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What Is Magento and Who Uses It?

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Online trading is getting more and more popular each year, bringing together many shop owners on the same platform. This increasing demand for online trading has brought about the need to create such platforms that may facilitate the trading process. Hence, many websites have been created, and the competition to get the leading position in the market has grown rapidly. Magento is one of such websites that may assist the prosperity of your online business. To get a better understanding of its functions, we recommended to continue reading this brief introduction.

What Is Magento?

Magento is a well-known and widely used eCommerce platform. This ecommerce development company employs an open-source technology providing online sellers a boost to their business. Online merchants may utilize this platform to build a better trading environment. You have full control of your Magento look, functions, and content. Management tools may facilitate the organization process of your online market. It helps to extend the products very easily and customize the available choices. Thanks to advanced custom features, Magento is considered the best in this sphere. To use the platform, you do not need to be a developer or tech-savvy. Any person interested in online merchandising may find it quite straightforward to use after some exploration. However, it has an advanced managing system even at its primary level. Since its foundation, Magento has gone through many improvements and alterations. The old version of this platform, Magento 1, is different from the latest version, Magento 2, to a great extent. The latter has more advantages and features that may make trading an incredible journey for both merchants and customers. The most remarkable difference between those two is the loading speed, which is an essential aspect of such online trading sites.

Here Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Magento:


  • The installation process is quick and straightforward.
  • You may add additional layouts, create your own themes or use the existing ones.
  • It is open-source which gives more flexible trading opportunities.
  • The extended user database is an indicator of the efficiency of the program.
  • A reasonable cost that matches its advanced functionality.
  • The availability of various discounts.
  • Provides more than fifty payment methods.


  • Time-consuming: Albeit its improvements, when it comes to launching, it may take some time which is irritating in some cases.
  • Price: The ownership price is more expensive compared to other similar platforms. This may discourage many users from using this eCommerce platform.
  • Complexity and more requirements: Magento has a more complex ecosystem, which makes many users get annoyed. However, once you get acquainted with its format, it will not be so challenging anymore.

Who Uses Magento?

Magento is a leading eCommerce platform, and according to some reviews, it is used by 30% of the whole businesses engaged in online trading. Its SEO adjustment makes it quite popular. Many popular brands and online shops use Magento.
Here are some of them that you may already know:

Helly Hensen – Sportswear clothing
Sigma Beauty – Cosmetics
Ford – Automobile Industry
Monin – Beverage
Liverpool – Clothing Brand
Vizio – TV and Audio Equipment
Landrover – Car Brand
Nestle Nespresso – Food and Beverage Company
Bjorn Borg – Workout Underwear
Jaguar – Car Brand
Olympus – Optical, Medical and Surgical Production
Christian Louboutin – Shoe Industry
Ahmad Tea – Tea Production
Cox & Cox – Homeware Products
Barbour – Fashion brand

This list may be continued with many other famous brand names. As you may see, the categories vary a lot. You may find almost anything that you may need on Magento. Other prosperous organizations also prefer this platform as a tool for making their brand accessible for everyone. Thanks to one-of-kind functionality, this website gives many opportunities for its users to destroy all the borders and limitations.  Merchandising has never been so easy, and Magento is worthy of trying. If you have never experienced it, you are highly recommended to do it right away.

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