, once defined, you will know in what direction to move and most importantly how to solve the problems and needs of these people using your service or product.

3. Research Your Competitors’ Profiles

Determine your most worthy competitors and research their profiles to sketch out a sample style of profile design. Of course, don’t do everything by copy, but if you don’t know what colors and designs best describe your product then maybe your competitors’ accounts will encourage you to come up with a concept of your own that will have an individual character.

4. Decide on the Content

Posting anything is not a good idea and it certainly won’t attract an audience. After you’ve successfully completed the three steps it’s time to identify what your profile will be about. Will it only be content about your product or stories of your customers, or will there be occasional motivational and inspirational posts?

5. Adhere to the Specified Format of Profile Management

Set a posting schedule and think through each photo and caption, don’t forget about relevant hashtags and, of course, Stories. Show your audience the story of your product, your experiences and emotions, perhaps the process of creating the brand and communicate with your audience by asking them questions to build trust and maximum openness with them.

6. Discover Influencers to Collaborate with

Influencers can significantly affect your “blooming” on Insta. By advertising and tagging your profile in their Stories, posts (often for a fee), your product awareness grows as a skyrocket. It is also a chance for new acquaintances and further collaborations that will benefit both you and an Influencer. The most important thing is to find the right Influencer. His audience should not be different from yours. For example: If your product is bicycles (or anything related to them), the audience of the Influencer should also be interested in bicycles so that your profile may attract them.

Tools for Your Better Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Manage Your Account with AI Social Marketing Platforms

Iconosquare, Bigbangram, Agorapulse, Kicksta, etc. are some of the multifunctional services that may help you manage your account in a proper way. Thus, you’ll enlarge a followers base, boost engagement, get a deep-in analysis and schedule your posts. Each service has a different set of features, but the point is that such IG automation social marketing platforms can help you run your account and monitor effectiveness. These services are always paid (only some have a free trial version).

Create a Power Content with Third-Party Editing Tools

Social marketing platforms for selling content creation is a must-have while running a business account on Insta as thoughtful layout and stylishly designed posts is the main and strongest aspect of Insta, which attracts your audience. Stories, images and videos, profile grid design, Reels, Live videos are exactly those components that, thanks to your creativity and the use of additional instruments, will play to your advantage.

  • Edit images with VSCO, Pixlr, Canva.
  • Edit videos with iMovie, Animoto, Foodie.
  • Edit Stories with InShot, StoryArt, Unfold.
  • Inspire with iStock, Adobe Stock, Unsplash photo collections.
  • Design infographics with Venngage, Infogram, Piktochart.

Analyze the Account More in Depth

To run a business without a proficient analysis doesn’t really make sense. How can you assess your strengths and weaknesses without examining in detail the progress of your business strategy?

Owning a business account already gives you access to Insights (available analytics on Insta). But it’s only superficial. For a more detailed study of your profile, identifying the most effective hashtags, analyzing the engagement of your audience, the most “sought-after” posts in your feed, and more, you can use additional tools that provide large-scale analysis.

Phlanx, Falcon, Analisa, Hootsuite are simple analytic web-based tools for more profound analysis.

Manage Your Posting with Online Schedulers

Planoly, Hootsuite, Plann, Loomly, ContentCal, Buffer, Sendible are online assistants in organizing your posting. To remember to post relevant information on time and to do it on a regular basis, online calendars can come in handy. In addition, you can save your future posts there, add photos, set the date and time for automatic posting, as well as visualize how your profile grid will look after posting.

It will help you stay in touch with your subscribers, appear regularly in their news feeds, and thus constantly bring them up-to-date content.

Over to You

No matter what kind of Insta business you have, the most crucial thing today is a trusting relationship with your audience. Using additional automated tools will increase your subscriber base and their involvement, but without your participation, things will quickly go downhill.

Communicate, run contests, interact with Influencers, post content, research your competitors’ page, make interesting posts and stick to your chosen profile design and success will surely catch up with you.

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