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How Can Your Company Benefit from Case Erectors?

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Case erectors are all about improving the productivity and efficiency of your company. With case erectors, you can also cut down on labor costs and improve your packaging line’s safety. That’s why you should seriously think about bringing case erectors into your company. So, why case erectors? How can they help your company? Well, if these are some of your worries, keep reading. This guide is going to highlight the biggest benefits of investing in case erectors.


Any company that wants to thrive must improve its productivity. All the company departments should be streamlined to improve productivity. This includes the packaging department. Case erectors use automation technology to make the process fast and efficient. This means that they can handle more boxes per minute. According to the stats, these machines can increase productivity by about 233 percent.

Cuts Down Staff Hours

Packaging is a labor-intensive department. A manually operated packaging line demands lots of hours. Employees have to spend several hours monitoring, controlling, and guiding the packaging line machines. Luckily, you can invest in case erectors to reduce the staff hours. Here, your employees will spend a few hours attending to the packaging line operations. Reduced staff hours mean higher productivity and lower operational costs. If these are the things that you are looking for in a production line, then think about automated case erectors. The extra employees will be reassigned to other departments. Also, it will reduce over time. Get your machine from a good case erectors and sealer manufacturer and make your employees productive and effective.

No Repetitive Strain and Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries, which are often associated with repetitive tasks, are common in modern workplaces. These injuries can drain your employees. They can also make them inefficient. Still more, a production line that entails repeating tasks can make the employees injure themselves. This can increase your labor-related costs. However, investing in tasks case erectors reduces human involvement. This means that employers won’t injure themselves. In a nutshell, case erectors can help reduce strain injuries.

Reduces Inventory

Case erectors play a key role when it comes to reducing the inventory of your company.  Remember, erecting several boxes in anticipation of a shipment can take a lot of space. However, case erectors reduce the space required when it comes to erecting cases. The best part; most of them are automated, which helps reduce the inventory in your company.

Minimize Shipping Damages

One of the most risks in the packaging department is shipment damages. This is especially true when handling delicate shipments. To avoid these damages, consider investing in case erectors. These erectors involve the use of square boxes. This means that they can withstand heavyweights, which reduces the risks of shipping damages. Thus, if you want your company products to arrive intact as well as undamaged, think about case erectors.

Factors to Consider When Buying Case Erectors

There are several types of case sealers on the market. Plus, there are numerous brands online selling case sealers. This makes it challenging to choose a case sealer that fits your explicit needs. That’s why you need extra caution before selecting your case sealer. Look at different models. Conduct your research. Choose a model that suits your company’s packaging needs. Here are a few factors to guide you when choosing your case sealer.

Case Size

What’s your projected case size? Is it big? What is the cattail size? These are questions that should guide you choose a case sealer for your packaging line. That’s why an inventory of case sizes in your company should be undertaken. Choose a case sealer that is compatible with the sizes in your company.

Case Weight

Sealers come with a certain capacity limit. Thus, it’s important to take into consideration this capacity. For instance, if a case erector has a capacity of 110 Ibs, stick to it. It’s important to check your products’’ weight before purchasing your case sealer. If your products are heavy, consider going for high-capacity case sealers. On the other hand, if your products are lighter, choose light-duty case sealers. The bottom line is to compare the weight of your products with the capacity of the case sealer.


What’s the size of your cases? Are they regular? Do they exhibit different sizes? Answering these questions will help you choose the right case erector. For instance, different case sizes mean that they will randomly pass one production line. Thus, you need a random case erector. It should be able to adjust automatically.

It’s important to note that some case sealers cannot adjust automatically. However, case erectors that can adjust automatically rely on sensors. Vision sensors help differentiate different sizes and shapes.

Pro Tip: If you are handling cases of different sizes and shapes, consider choosing random case erectors. You can also choose auto-adjusting case erectors.  However, if you are handling uniform cases, consider using standard case sealers.

Packaging Line Work Environment

Look at your company’s packaging environment. For instance, if the environment is high humidity, think about bringing a stainless-steel-based case sealer. The same applies to the food processing environment. Choose a case sealer that is designed to handle these explicit conditions. On the other hand, a steel-based model can be perfect for a normal working environment. Also, check the available space. If you have limited space, go for semi-automatic case sealers.

The Volume of Production in Your Company

Determine the number of cases to be produced each day. If the number is high, go for a high-capacity case sealer. Still more, you can choose fully automated case sealers. These case sealers can produce more cases than semi-automated one.


Do you have more employees to handle the sealing process? If yes, consider going for a semi-automated case sealer. However, if you want minimal human interaction, go for a fully automated case sealer. A fully automated case sealer handles most of the packaging process on its own, this saving you on labor costs.

The Bottom-Line

The above are the biggest benefits of bringing case erectors into your production line. Invest in these tech-based packaging machines and make your company more efficient.

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