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6 Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes to Make a Social Website

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If you’re trying to get a platform off the ground, you’ve likely discovered the WordPress plugin called BuddyPress. This plugin helps you build your own social network, helping connect users without needing extensive coding experience. For sole entrepreneurs, BuddyPress is a beautiful plugin to connect you with your clients. There is immediate integrated support, facilitated collaboration, and integrated communication. You’ll notice significant visitor engagement and improved viewership over extended periods of time.

For a small business owner, the plugin can facilitate direct communication between coworkers. The platform becomes a collaborative space designed to integrate projects and an immediate overview of how it’s being handled at any given time. If you’ve been looking at the BuddyPress plugin, consider purchasing a WordPress theme that offers full integration. You’ll run into fewer issues overall and won’t experience the bugs that often accompany third-party plugins.

What is the difference between a pre-made theme and a custom build from a web developer?

Private WordPress themes can be made to match an individual’s idea or brand. They will often include extensive design, complete with color profiles to match any current designs (like a logo, for example). The quality of these websites can vary considerably, depending on the experience of the individual. If you’ve found a reputable individual, it’s always wise to search for people online before paying them any deposit. Not every contractor is going to be as dependable when it comes to work ethics. By searching online before signing a contract, you’ll uncover any red flags or issues before it’s too late.

Themes purchased online are typically duplicated files purchased individually by a company. That means without customization, everyone that has purchased the theme could hypothetically have a similar site. That’s why customization options are so important; they’ll keep every individual site looking unique without paying a fortune. As a BuddyPress theme is designed for complete integration with the app, pre-purchased themes or templates have often had all coding reviewed before selling them. Errors in coding the theme can cause compatibility or security issues, which puts your site’s data at risk of attack. 

This is especially true for any significant reseller platforms online. When purchasing a pre-made theme, always spend some time looking over reviews. Take note of how user-friendly the admin panel is, whether there are many bugs throughout the theme, if the company is responsive to user questions or concerns, and whether it delivers everything it promises. Take a look at any demo content the theme has posted. Demos are working examples of the BuddyPress theme, available to try before buying. Most themes are non-refundable; it’s up to the user to investigate all aspects of the theme before purchasing. The last thing you want is a difficult time setting up the pages, memberships, or backend settings to start your website. 

Here are the six best BuddyPress themes for those businesses wanting to develop a social website.


For anyone wanting user membership, interactions, comments, and group environments, Cinematix is the theme to purchase. There are over 40 different social pages included with the download, including unlimited color schemes. You’ll be able to customize your website entirely with the design and color selection. This theme is ideal for those working within the entertainment industry, with polished details, consistency, and user-focused usability. Users can establish private messages, group listings, events, registration, and forum posts within the theme, perfect for a social website.


Known as the ultimate BuddyPress theme for those wanting an online community, this unique theme brings forward what other themes fail to do. They offer detailed, polished, and professional-looking pages with a high focus on usability. CommunityJunction brings a powerful page builder that’s user-friendly, without shortcodes and complicated coding. Users will be able to send private messages back and forth in real-time. Registered users will be able to add profile and group covers, including personalized photos. Online forums are real-time with an integration of the BBPress Plugin. In fact, there are over 100 different compatible extensions available to create a completely customized platform.


Originally designed as an online dating platform, SweetDate is the perfect theme for anyone wanting a clean, modern design without the complicated filler. This theme is entirely responsive and retina-ready, optimizing for any device. This BuddyPress theme also allows customizable membership subscriptions for improved user experience. You’ll be able to arrange your platform in a way that fits your content and business, regardless of the organization. For those wanting paid memberships, content outside the membership level can easily be locked, giving website owners the ultimate control over user access. Users can quickly access their account with any Facebook account, thanks to the integration option available under the Admin panel.


If there were ever a theme developed to capitalize on BuddyPress features, this would be it. Whether you need personalized profiles or live activity feeds, Socialize delivers in a big way. With ajax filtering, tons of customization options, on-site SEO, and contact form 7 ready – there’s something for everyone. Socialize was designed to make the most out of BuddyPress but has recently been integrated with bbPress, functioning as a traditional forum too.


Whether you’re looking for a company network that performs as well as you do or an interactive community platform, OneCommunity can meet the best of both worlds. Users can easily manage projects or files, send messages or documents online, and even collaborate and edit documents with other users. Customizing the platform is effortless thanks to the Elementor page builder; take your website’s design one step further with four different home page options and nine different color schemes. Additionally, it has over 40 different page templates, perfect for inner pages. 


If you’ve been looking for a complete BuddyPress theme, Lynk has everything you’re looking for in a social media theme. Its clean and modern design holds all the features known with BuddyPress; event calendar, magazine forms, directories, and more. On top of that, users can completely customize their user’s experience thanks to the comprehensive layout builder. Unlimited color choices bring your brand’s image to life. This BuddyPress theme is a community website that was built to last.

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