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Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic for Making More Sales

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Learning to get direct website traffic is one of the most important things for you to master in order for your business to realize long-term growth and success. 

In a nutshell, more traffic simply means more profit. If you have already learned to direct website traffic where you need it the most, the next thing you should ask yourself is how you can increase that traffic and keep on looking for new ways to perpetually attract website traffic.

Because this is so essential for every business person we bring you this article to give you some tips and some surefire strategies to direct website traffic to the pages that matter the most. 

This should be one of the core processes of your company and you really don’t want to be left behind or miss out on some easy pickings if at all possible. 

If the methods you are using don’t give you the results you are expecting then it’s time for you to start thinking of other ways to attract website traffic and you really should have started yesterday.


Running a blog is definitely a powerful strategy for generating traffic to your website. On your blog, you will be able to talk about your website’s products and services, and also add some links to your website. It is also possible to respond to any queries that your prospective customers and buyers could possibly have. 

By blogging on a regular basis, you will have new content that can get your website indexed by search engines and also rank highly on these search engines. As a result, your website traffic will greatly improve.

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Start your own forum

Start a discussion board or a forum related to the products or services you promote on your website. Having a discussion board on your specific niche market, you become established as an expert in your subject matter. 

Simply by responding to queries or concerns and assisting people in your specific niche market on your own discussion board, you direct traffic to your website due to the fact that your website link is posted as part of your signature on the discussion board.

Publish your own e-newsletter

Having your very own e-newsletter where you can regularly offer no-cost ideas or tips and content can help increase your website traffic. Your own e-newsletter will have your website links posted on it, so those people who will read your e-newsletter will likely go to your website.

Trade links

Trade links with websites that have high popularity (PR) rank. Almost all you have to do is to locate websites that are related to whatever you offer on your website and trade website links with these sites. 

This really is a powerful strategy if the website possesses a high popularity rank on search engines. As a result, you will have traffic generation on your website through the sites you are linked with.

Give some freebies to your audience

Offer no-cost reports and content material. Handing out a few giveaways and including your website link within those giveaways is an efficient and affordable strategy for generating traffic to your website. 

You can write a few valuable short reports with your website link in them and give those reports at no cost on a website in which you request people to leave their email address prior to downloading the no-cost report, articles, or blog posts. 

Article Marketing

Articles enable you to turn into an expert in your specific niche market. By means of writing excellent and educational articles or blog posts within your specialized niche, you then become an expert. Additionally, you develop trust and confidence in your prospective customers. As an expert, customers will certainly feel comfortable purchasing from you and this also increases your sales and online business profits.

It’s an inexpensive method of website traffic generation. You can write your own articles or blog posts or you can seek the services of a freelance writer to write a number of articles or blog posts for you, and this is not very costly. 

You can then publish your articles or blog posts to numerous directories. There are several tools that can be used to automatically publish your articles to numerous directories and will increase the number of inbound links pointing back to your website.

Great Graphics and Web Design

An added attraction can be a good design and excellent graphics for your website. Providing an interactive capability ensures that your website can be used to communicate with visitors. 

Not only is this a clever marketing ploy, but also a way of receiving opinions/suggestions from people who wish to leave messages on your website. 

Web hosting providers provide a collection of free tools that can be used for setting up this kind of interactive capability. Setting up links across the website will certainly help increase website traffic. 

Constant participation in online community forums can also help you to show your interest in others and thereby show-case your own interest.

Paid Advertising

Generating free website traffic is not the only way to increase visitors to the site. You can also buy web traffic to drive people to your site. Whether you buy traffic or get it for free, you need to target the traffic effectively in order to be successful. 

If your website is not successful and is not able to get visitors, you will unnecessarily waste bandwidth and Web Hosting space. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to buy web traffic to benefit you in the long run. The consultants or firms from whom you buy traffic are experts in that and ensure that you get great results! 

If your website features a lot of videos, you can increase video traffic by advertising these videos properly. People are extremely fascinated by unique and interesting videos; therefore, providing interesting videos can increase video traffic and thereby website traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is the first and foremost step to getting online traffic for free and as such it is critical. You really want to do this properly because if your on-page search engine optimization is messed up, then the free website traffic generator will be rendered useless. Even if it means outsourcing the task, it can be well worth it. 

On-page search engine marketing mainly deals with the meta tags, header tags, page description, and proper use and placement of keywords. Failing to do so has great consequences in the search engines and can waste all your effort.

Use tools such as Semrush to increase your online visibility. Activate a Semrush free trial and use the tool worth $119.95 for free.

Off-Page SEO

A free website traffic generator will really start to draw in some serious, targeted online traffic once you do off-page SEO. This is a critical extension of on-page search engine marketing as you attempt to gain web traffic successfully and that’s why it shouldn’t be missed.

Off-page search engine optimization involves commenting on blogs and forums, marketing articles and videos, document sharing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, press releases, podcasts, RSS feeds, and other efforts associated with getting as many one-way backlinks to your website as feasible.

Keep your website up to date

You need the data on your website to be current and relevant. This means writing material that won’t get dated or adding items constantly to keep it fresh. Both strategies are actually a good idea because you want to have return traffic as well as newer customers. 

The best strategy to keep visitors coming back is to continually update the site news so that there is always something new to read each time.

Posting on sharing sites

Articles on sites that are focused on revenue-sharing are also great for marketing and directing website traffic. Your articles are included in a roster of search engine results, which consequently improve your site statistics. 

You can create numerous links to your website in the articles posted on these sites and therefore increase the possibility of people being redirected to your page. Moreover, your articles are protected in that other writers cannot gain permission to duplicate or syndicate your material. 

This is because some of the income from the ad banners posted on the sharing sites will be given to you. Definitely, you would have to be the legitimate owner of the article.


Learning to attract website traffic is not an exact science because every niche has different preferences and different requirements. 

Therefore, care should be given in fostering any of these methods so that when you take the extra time to actually learn to direct website traffic properly it will reward you by continuing for months or years into the future.

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